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Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals
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MLB Predictions

Having access to great free MLB Picks makes betting on baseball is easier than you think. The US has a wealth of excellent sportsbooks that cover MLB in-depth, including our site US sports bonus. In this guide, we will tackle how to bet on MLB and explain how to calculate MLB odds to get great baseball predictions today. Read on to find out more about how to access the best MLB picks.

US sports bonus has every angle covered when it comes to regular MLB fixtures. You can find MLB picks today for every club, including the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers. At US sports bonus, there is an emphasis upon sharing and using their knowledge to help you bet on baseball. We provide free baseball picks so you can make the most informed decision with your wagers. US sports bonus assesses a wide range of statistics and data in order to help keep bettors informed and able to access the MLB best bets. 

MLB Computer picks

Like most other sportsbooks that are worth their salt, US sports bonus prefers to rely on the knowledge of its experts to share their tips with bettors. Instead of relying only on MLB computer picks generated by technology, US sports bonus' experts have worked tirelessly to help inform bettors of the kinds of markets they should keep an eye out for in the run-up to games. Later in this guide, we will run through the various betting lines that bettors can expect to encounter, including ATS, the 'Moneyline' and parlays. 

Our MLB expert picks select the games you should pay close attention to based on various statistical research.

Blue Jays pick example

So, for example, if the Blue Jays were facing off against the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East division, you may fancy the Bluejays to win. 

  • US sports bonus will have odds for every possible kind of market you may wish to tap into, including 'Home run leader', which entails predicting who will score the most home runs in the game. 
  • US sports bonus will simplify things for you, so whether you are a novice or a more seasoned bettor, you will be able to access the markets you wish to bet on as and when you want to. 

In the next section, we will delve a little deeper and explain the kinds of betting lines that you can expect to encounter. Within that, we will discuss how they function and how they can be used to improve your chances of success in the long term.

MLB Picks Betting Lines

William Hill MLB Betting Line

William Hill MLB Betting Lines

In baseball, like with most other team sports, there are many variables. Usually, the final result for most league games will be either a win for the home team or a victory for the visiting franchise. There are a plethora of MLB betting lines, so whether you are seeking MLB predictions today, MLB free expert picks today for games, or are looking for a longer-term view in the futures, there will be plenty of betting sites - such as Unibet or DraftKings - that will offer a breadth of markets for you to choose from. 

Whatever you are after, MLB picks for the 2021 season will be easy to find at any sportsbook, and US sports bonus is no different. Let's now have a closer look at how some of the most common betting lines operate.

MLB Picks Against the Spread - Run Line

Before any given MLB game, betting lines may shorten or drift. With MLB betting, the "spread" or the run line is always set at 1.5 runs. This makes against the spread betting on MLB different to example NBA and NFL where the spread is set to even out the odds between the favorite and the underdog.  

Similar to handicap betting, this means that the favorite has a 1.5 run line advantage, and therefore they must win by more than 1.5 points in order for you to win your bet.

MLB Picks Over Under

Over/Under allows bettors to predict the game's total number of home runs. 

So, if the Boston Red Sox hosted the New York Yankees, there may be a market advertised for Over 10 home runs. 

The odds will be presented in American format, so for example William Hill could show Total Runs Over 10 or Under 10 at odds -110 (on both sides)  in the matchup between Boston Sox and the New York Yankees.

MLB Moneyline Picks

The 'Moneyline' simply involves predicting who will win a game. In the World Series, these are best-of-seven games affairs. 

So, if the Washington Nationals were facing the Houston Astors, you could bet on the Nationals to win Game 1. 

To calculate a potential payout, you have to multiply the stake by the odds divided by 100. So a $30 stake at odds of +180 would be $30 x 1.8.

Free MLB Picks and Parlays

Parlays are a popular betting method. For league games, you could side with a few teams to win. So, you could bet on the LA Angels, New York Mets and Seattle Mariners to prevail. 

To calculate baseball parlay odds, many betting sites will have an online calculator that works out any potential profits if your stake wins.

MLB Picks Prop Bets

MLB Picks Prop bets involve wagering on a particular event within a game. 

For example, you could bet on the Chicago White Sox exact winning margin against the Cincinnati Reds. 

Most recognized bookmakers will have an online calculator that details any potential winnings depending on the size of the stake. American odds have a minus sign to denote the favorite.

William Hill MLB Prop Bets

William Hill MLB Prop Bets

MLB Playoff Predictions

In 2021, the league playoffs will include 10 teams, and this consists of the six division winners. Three of these will come from the American League and three from the National League, while the remaining four sides will qualify for the Wild-Card games. US sports bonus' expert tipsters make predictions based on form and what they have seen from franchises throughout the season.

MLB Picks Wagering

Now you are more familiar with the MLB picks of the day as well as MLB free picks predictions, you will want to put your newfound knowledge to the test. There are several things you need to bear in mind when thinking about placing bets. Firstly, look at the head-to-head record of both teams. If, for example, the LA Dodgers were taking on the Oakland Athletics, and the Dodgers tended to dominate home meetings, then you would be more inclined to back the Dodgers. Similarly, always bet with your head and not with your heart.

US sports bonus, as mentioned, provide you with expert tips and analysis, so you can rest assured that you will be in the know when you come to place your bets. Thirdly, don't be over-ambitious or too adventurous when you start out betting on baseball. The 'Moneyline' is a great avenue for novice bettors. Once you become more comfortable, then you can spread your wings, try out different markets and follow the advice of MLB expert picks, such as Parlays or Total Over/Under.

Inevitably, baseball betting is very popular because there are so many different strands and variables attached to a game. In a nine-innings fixture, there can be plenty of twists and turns. Home runs and bases being loaded are all part and parcel of great games. Even if you can't be there in person to watch a live game, it can also be rather entertaining betting on it.

Some bookmakers will offer in-play betting options so that bettors can keep tabs on the action as it unfolds. For example, MLB Odds Sharks and DraftKings have a live betting section where bettors can cash out or partially cash out if they are worried that their bet may lose. Similarly, Betway has a live betting section where baseball fans can keep tabs on the bet, and the site is very slick in terms of breaking down statistics during a match. Many sites will also have a live stream so that fans don't miss a single second of the action.

Baseball is so unpredictable, especially when it comes to the post-season, and it continues to enthrall today.

Major League Baseball Teams

Texas Rangers Ballpark

Texas Rangers Ballpark

East Central West 
Atlanta Braves Chicago Cubs Arizona Diamondbacks 
Miami Marlins Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies 
New York Mets Milwaukee Brewers Los Angeles Dodgers 
Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres 
Washington Nationals St. Louis Cardinals San Francisco Giants 
East Central West 
Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox Houston Astros 
Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians Los Angeles Angels 
New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics 
Tampa Bay Rays Kansas City Royals Seattle Mariners 
Toronto Blue Jays Minnesota Twins Texas Rangers

MLB Schedule - From NL Central to NL East

MLB clubs play 162 games and 52 series. Each club's roster of games includes matches against divisional opponents plus a further 20 against corresponding divisions, such as East and West.

MLB Schedule 2021

The 2021 MLB season starts in April, and it finishes on October 3. It is then that the post-season playoffs get underway, and there are 10 spots allocated. From there, the two best teams will head to the World Series Finals on October 26th, and it is a best-of-seven games affair.

MLB Picks Odds

As we have seen, tapping into the MLB expert picks will help inform you when it comes to deciding which wagers to place. Sites such as William Hill will list odds daily for up-and-coming games where there will be odds available for futures, such as predicting:

  • Who will win the World Series Finals in 2021?

Odds for daily games can change in the run-up to fixtures, but they can also change during the game itself, depending on what happening is in the field. 

You will also be able to tap into the best MLB bets today section. With the futures, such as:

  • Who will win the World Series Finals?

These will be available to bettors just before a new campaign begins. Odds will shorten for the favorite, who will be represented by a minus sign, while those who are outsiders will have a plus sign attached to them.

Calculating Odds

Essentially, calculating odds in betting is working out the implied probability. As we have seen with American odds, the implied probability will depend on whether there is a plus or minus sign. 

So, to use the Moneyline as an example, if Boston Red Sox were facing the Baltimore Orioles, the Orioles could be priced at +130. To work out their chances of beating the Sox, you divide 100 by the total of the Moneyline, which in this case is 130+100. You would then get a decimal figure of 0.4347 or 43.5% if you round it up.

Generally, most sportsbooks will have an odds calculator, so if you go to fill in a betting slip and enter the size of your stake, the odds calculator will automatically work out your potential returns. The returns will also depend on what types of baseball markets you play. Some sites, such as William Hill, offer flash odds. This is where odds are raised to make them more attractive to bettors. 

So, if you were looking in the bets on MLB today section, you could find that the Yankees may be the favourites for the game. They could be presented as outsiders at, say, +100, which could be more attractive for the neutral. So, if you bet on the Yankees at a longer price, then it will be a value bet as you will get a great return if they win.

Much more than MLB

US sports bonus has a strong background in baseball. However, it's not just here where we excel. Indeed, we run predictions across a wide range of sports. NBA is one sport that US sports bonus is renowned for covering. Here, you will be able to tap into expert insight as there is a dedicated blog for providing tips for regular season NBA games. So, if the Memphis Grizzlies were taking on Miami Heat, you would get an overview of the game. There will be predictions and some fun facts, as well as reasons why you should side with a team - in this case, Heat.

There are also tips for those who are looking for value with their bets, such as why you should pick a certain player to score at least 30 points in a game.

Moving away from NBA, you can find odds for all US sports. If baseball or NBA or NHL isn't your thing, US sports bonus will still have something for you. Those of you who are avid tennis supporters will be able to get expert insight from the tennis writers. Grand Slams and Masters 1000 series are covered too, and each round of any tournament is also given consideration. For the Finals of any given event, you can expect an in-depth preview. This will cover everything you should know before a match, as well as assess the various strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Whatever sport you wish to bet on, US sports bonus has it all, so come and check us out to help you make the best bets on MLB tonight .