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Latest NFL Picks

The NFL is the most popular sports league to bet on in America, which means it is the most popular league for sports betting picks. Our sports picks cover the NFL thoroughly, as our NFL experts specialize in providing NFL picks from the season-opening game through the Super Bowl each season.

NFL lines are among the sharpest in sports betting, as there are fewer games in the NFL slate each week. But our NFL experts are accustomed to navigating the NFL market, with our free picks in pro football covering all of the major betting markets in the nation’s most popular sport.

2:00 PM ET Feb 9
Super Bowl 2025 Winner
SF 49ers to Win
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Latest NBA Picks

NBA betting is enjoyed by many, as there are several big games each week featuring some of the best teams in the league. And with playoffs that take up the better part of two months, NBA picks are in high demand. Among our sports betting picks are some of the best free picks for NBA games from the beginning of the season to the end of the NBA Finals.

Making sports picks on NBA games is all about understanding situations. Teams will often rest players in cases where they do not need to win during the regular season, while couples will do everything they can to win and play the fewest possible number of games in the playoffs. Our NBA picks analyze these situations, among other factors, to help bettors make money consistently with their sports betting picks.

NBA Picks

Latest UFC Picks

With fight night action almost every Saturday, all year round, our UFC experts are keeping busy reading up on the top fights. Check-in on Thursdays or Fridays to get the latest UFC betting picks. 

6:00 PM ET Jul 20
Virna Jandiroba vs Amanda Lemos
Virna Jandiroba
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Latest Tennis Picks

There is always a tennis tournament somewhere, whether it's an ATP or ITF event. We cover the big games and serve you with free tennis picks and predictions to help you make educated decisions when betting on this beautiful sport. 

Tennis Picks

Latest MLB Picks

The MLB season is the longest in all sports, with each MLB team playing 162 regular-season games per year. Because of that, MLB picks are some of the most high-volume in the world of sports betting picks, as each MLB slate offers several opportunities to place wagers on America’s pastime.

Our MLB expert picks are all about quality over quantity, as our sports betting choices focus more on making accurate sports picks than about making a lot of picks. One of the essential things in baseball betting is sticking to situations where there is value instead of simply betting the board, and you can count on our MLB picks to do just that.

Pitching matchups is often a deciding factor in MLB betting, starting pitchers and bullpens. When our team makes their sports betting picks, we do so with the pitching matchup in mind. Our MLB pros also look at how each lineup performs against the opposing pitching staff before making sports picks on the diamond.

MLB Picks

Latest NHL Picks

NHL fans are some of the most passionate in all sports, and NHL betting is another passion. The NHL features some of the most competitive action in all sports, with free picks on the ice often rewarding bettors who are courageous enough to back underdogs in this unpredictable league.

Our sports betting picks do include NHL picks during the hockey season. Our hockey betting experts know the keys to victory in hockey betting and pass that knowledge to bettors when they make hockey picks.

One such critical area in hockey betting is understanding goalie rotations. Goaltending is vital to the success of any hockey team, but no team plays its best goalie for every game. Because of that, our experts keep their finger on the pulse of goaltending changes ahead of each game and how those changes impact each team.

NHL Picks

More Expert Picks and Predictions

At US Sportsbonus, our sports betting picks go well beyond the major sports listed above. We also provide picks for significant events like golf majors, major soccer tournaments, and college football and basketball. These free picks cover important events in all sports, not just those we regularly cover.

Our sports betting coverage does not end with sports betting picks either. We also highlight valuable promotions from regulated sportsbooks around the United States and give bettors the tools they need to make money betting on a wide variety of sporting events.

Free Betting Picks

In the world of sports betting, bettors may often want a second opinion before locking in their bets. Providers of free sports betting picks can offer just that, as free sports picks are available from many sources on the internet. With so many sources of free picks available, bettors should make sure that they are using a reliable source, which is where our website comes in.

Finding quality sports betting picks can be difficult, as many providers tout records that are not feasible or do not provide documentation of their betting picks until after the fact. Here at US Sportsbonus, we provide sports betting picks well in advance of each game we cover and provide a level of transparency with our selections that bettors can trust.

In addition to transparency regarding our sports betting picks, our sports betting experts regularly provide their rationale behind their free picks. This allows bettors to understand further why our team has selected the sports picks they have, helping bettors win now and better understand the sports betting market for the future. 

Betting Picks Against the Spread

Against the spread, picks are among the most common forms of sports betting picks, as spread betting is an option in most sports. Our free picks include spread betting in our NFL picks, NBA picks, and tennis picks, among other sports. And our sports betting experts provide you with their analysis of each spread bet that they recommend helping bettors maximize their profits in this market.

The key to successful sports betting picks against the spread is to understand matchups and situations. There is a delicate balance to be struck when making sports betting picks, as bettors have to balance betting on the competitors in each matchup and understand the value in the numbers themselves. And our team of sports betting experts is experienced in striking such a balance with their free picks.

Over/Under Betting Picks

In the world of sports betting picks, over/under picks are also incredibly common. The totals market is very different from sport to sport, as the fate of the total relies on a combination of game planning and execution that varies by sport. For example, pace and efficiency are the driving forces behind making NBA picks, while matchups between pitchers and batters can determine MLB totals.

Our expert sports betting picks analyze these factors comprehensively and pass that knowledge onto bettors across several sports. Each of our experts specializes in sports where they provide sports betting picks, ensuring that they know which factors are the most important when providing over/under picks.

Props and Futures Betting Picks

While most sports betting picks are in the spread, total and money line markets, there is plenty of room for sports betting picks in more exotic markets. Prop bets and futures bets are popular despite not being the mainstream markets. And our free picks will often include props, insignificant events, and future selections for full seasons or tournaments during the sports calendar.

If bettors know where to look, props and futures can often carry more value than more mainstream betting markets. Bettors willing to compare odds across multiple sportsbooks can find better prop and futures odds and stand to make more money. Our free sports picks do a lot of that work for bettors, as our experts shop around the best betting sites to recommend the best odds possible.

Parlay Betting Picks

Parlay betting has become incredibly popular in the world of sports betting picks. But parlays have to be used judiciously in sports betting, as they are not typically a good value. From a math perspective, the likelihood of two or more spread or total bets winning without any losses is less than the payout amount of parlay bets.

But our sports betting picks utilize parlays on the rare occasion they are intelligent to make. This typically comes in the form of correlated parlays. One result would increase the likelihood of the other results in the parlay coming in. Our sports betting experts keep their eyes out for these instances and recommend them only when the value is there.

Teaser Betting Picks

Teasers are another form of multi-leg sports betting popular in football and basketball. In teasers, bettors place bets on multiple results taking place, receiving a few extra points in their favor on each leg of the teaser bet. Teasers should also be used judiciously, as there are only certain situations where they are worthwhile.

Like with parlays, our sports betting picks only feature teasers where there is value in the eyes of our experts. This rarely means, if ever, teasing basketball games. The high number of possessions in basketball games renders teasers less impactful than they are in football games.

Should I Pay For Sports Betting Picks?

Sports betting is all about math, often more so than understanding the matchups between two teams heading into a sporting event. Because of how important math is in sports betting, it should be widely understood that paying for sports betting picks is not a good idea. Doing so would require bettors to win higher than the standard 52.38% to turn a profit betting spreads and totals.

Instead, let our free picks help you make money without the need to spend any money on our expertise. Our experts bet on sports themselves, making money from gambling at sportsbooks rather than bettors paying for their advice. That is the way it should be, as our experts only help the profitability of bettors with their free picks.


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