los angeles rams
Football 11-28-2020

Los Angeles Rams Ready To Win It All This Time?

In 2018, the Los Angeles Rams were considered one of the early contenders for the Super Bowl, with odds as low as +1000 to start the season. As they bulldozed their way through the regular season, they looked like a good bet to win it all. Sure enough, they won the NFC and earned a […]

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pittsburgh steelers
Football 11-27-2020

Pittsburgh Steelers A Good Bet To Go Undefeated?

The Pittsburgh Steelers likely had visions of winning the AFC North when the season began. Chances are good they may have had their sights set on the AFC Championship as well. If a team is going to gun for a conference title, it only makes sense that they aim to win the Super Bowl, too. […]

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tampa bay buccaneers
Football 11-25-2020

Time to Fade Tom Brady and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

With the addition of Tom Brady to the roster, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came into the 2020 NFL season with something new— expectations, and it showed in their odds. They went from being a longshot to win the NFC South and an afterthought in the Super Bowl conversation to legitimate contenders. All it took was […]

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Houston Texans
Football 11-24-2020

Texans And Jaguars Could Decide Who Wins AFC South

When the 2020 NFL season got underway, there was one thing fans felt sure about regarding the AFC South. It was going to be won by either the Indianapolis Colts or Tennessee Titans. The Jacksonville Jaguars did not have a prayer. Thanks to Bill O’Brien, neither did the Houston Texans. Fast forward to Week 12, […]

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