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US Sportsbonus has one major goal in life and that is to be your ultimate guide to online sports betting. Sports betting players will receive unique and up-to-date news and information from the world of the NBA to allow you to make educated decisions when placing your NBA bets.

Visitors to the site will receive free NBA expert predictions in the form of in-depth reviews – NBA Betting strategies and anything you require in terms of NBA expert picks.

In the world of sports betting, the NBA is the second most popular sport for sport to place bets on in the United States of America. It’s not hard  to figure out the NFL is the number one sport.

Sports betting in America is a relatively new thing, so it’s important to find the best free picks on the NBA to make sure your NBA bets are the best possible.

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Looking for Free NBA Picks Tonight?

If there is an NBA game taking place tonight, then you can be assured we will have it covered here. We offer daily free NBA expert picks for tonight’s games throughout the NBA season. This covers most of the 82 conferences games and goes into the playoffs and the Championship games. By following our experts you get full access to predictions on who will win tonight’s NBA games.

Any game that is being played, you will be able to research every aspect of the encounter. Whether that means recent form blips, injuries, who the referee is, how far one team has traveled and many more key factors that could influence your betting selections. Everything is covered here and it’s free.

Head back to make your NBA picks today. We have you covered from every angle.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

As you can imagine, there are plenty of markets available to bet on during the NBA season as there are so many games to be played. The most popular type of wager in the NBA is betting against the spread also known as point spread.

NBA predictions against the spread keeps the bettor interested and enthralled with the action, hoping their prediction comes home.

Do you understand the spread? You have to make sure you fully understand all the rules concerning NBA picks against the spread or you could be celebrating too early.

The point spread market focuses on how many points the game favorite gives to the underdog in order for the game to start equal.

For example, your NBA against the spread bet could look like this:

  • Brooklyn Nets +11.5 (-110) at Charlotte Hornets -11.5 (-110)

Going on this wager, you would win $100 alongside the $110 wagered if the Nets lost the game by 11 points or less. For this kind of bet, you are betting that Brooklyn will either win the game or lose by 1-11 points. If the Nets were beaten by over 12 points then your bet would be unsuccessful.

On the other hand, if you opt to back the Hornets at -11.5, then they would need to win the game by over 12 points in order for your bet to pay out in your favor. This form of betting puts the game on an even playing level and that’s why it makes it the most popular market in the NBA.

Here at US Sportsbonus, we offer extensive articles on NBA predictions against the spread that gives you all the relevant information that will give you a fighting chance to be successful.

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NBA Expert Picks Over/Under

This market of betting in the NBA is quite straightforward. This allows you to make NBA predictions for over/under points totals. You can wager bets on whether or not you believe a team will score more or less than a certain number of points.

Here is an example or how it would look like during the Brooklyn Nets versus Charlotte Hornets NBA encounter:

  • Nets Team Total – Over 103.0 -105: Under 103.0 -115
  • Hornets Team Total – Over 114.5 -115: Under 114.5 -105

Make sure you take time to go through our extensive reviews on each game to allow you to make your decision on how many points will be scored by each team. From the outside looking in, you might think it’s a no brainer to go for overs every single time. That isn’t always the case, so make sure you do your research on how each team compares to when they are attacking and defending.

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NBA Predictions Moneyline

Money Line bets are very common with American sports betting, but it’s not the main go-to bet for fans of the NBA. Moneyline is seen as the easiest and more straightforward bet on the market. Basically, when a bettor makes a wager on the Money Line market, they are just picking who they believe will win the game outright.

There is no worry about beating the spread or how many points each team will score. It’s is just simply choosing which side will come out victorious. You might think it’s as easy as looking at the standings and bet on the team that is in the best form. Unfortunately, sport doesn’t work like that – every team is capable of winning on their day.

The best advice is to check out our in-depth reviews before you enter a wager with NBA Picks Money Line. One team may be on a winning streak of seven consecutive games, but they could be missing two key players that have contributed massively to that winning streak. Just cover all the bases, shock results happen every week in every sport.

Let’s use the following example when wagering on NBA Money Line. The Chicago Bulls are available at 3.60, while the Oklahoma City Thunder are available at 1.33. The Bulls are seen as the underdogs here and have higher odds. If you place a wager of $100 on them to win, then you will win $360 if it’s successful.

On the other hand, if you opt to back the favorite – Thunder – then a $100 wager will see you walk away with $133 should they win the game.

The Money Line odds are affected by certain factors – like the one mentioned earlier with key players being injured.  As sportsbooks collect wagers on both sides of a game, they will adjust the Money Line odds for both teams to account for the money being placed on each team.

Because of the domination in the NBA by certain teams, some Money Line odds can be quite massive because of the noticeable talent gap between the two teams.

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NBA Picks and Parlays

Bettors who enjoy betting on the NBA can take advantage of NBA Picks and NBA Teasers Picks.

Parlays or accumulators as they are also known, allow bettors to bet on multiple games at one time. If you opt to back five teams to win, then this will be classed as a parlay.

An important note on parlay bets in NBA, most sportsbooks will not allow parlays that include correlated bets, such as parlaying a team’s Money Line with their team total.

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NBA teaser picks allow the gambler to choose from two to 15 games and select a points total of either 4, 4.5 and 5. The more teams you select, the bigger your payout will be.

For your NBA teaser pick to be classed as a winner, each team selected must win.

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Prop Bets in the NBA

Proposition bets – or prop bets as they are better known – are seen as a bit of fun. You can bet on things like what color the Gatorade will be that gets poured over the winning coach in the NBA Championship game, the opening coin toss to land on tails or what celebration will be used for the first basket of the game.

Other bets of this nature include the time of the first basket, will a player score five or more three-pointers or will the team that scores first go on and win. It’s all guesswork but is fun to do.

Other major examples of NBA game props include:

  • Team to score first
  • Player to land the first three-pointer
  • Will there be overtime?

Prop bets are not always that easy to predict, but it adds a bit of fun to the bet and our experts will take that into consideration with each matchup preview.

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Expert NBA Play-Off Predictions

Aside from the in-depth articles on individual games in the NBA, here at US Sportsbonus, we will also provide you with a number of postseason predictions.

Before a ball is even bounced on the court, fans up and down the country are predicting who they believe will be battling it out for the NBA title by the end of the season.

The regular season sees all teams play 82 games, then the play-offs start and that is really when the excitement hits fever pitch with bettors.

Our NBA experts will start work on the best of seven quarter-finals and then lead up to the NBA Championship Finals. They will cover everything you need to know on each game and who the favorites are to be crowned champions.

These experts spend hours analyzing every aspect of the game and they will give you their honest verdict on who you should be throwing your money at. Follow all our NBA expert guides to ensure your betting experience is an enjoyable one.

Much more than NBA

We take so much pride in giving you the best start when betting on the NBA, but we cover much more as well.

The NBA is one of our popular markets and we’ve already shown you what our experts do to keep you informed – but what other sports are covered.

Here at US Sportsbonus, we make sure we work with experts from all over the betting world. Aside from the NBA, we will cover most of the games from the NFL, MLB, NHL and UFC.

We promise the same kind of commitment shown in the NBA predictions and previews for all our sports. Get involved today and start your gambling experience on the right foot.

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