Sports Betting Bonuses – No Deposit Bonus and Free Bets 2022

All you need to know about all types of sports betting bonuses

Sports Betting Bonuses Explained

When signing up for a new account on a sports betting website, it is pretty important to consider what bonuses (example: free bets, no deposit bonus) and special offers (example: teaser odds) are available for new user accounts and what offers will or might be available once the account goes beyond the new user stage.

Taking a little bit of extra time to research and understand the perks of signing up can be truly helpful and profitable, so be sure to choose what fits you best. 

This bonus guide will give you the insights needed to understand what bonuses benefit you best. Watch the video below and learn everything you need to know about the different bonuses in under 2 minutes.


Sign-up & Deposit Bonus Offers

No Deposit Bonus and Free Bets

This is a welcome bonus with no strings attached. They are without the requirement to claim and almost always allow withdrawal after the initial wager. The most popular no deposit bonus offers are:

Free Money

A no deposit bonus could come in the form of free money that will be added to your account upon registration.

Free Bet

A free bet bonus is basically free money to bet for with the only difference being that you cannot cash out the free bet money before you have placed your free bet and met the rollover requirements.

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is awarded to you once you have made a deposit into your new sportsbook account. Below you will find the most common first deposit bonus types.

Risk-Free Bet

This offer is precisely what it sounds like. The offer is that when placing the first wager, the bettor will collect if and when the bet wins, but will be refunded the amount of the loss in the case that it loses.

BetMGM First Bet Risk-free up to $1000 - New Customer Offer
Unibet Sportsbook Risk-Free Bet Promo
Risk-Free Bet OfferPromo Code
BetMGM Sportsbook $1000 Risk-free betUSSBRF1000
FanDuel Sportsbook $1000 Risk-free betNone Needed - Use Link
PointsBet Sportsbook $2000 Risk-free betUSSB2000

Matched Bet

What differentiates a matched bet from a risk-free bet is that the matched bet will payout no matter if you win or lose your bet. This is what makes the matched bet more attractive than the risk-free bet. 

Matching Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that matches a percentage, sometimes up to 100% match, of the figure of your first deposit once creating a new account on an online sportsbook.

Caesars Sportsbook New York Promo Code, $1500 Risk-Free First Bet Bonus
Minor leaguer ran the Major League sports betting business
Risk-Free Bet OfferPromo Code
BetRivers Sportsbook 100% up to $250250MATCH
Caesars Sportsbook 100% up to $1500SPORTSBONUSCZR

Customer Retention Bonuses

Reload Bonus

This bonus is precisely what it sounds like. If and when a bettor clears their rollover requirements on a new account, sportsbooks offer to reload bonuses on new deposits and give the bettor motivation to deposit more funds.

Cashback Offers

This is an offer that refunds a defined percentage of losses. It is usually an offer on a defined single sport over the course of a full season and is a sound way to mitigate losses, should they happen.

Odds boosts

This type of offer is exactly what it sounds like. One or both money lines are boosted from their original pricing. This offer can be used both to attract new customers and to build loyalty amongst the existing customer base.

Bet365 Bet $1 Get $200 in Free Bets Promo Code & Bonus 2022 - Now live also in Colorado
BetMGM Bet $10 Win $200 > 20/1 Odds Boost on NFL 2022
FanDuel Bet $5 and Get $150 Win or Lose - NFL Week 1 Promo
DraftKings Bet $5 Win $200 Promo - 40/1 Odds Boost on MLB 2022
SportsbookOdds Boost OfferPromo Code
FanDuelFanduel Bet $5 Win $150 Use link
DraftKingsDraftKings Odds Boost Promo 100/1 OddsUse link
BetMGM20/1 Odds - Bet $10 Win $200USSB200

Event Specific Offers

This is an offer that can offer any range of perks to the bettor for wagering on a specific sporting event.

Special Promotion Offers

These are the types of offers to keep an eye out for after the completion of welcome offers for new users. They generally are offered in short time periods and go above and beyond the standard reload bonuses and are generally far more lucrative for the bettor.

State by State Bonus Offers

Sportsbooks are required to operate under a state-local license. As a consequence, there are different operators in different states offering different bonus offers. We have gathered all bonus offers state by state. Find your state below to get all current sportsbook offers available.  

State Promo Code Guides  
Arizona Sportsbook PromosLouisiana Sportsbook PromosTennessee Sportsbook Promos
Connecticut Sportsbook PromosMichigan Sportsbook PromosVirginia Sportsbook Promos
Colorado Sportsbook PromosMississippi Sportsbook PromosWyoming Sportsbook Promos
Indiana Sportsbook PromosNew Jersey Sportsbook Promos 
Illinois Sportsbook PromosNew York Sportsbook Promos 
Iowa Sportsbook PromosPennsylvania Sportsbook Promos 

To Think About Before Selecting Your Sports Betting Bonus

The first thing to do when identifying the types of bonuses that will suit you best is to determine what type of player you are. Identify if you fall into the beginner, intermediate, or high roller category and identify both the frequency and amount of wagers.

For beginners – Generally speaking, the term beginner is used to define someone relatively new to sports betting and someone who doesn’t plan on wagering large sums of money. Beginners generally want to find bonuses that are easily unlocked and ones that have the most easily met of rollover and cash out requirements, generally sacrificing some level of percentage match to have the more easily obtained requirements instead.

For intermediate bettors – Intermediate bettors generally aren’t going to be making the largest of initial deposits. Still, they can sacrifice some ease of rollover requirement for a higher percentage match on the deposit. Intermediate players are generally better off going for the type of bonuses high rollers go for, even if it’s not at the maximum level of deposit offered.

For high rollers – High rollers generally do not have concerns with the ease of release on bonuses and are looking for the highest percentage match available on their deposit. Bettors in this category are betting with enough volume and dollar level that the higher level of rollover requirement is more easily met, and the actual value comes in the number of available dollars to be gained by the bonus offered.

What is a bonus rollover requirement?

A bonus rollover requirement is generally described by a figure to be multiplied by the initial deposit plus a bonus to be satisfied before a withdrawal of funds is allowed to be made. The letter “x” is used to show the multiplier and is used with a figure in front. 5x and 7x are examples of this.

For example, if a sports betting site is offering a 30% deposit match with a 5x rollover requirement, the bettor will have $130 available to wager on the initial deposit. The 5x rollover requirement means that this amount must be wagered 5x or five times over before withdrawal will be allowed. Simple math shows us that this can be withdrawn once $650 in wagers have been completed.

Does the bonus require the use of a promo code?

Some or in fact most sportsbook bonuses need a promo code in order to trigger the bonus. Either the promo will be required in the sign-up process or once making your first deposit. 

Additional Requirements To Clear Bonus

Some sportsbooks and sports betting apps may have a timeline added to the bonus rollover requirement. This is generally the type of bonus to avoid unless you’re pretty certain you can and will meet the rollover threshold within the allotted time frame. This restriction may also come in the form of an allotted timeframe before a withdrawal is allowed without having a timeline to meet the rollover requirement.

Other possible restrictions include:

  • Large favorites (generally -200 or greater) do not count towards satisfying the bonus requirement.
  • Generally speaking, rollover requirements can be met on wagers on sports, online casinos, and horse racing, but online poker does not count towards satisfying the requirements.
  • One bonus must be completed and claimed before another bonus can be activated.


Does all online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses?

Yes, most sportsbooks tend to give their new customers some form of bonus.

What is the best sportsbook bonus for me?

Make sure you select a bonus you believe you can easily clear. Some bonuses are better for beginners and others for highrollers. At US Sportsbonus we always list the best bonuses available for each state.

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is a bonus that is given to a customer when depositing money into your sports betting account. The most common first deposit bonus is a matching bonus where the sportsbook matches your first deposit. Example: Deposit $100 and get $100 in bonus.

What is a matching bonus?

A matching bonus is where the deposit (usually the first deposit) is matched by anything from 20% and sometimes all the way up to 500%. Example: The matching bonus is 50% up to $500. This means that a deposit of $1000 would give you the maximum bonus of $500 (50% of $1000). Any deposit higher than $1000 would not trigger a higher bonus amount.

What is a risk free bet?

A risk-free bet is a free bet that will pay back the bet amount in case of a losing bet.

What is a no deposit bonus or sign up bonus?

A no deposit bonus or sign up bonus is rewarded upon registration on a sports betting site.

What is a free money bonus?

Some operators offers new registered customers free cash to use in any given product provided by the sportsbook.

What is a free bet?

A free bet is a free money wager where as opposed to a risk-free bet you do not put your on money at stake.