Sportsbook Promo Codes

We list all the best sportsbook promo codes in the US

Online Sports betting continues to gain mainstream acceptance, as more and more states continue to legalize sports gambling. With that acceptance has come many new sports bettors entering the market through various online sportsbooks. And for those sportsbook sites to attract those new players, many sportsbooks have opted to offer some kind of bonus to new players that can be accessed through a series of promo codes.

Most recent promos:

Tennessee Sports Betting Promos & Bonus Codes December 2021
FanDuel Bet $5 Win $150 on Ravens vs Browns or 49ers vs Bengals
DraftKings Bet $1 Win $100 Promo
Colorado Sports Betting Promos & Bonus Codes December 2021

Best Sportsbook Promo Codes Right Now

A sportsbook promo code is a code that a bettor enters into a sports betting site either while they are first signing up for an account or when they are making their first deposit. That code grants the bettor access to some sort of promotional offer at that online sportsbook, providing them with some added value when they start their online sports betting experience at that site.

There are several different types of promotional offers that can be unlocked using these codes, which we will get into later in this guide to sportsbook bonus codes. But the most important thing is that bettors make sure to enter each code into the online sportsbook of their choice properly.

Promos come and go. We have collected the best welcome offers offered right now. Make sure to use the link and the respective promo code for each offer. 

List of recommended sportsbook welcome promo offers:

SportsbookPromo CodeBonus Offer
BetMGMUSSBRF1000$1000 risk-free bet
DraftKingsNONE NEEDED$1000 deposit bonus
CaesarsSPORTSBONUSRF$5000 risk-free bet
FanDuelNONE NEEDED$1000 risk-free bet
PointsBetUSSB2000$2000 risk-free bet
PlaySugarHouseUSSB$250 deposit bonus
UnibetNONE NEEDED$500 risk-free bet
BetRivers250MATCH$250 deposit bonus
Bet365USSB500$500 deposit bonus
BorgataUSSB$100 risk-free bet

Promos State by State

Most sportsbook are only active in a few states. To make this easier for you we have created state promotions guides giving you access to the best and latest sportsbook promos available in each state where online sports wagering is currently regulated.

Arizona Sportsbook PromosIllinois Sportsbook PromosPennsylvania Sportsbook Promos
Colorado Sportsbook PromosIowa Sportsbook PromosTennessee Sportsbook Promos
Connecticut Sportsbook PromosMichigan Sportsbook PromosVirginia Sportsbook Promos
Indiana Sportsbook PromosNew Jersey Sportsbook PromosWyoming Sportsbook Promos

How to Use

How to use a Promo Code

Fortunately for bettors, using promo codes at a sportsbook is incredibly easy to do. There are only a few short steps that need to be followed for bettors to claim their sportsbook bonus. Here is a look at the steps that are typically required for bettors to sign up for an online sportsbook, enter their promotional code and get their bonus from legal sports betting sites.

1 Sign Up

Click the Sign Up button at an online sportsbook and follow the prompts to create an account.

2 Enter the Code

During the signup process, bettors will be asked to enter their bonus code and should enter it then.

3 Make a Deposit

Once a bettor has signed up and entered the necessary code, they can make their first deposit.

4 Get Bonus

After funding their account, a bettor will receive their sportsbook bonus, either immediately or after their first bet is settled.

5 Use Bonus

Once a bettor has a bonus in their account, whether it be a deposit bonus, risk-free bet, free bets or something else, they are then free to use them as they wish.

Types of Sportsbook Promo Code

One of the nice things about legal online sportsbooks is the fact that there are several welcome bonus options for bettors to choose from depending on which online sportsbook they use. Bettors should get to know each sportsbook promo type, so they can decide which option is best for them when they sign up. Here, we break down each type of bonus at betting sites around the United States.

Risk-Free Bet Promo Code

A risk-free bet promo code is one that guarantees that bettors will not lose money on their first bet with an online sportsbook. With this type of sign up bonus, bettors will place a wager that falls within the site's guidelines for this bonus. If that bet wins, the bettor gets to keep their profits from that wager. If that bet loses, the bettor is reimbursed in the form of free bets or site credit, which they can then use to place additional bets.

BetMGM Sportsbook

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Get $1000 bonus

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Deposit Match Promo Code

The deposit bonus is another common type of welcome bonus at online sportsbooks. Here, bettors are able to get their bonus as soon as they make their first deposit, without having to place a bet at the sportsbook. This bonus typically comes in the form of a percentage of a bettor's initial deposit. 

For example, a 20% bonus on a deposit of $1,000 would yield an additional $200 for a bettor, starting them off with $1,200.

DraftKings Sportsbook

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Get $1000 bonus

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Bet $1, Win $100 Type Bonuses

Another sign up bonus that is becoming more popular for bettors is the Bet $1, Win $100 genre of wager. Here, bettors who make their first deposit with a site get access to a massive odds boost for an upcoming sporting event. If that bet wins, the player receives free bets or a site credit for that massively boosted amount. And in some cases, bettors get paid out even if their bet loses.

Bet $10, Win $200 Type Bonuses

The Bet$1 Win $100 has recently in most cases been replaced with a Bet $10 Win $200 offer. The setup is the same but the odds boost is obviously not as great as the 100 times 1 offer. 

What Makes a Good Sportsbook Promo Code?

There are several components that make a bonus at a sportsbook worth using. With the online betting industry being as competitive as it is, players can be picky about the bonus offers they choose to claim. Here are some key factors that bettors should look at when deciding where to open a sportsbook account based on what bonuses are available.

Bonus Amount

The most important thing about any welcome offer is the amount of money bettors stand to gain from that bonus. Most sportsbook operators offer similar bonus amounts, but bettors should always keep their eyes open for the biggest possible bonuses that they can get. That way, bettors will be able to maximize their earning potential using those bonus funds.

For example, if Caesars Sportsbook is offering a $5000 risk-free bet bonus, while BetMGM is offering the same type of bonus for $1000, bettors would be smart to take the bigger Caesars bonus.

Playthrough Requirements

Another part of a new customer bonus that is often overlooked is the playthrough requirement that a new customer must satisfy to withdraw their funds. New customers who take advantage of a new account bonus are required to use the funds they got from that bonus a certain number of times before they eligible to withdraw that money.

Fortunately for bettors, the competitive online gambling landscape among operators has resulted in playthrough requirements typically being very reasonable. In most cases, they are in the neighborhood of one time, after which bettors are allowed to withdraw their bonus funds.

Terms and Conditions

Another important thing to think about when claiming a bonus at a sportsbook are the terms and conditions for the bonus at each website or app. Bettors should always read the terms and conditions before signing up for a betting site, as the terms and conditions can help bettors understand what they should and should not do in order to be able to withdraw their bonus funds.

For example, some offers that allow bettors to bet risk-free come with an odds requirement for that wager. That odds requirement would make it so that bettors could only place wagers with odds of a certain amount or higher, such as -200 odds or better. Failure to comply with that requirement would prevent a bettor from cashing out their bonus funds or receiving them at all.

Other Sportsbook Promotions

Each sportsbook tends to have additional bonus options available for bettors who wager on sporting events. These additional promotions come after the welcome bonus and allow bettors to explore some of the betting options that they may not have considered at the betting site of their choice. 

Here is a look at some of the other promos that sports gambling operators routinely offer.

Parlay Insurance

Parlay insurance is a way to protect a parlay bet, which is a great promo given how popular parlay betting is. Under this type of offer, bettors can have the stake amount from their parlay wager reimbursed to them if only one leg of the wager loses. It is still difficult for all of the legs of a parlay to win with the exception of one, but this is certainly better than getting nothing for falling just short on a parlay.

Odds Boosts

Boosted odds are another way for bettors to get a little added value from a sports gambling provider. With boosted odds, bettors can get a better price for a wager than they would if they had bet it at the normal odds elsewhere. While these are not always the best bets to make, bettors who can use boosts intelligently put themselves in a position to add to their profits.

Free Bets

Free bet offers can be used in a number of ways at sportsbooks. One such way is by providing bettors with a free bet for every time they wager a certain amount on specific sports. 

For example, some sportsbooks will give bettors an extra $5 in free wagers for every $25 they bet on specific events. Additionally, free bets can be awarded when a player makes their first in-play wager, or in a myriad of other ways.

Where to Use Sportsbook Promo Codes

Where to use sportsbook promo codes depends on where a bettor is located. Different sportsbooks are allowed to operate in different states, with not every promo code being available in every state in America. Some states have more options than others, while some states do not allow online sports gambling at all.

New Jersey and Colorado, for example, offer more online sportsbook options than the vast majority of states. This means that their longer list of sportsbooks will mean more promo codes for bettors to use. States like West Virginia and Pennsylvania, meanwhile, have some options though they have fewer than NJ and CO. And states like Utah offer no online sportsbooks at all, preventing bettors from utilizing these options.

DraftKings vs FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Codes

DraftKings vs FanDuel

FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook are two of the biggest sports betting operators on the planet. These sites started out as daily fantasy sports operators, but branched out into the sports betting world once states began legalizing the sports gambling industry. They each offer very different promo codes, which are likely to appeal to different bettors.

FanDuel Sportsbook offers a risk-free bet promo worth up to $1,000 to new bettors. If a new FanDuel customer places their first bet at their sportsbook and it doesn't win, bettors are reimbursed with up to $1,000 in site credit, which can then be used to place additional bets.

DraftKings Sportsbook, meanwhile, offers a 20% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000 to new players. Here, bettors make a first deposit and receive an additional 20% on top of the amount they deposited. If a bettor chooses to put $5,000 into DraftKings Sportsbook, they would get an additional $1,000 to bet at this site.

Which of these options is better depends on the personal preferences of each bettor. Some players may prefer the insurance on their first bet that a risk-free bet provides. Others may want the extra money upfront in the form of a deposit bonus. Either way, the two biggest names in sports betting have their bettors covered.

Sportsbook Promo Code FAQ

How can I use a promo code?

Using a promotional code at an online betting operator is very easy to do. Bettors just have to sign up and enter the code during the registration process and make their first deposit. Our guide above details all of the steps required to successfully redeem these codes.

Where can I redeem each code?

Bettors can redeem codes for their sportsbook account at a number of legal sportsbooks around the United States. Where these are available depends on the rules in each state, as different states allow specific sportsbooks to operate within state lines. Bettors should familiarize themselves with those options before making any deposits.

What sites offer bonus offers?

Just about every regulated sportsbook in the United States offers these opportunities to bettors. Everyone from the operators of the sportsbook FanDuel offers to the lesser known brands in each state has a welcome offer. And those offers can vary in terms of the value that they provide to bettors, and should be evaluated closely by bettors before they pick one.

Can I use a bonus at an online casino too?

Some online casino operators do indeed offer welcome bonuses to their new players the way that sportsbooks do. These offers tend to give bettors extra funds in their account to play casino games or reimburse their net losses over a specific period of time for players who are just getting started with a new casino site.