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Free Picks Against the Spread and Parlays

Are you looking for free sports picks against the spread today? US sportsbonus is your home for the best free sports picks  and predictions. Our betting experts are savvy sports betting experts and share their knowledge to you for free so you don’t have to spend countless of hours researching before placing your bets.

When reading our free sports picks you will get a better understanding on how the pros analyze the team and players. These tips are very valuable if you want to master the art of sports betting. We offer free sports picks daily, on all the major US sports.

Expert Picks and Predictions on NFL

NFL is king of betting and the most popular sport to wager on in the US. Our NFL expert picks and predictions are accurate, well analyzed and presented by people who have many years of experience from NFL sports betting.

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Picks and Predictions on NBA

Basketball betting is intense and no other sport requires as up to date information as NBA betting. That’s why you need all the info you can get. Our NBA experts will guide you and help you make the best bet possible.

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Predictions and Picks on NHL

The NHL season is a marathon and teams will go into highs and lows. We follow each team closely to make sure our expert picks are as accurate as possible.

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Expert Picks and Predictions on UFC

UFC has grown significantly as is now the most popular fighting sport to bet on. Our experts are up to date and provide you with some valuable insights to make accurate decisions when placing your bets.

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More Expert Picks and Predictions

At US sportsbonus we try to cover as many sports events as possible. We cover the Tennis Grand Slams, important boxing title fights, soccer games and much more.


What is an expert betting pick?

An expert pick is a suggested bet on a specific event. This bet is analyzed and compared to the sportsbooks current lines. The goal for an expert pick is to find an edge to the lines offered at the sportsbooks in order to make a long term profit.

Why should I follow picks and predictions from the experts?

Experts in a specific sport have years of experience from sports betting and follow strategies that have made them become successful sports bettors. Listening to experts will make you better at sports betting, as simple as that.

What is the most common expert pick?

Most expert picks are focusing on point spread bets and/or over and under bets but some experts focus on more unique betting types as they believe it is easier to find more attractive lines for less common betting types.

Are betting expert picks free?

Yes, at USsportsbonus our betting picks are free and for everyone, who has an interest in freepicksandparlays are welcome to follow our sports betting experts. We only promote and bet with Legal and Licensed sportsbooks in the US.

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