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We love and know tennis. Therefore we decided to share free tennis picks and predictions. On top of sharing tennis predictions we teach you on how to bet on tennis. Our tennis experts have decades of experience from playing and betting on tennis and give you a full insight into how to best best on the ATP and WTA tour.

We have our main focus on the Grand Slam and Master 1000 tournaments and give you the best tennis tips possible. Our free tennis picks are based on multiple factors.

Head to head statistics, the current form of the players and other small details that will have a larger impact on the match result. Tennis is all about those details which can be hard to see unless you know what to look for.

We will provide you with pre-game tennis picks and in-play recommendations based on different scenarios that can play-out throughout the match.

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What is a good tennis prediction?

A proper tennis prediction is based on stats. Tennis is one of the best sports for data so any expert prediction must be based on some sort of tennis stats but that is not enough. Data is history and to give good tennis tips you must try to look into the future and include other factors into your tennis predictions.

Are all tennis picks at USsportsbonus for free?

Yes, at USsportsbonus we offer 100% free tennis expert tips. We recommend betting plays and suggest where to best place your bets on those picks.

Why live bet on tennis?

Live betting on tennis is great as for several reasons. The most important being that the odds change so fast as the scoring system in tennis is very unique. This opens up for very active betting.

What are the best sportsbooks for betting on tennis?

The best tennis betting sites must offer extensive and fast in-play betting. Unibet sportsbook is probably better than all other sites when it comes to live betting on tennis.

Looking for Tennis Predictions for Today?

We provide your with the best tennis predictions we can find and we try to cover as many games as we can. Whenever there is a Grand Slam tournament, Master 1000 event and sometimes also smaller 500 and 250 ATP tournament we search for tennis tips and predictions that we believe will have a successful outcome.

For the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open, daily tennis predictions will be served to you as long as there is a good tennis betting play.

Most of the predictions are tennis tips on:

  • Moneyline
  • Spreads
    • Set Line
    • Game Line
  • Totals
    • Game Over/Under
    • Set Over/Under

Some of Our Tennis Tips Experts

You might wonder who these tennis betting experts are. Below is a selection of two of our most prominent betting tips experts.

Jay Sanin

Jay Sanin

What Jay does not know about tennis betting is simply not worth knowing. Jay has been following and betting on tennis for decades.

His tennis picks are always well analyzed and on top of following the stats he has a priceless gut feeling making him a successful tennis bettor.

Gus Anderson

Gus Anderson

Gus is a basing everything he does on data. He never gets emotional when it comes to betting which long term is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy bankroll management.

Gus is expert in mens tennis doubles and finds the tennis betting tips that you wont find anywhere else.

Tennis Picks on Moneyline

Moneyline bets are the most popular and simplistic betting form on Tennis. Moneyline tennis betting is also the most common for tennis betting experts. Betting on an outright winner is usually the most logical bet to make but there are exemptions. More on those later.

A moneyline tennis bet is very simple and straight forward as you only have to select the winner of a match regardless of the spread. As long as the player you are backing wins, you’re all good.

Money Line Tennis Betting at DraftKings
Money Line Tennis Betting at DraftKings

Sometimes tennis betting on an outright winner is not enough. Favorites such as Novak Djokovic will have a ridiculous low payback in the first rounds of any tournament and therefore you might have to look for other formats for your tennis bets.

Tennis Predictions on Spread - Game line and Set line

When betting on spreads for tennis there are two different types of spread: Game line and set line.

Betting on the game line means that you are betting on the spread of total games won by a player in a game.

Game Spread Tennis Betting
Game Spread Tennis Betting at DraftKings

Example on Game line spreads: John Isner -1.5 vs Bautista August +6.5 (Miami Open 2021 Round of 16)

If you place a bet at John Isner this means that Isner needs to win 2 more games than Bautista-Agut. The winner of the match does not matter as long as Isner wins 2 or more games than Bautista-Agut.

Let’s look at some scenarios to clarify:

Isner vs Bautista-Agut1st set2nd set3rd setGame Spread
Scenario 16-23-67-6+2
Scenario 26-33-67-6+1
Scenario 37-67-5+3
Scenario 43-66-06-7+2
  • In scenario 1-3 Isner wins the match but the winning margin is only good enough in scenario 1 and 3.
  • In Scenario 4 Bautista-Agut wins in 3 sets but due to how excellent Isner played in set 2 he ends up with a game spread of +2 which in this case is enough for a winning game line bet.

Tennis betting on the set line is identical to game line bets but instead of looking at how many games a player wins the focus is on how many sets a player wins.

Set Spread Tennis Betting
Set Spread at DraftKings Sportsbook

For 3 sets matches the spread is usually set to -1.5/+1.5 and for 5 sets matches the spread will range from -2.5/+2.5 to -1.5/+1.5.

Tennis Picks on Totals (over/under)

Betting on game totals is another common betting form on tennis. The rules are simple, you either back the over or under. Over-under bets for tennis could like for spread bets be based on the number of games or sets.

Total Games Tennis Betting
Total Games Betting at DraftKings

In a best of 3 sets match the total games over and under are usually set between +/-19.5 to +/-20.5. If the over/under is an equal number (usually +/-20) and the result is 6-1, 7-6 (=20 games in total) your bet would push and be canceled.

Total Sets Tennis Betting
Total Sets – Tennis Betting at DraftKings

For set totals, the over-under line would be +/-2.5 sets. Any game going to a third set would go over and any two to nothing would go under. The over 2,5 sets tennis predictions are somewhat of a favorite.

Tennis Predictions on Futures

Betting on tennis futures is widely popular and fun bets to make. Once the draw is out all sportsbooks will have odds for the tournament winner, what players to make it into the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

The upside with tennis future bets is that you can find value odds on some players with an upcoming form that has not yet been included in the sportsbooks calculations when setting the odds.

Parlay Bets

At US sportsbonus you will not find too many tennis picks on parlays, but occasionally we will have a selection of parlay picks at hand for you. Parlaying bets is a great way to boost your winnings but it comes with increased exposure of losing your bet.

Parlaying top seeds (with a good GS) track record in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round is likely a smart move. The main reason for this is basically that the top seeds try everything in their power to win the majors and make sure to be 100% fit and in form when these events start.

Grand Slam Tennis Predictions

As mentioned above we focus mostly on providing free tennis picks and predictions on Grand slam matches and the master tournaments. The tennis season is long and full of games to bet on so you might ask yourself – Why only the major tournaments?

The answer is simple. To become a winning tennis bettor you need to know every single aspect of the game and we have decided to give the major tournaments our full attention. We compile tons of historical data for every single Grand Slam and Masters 1000 tournament and when reading, for example, US Open tennis predictions at US sportsbonus you can rest assured that they are well analyzed and as precise as a tennis pick can be.

Much More Than Tennis Tips

At US sportsbonus we try to cover as many of the major sports as possible. On top of offering free Tennis tips we cover the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and UFC and yes, those picks and predictions are 100% free as well. We take pride what we suggest to our readers and only push picks were the matchup is carefully analyzed and well thought through. Our expert tennis writers have long experience from online betting.

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