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Every night of the NBA season, we dive into all the games on the NBA schedule. Our free NBA picks are the best around. We take a look at the spread, moneyline, total and more and make the best NBA betting picks. Our NBA tips are recommendations you can use when you go to bet on NBA games.
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As sports betting in the United States becomes more popular, betting on the NBA season is increasingly becoming more popular as well. NBA picks, and basketball in general, is behind on the NFL (and college football) in terms of betting popularity in the U.S.

That's why so many people are searching for NBA best bets from around the Web. It's a popular search, as the NBA season has games almost every night. It's what makes NBA score predictions such a popular search term.

At USSportsBonus, we provide free NBA picks throughout the entire season, from preseason all the way through the NBA playoffs. Our predictions are unrivaled by any other site out there. Our NBA picks break down all the latest odds against the spread and other forms of wagering, with expert picks tied in.

Let's take a more in-depth look at expert NBA picks.

Free NBA Picks at US Sportsbonus

NBA betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in America, as the NBA has become one of the most beloved sports leagues both in the US and the world. But NBA betting can be challenging, as things like injuries and player rest can impact several teams on the floor. Fortunately, our experts at US Sportsbonus provide free expert NBA picks that make NBA betting much easier.

Our free NBA predictions analyze volumes of data and combine that analysis with insights based on who is and is not playing in each game. Our NBA betting strategy has been found to be successful and our free NBA picks can help make even the most casual NBA fan into a profitable basketball bettor.

Navigating NBA odds requires bettors to have in-depth knowledge of the teams involved in each NBA game. With the help of our experts at US Sportsbonus, bettors can maximize their chances of cashing their ticket on every NBA game they wager on.

Free NBA Picks

If there is an NBA game taking place, chances are we will have it covered with our free NBA picks. Our daily free NBA expert picks for tonight and every night cover all of the high-profile games throughout the NBA season. We also find value in the games that receive less attention during the regular season as well.

Our free NBA picks also cover the NBA playoffs, from the first round all the way through the NBA Finals. Whether you are a fan of a championship contender or a team that is looking at a season in the NBA Draft Lottery, our free NBA picks will cover the games that your team plays in throughout each season.

NBA betting enthusiasts can rest assured that our free NBA picks cover each game in-depth as well. Instead of just making picks for the sake of making them on each game, our NBA analysts dive deep into each game with the goal of making the most profitable NBA picks on the market. We have you covered from every angle.

NBA Computer Picks vs Experts

NBA computer picks are something that a lot of other sites use for their NBA expert picks. But there is a human element to making NBA picks that cannot be ignored.

Computer picks rely on a computer to make picks and predictions as to what the outcome of games will be. They compare past performances to current odds and the spread of games, and then make their NBA picks of the day based off that. While our experts do use statistical models to make their predictions, they also analyze things that computers are not as equipped to handle.

Humans do much better than computers on NBA daily predictions because they can account for things such as injuries, historical performances and other things that are tough for a computer to calculate. That's why expert NBA picks are always best when they come from a human.

Some of Our NBA Experts

When following our free NBA picks and NBA predictions you rely on our experts to be as accurate and correct as possible. Sports wagering is a game of chance but the more up to date info you have when making NBA picks, the better odds you have to win. Our writers are on-point when it comes to delivering sharp NBA picks. 

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TJ Calkins

TJ does not only hold a great NBA betting record, he is also one of the nicest guys you would know. TJ delivers NBA articles and video predictions on a daily basis throughout the season.

Jay Sanin

Jay is a go to guy for almost any sport in the US. He is a huge sports fan and what he doesn't know about NBA betting is simply not worth knowing. Jay provides written NBA picks and video previews of key contests all season long.

NBA Betting Lines

NBA betting lines are the numbers that bettors will be up against when making their NBA picks. Bettors may make NBA predictions in the point spread, total, moneyline or other markets. And our NBA betting experts provide free NBA picks across all of those markets and many more.

The goal for any set of NBA picks is to find value against the betting line, regardless of what market is being wagered on. Using the NBA betting systems of our experts, our free NBA predictions regularly find value in various markets to maximize the profitability of the bettors who follow them.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

NBA betting against the spread may be the most popular type of NBA betting available today, as bettors look to make NBA picks with the point spread factored into the final score of the game. This market asks bettors to predict not just which team is going to win an NBA game, but often by how much.

Making NBA predictions against the spread keeps the bettor interested in a game longer than in most markets, as the point spread serves as an equalizer between the two teams playing in an NBA game. Here, we will break down what the point spread is and how it works so bettors can make their NBA picks against the spread with a full understanding of what it entails.

Before the start of an NBA game, a point spread is assigned to the game, based on the perceived gap in talent between the teams on the floor on a given night. Bettors are then tasked with making their NBA picks based on that point spread amount. For example, your NBA against the spread bet could look like this:

  • Golden State Warriors +5.5 (-110) at Los Angeles Lakers -5.5 (-110)

Based on the above, you would have to bet $110 to win $100 on either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Golden State Warriors to cover the spread in this scenario. If you backed the Los Angeles Lakers -5.5 points, they would need to win the game by six points or more in order to cover the spread against the Golden State Warriors.

On the other hand, if you backed the Golden State Warriors +5.5 points, they would cover the spread if they won the game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Golden State Warriors would also cover the spread if they lost by five points or less.

When making NBA picks against the spread, bettors have to remember that late-game situations can often decide the outcome of the bet. The team that is ahead is often put on the free-throw line late in games intentionally, which can often make the difference between a bet winning and losing in this market. Bettors must remember this before making their NBA picks as the late-game patterns of each team may make them money or cost them money.

Here at US Sportsbonus, we provide free NBA picks against the spread on a regular basis that give you all the relevant information you need to make successful NBA picks.

NBA Over/Under Betting

Making NBA predictions in the over/under market is somewhat straightforward. Here, oddsmakers set a total number of points they expect to  be scored when you combine the scoring of both teams in an NBA game. Bettors are then tasked with making their NBA predictions on whether they think the total score will go over or under that amount.

Here is an example of an over/under bet in a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers:

  • Over 215.5 (-110) / Under 215.5 (-110)

In this scenario, the over/under market is asking whether the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers will combine to score over or under 215.5 points. If they combine to score 215 or fewer points, the under would be the winner. If the two Los Angeles teams combined to score 216 or more points, the over would be the winner.

When making NBA predictions in the over/under market, it is important to consider the way each team plays the game. For example, if the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers play at a slow pace, that may help the under. Or if both teams play at a fast pace, the over might be worth a look. And in times where teams play different styles, it is up to bettors to figure out which style will be more prevalent when making NBA predictions.

It is also important to remember that the NBA Playoffs are a time where totals tend to be lower than in the regular season. In the NBA Playoffs, every possession is vital, which leads to higher defensive intensity. Bettors must keep in mind during the NBA Playoffs that totals may not get quite as high as easily as they would during the regular season.

NBA Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline bets are some of the most common forms of NBA predictions, as they are easy to understand for even the most casual bettor. In the moneyline market, bettors do not have to worry about a point spread or a point total to be cleared. Instead, moneyline bettors are simply making bets on which team will win an NBA game.

This type of wager resonates with a lot of bettors, because of the fact that it aligns with the goals of each NBA team. When an NBA team takes the court, their goal is to win the game that they are playing. Their goal isn’t to win by 10 or to cover the point spread, it is simply to win, making the moneyline market one that bettors can justify in more cases than markets like the point spread.

The one difference between making NBA predictions in the moneyline market compared to the point spread or totals market is the presence of more lopsided vig. To bet on a moneyline favorite, bettors have to risk more than $110 to win $100 the way they would against the spread in most cases, as outlined by this example of an NBA moneyline bet:

  • Los Angeles Clippers (-150) / Los Angeles Lakers (+125)

In this example, the Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. At those odds, bettors would need to risk $150 to turn a profit of $100 if the Clippers were to beat the Lakers. On the flip side, bettors who backed the Los Angeles Lakers would need to risk $100 to turn a $125 profit.

As you can see, making NBA predictions on the moneyline requires bettors to determine when it is a good time to lay extra vig with the favorite or take the plus price with the underdog. There is a delicate balance to be struck when making that decision, as underdogs have the potential to be more profitable, but come in with a lower win probability in some cases.

Our expert NBA predictions do include picks on the moneyline market when there is value in making those selections. We analyze every NBA game to determine when moneyline bets are called for, and when it might be a more profitable idea to look at other markets.

NBA Picks and Parlays

One of the more popular types of NBA picks is the parlay bet, where bettors have to win multiple selections in order to win their bet. But with increased payouts for parlay bets, some bettors feel that the extra risk is worth the reward in the end.

Parlays can be a controversial form of NBA prediction, as the math of having to win two separate bets often does not support the payouts on parlay bets. Our experts keep that in mind, and only recommend NBA predictions concerning parlays when they are absolutely warranted, which is rare.

NBA Prop Bets

Prop bets are another form of NBA betting that has grown in popularity in recent seasons. Bettors can wager on markets pertaining to individual player performances or team performances throughout the course of each game. These markets reward bettors who have deep knowledge of the game of basketball and can find an edge in the tendencies of each team.

Examples of player props include the number of three-point shots they will make during a game or which player will score the first basket in a game. And examples of team-related props include which team will be the first to score 10 points. Game-related props such as whether or not an overtime period will be played are also options.

NBA prop bets can be volatile and difficult to predict, but they are a lot of fun and can really provide value to bettors who pay close attention in the NBA. And with some sportsbooks offering parlays for player props across individual games, bettors can create correlated prop parlays to create additional value in some instances.

Expert NBA Playoff Predictions

The NBA Playoffs are the part of the NBA season where legacies are defined and the best players in the world compete for championships. At US Sportsbonus, we break down every game of the NBA Playoffs and provide NBA picks for the most important part of the season.

Just like they do during the regular season, our NBA experts provide NBA picks in the point spread, moneyline and totals markets along with any props that they see fit during the postseason. From the play-in tournament to the NBA Finals, we will have NBA predictions from start to finish.

Our experts have vast knowledge of every team in the NBA, from the top seeds in each conference to the lowest seeds that qualify for the playoffs. Instead of blindly backing the more prominent teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, they break down the merits of each team for each game to make the most profitable NBA Playoff picks possible.

Much more than NBA Picks

We take great pride in providing the best NBA picks in the sports betting industry, but we cover much more than the NBA. Our sports betting experts provide predictions and betting advice in the NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC and college sports in addition to our NBA predictions. Our multi-sport approach allows bettors to be profitable across a range of sports year-round.