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Moneyline Bets Explained

How Moneyline Betting Works

    Moneyline bets are the simplest form of wagering as far as picking a distinct result of an event. When wagering on the money line, the bettor is simply picking who will win the game outright. With ML bets, it does not matter how many points one team wins by, just that they win the game. The way in which sportsbooks show the difference in talent or projection between the two teams with money line bets is by weighing the ML with heavier odds on the favorited team.

    For example, a perennially excellent team such as the Buccaneers playing a below-average team such as the Washington will often have substantial odds in their favor, such as the below.

    Washington Football Team (+340) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-420)
    William Hill Moneyline, Point Spread and Total Points Betting

    The plus sign always indicates the underdog team, and the amount you will win (or the equivalent) on a $100 bet. The minus sign always indicates the favorited team, and the amount you must bet to win the equivalent of $100. The above odds can be interpreted in the following manner – if wagering $100 on the Washington ML, you would win $340 (plus the $100 you wagered) – if wagering on the Buccaneers ML, you would need to bet $420 in order to win $100 (plus the money wagered). This is how the sportsbooks create balance in an unbalanced game. As sportsbooks collect wagers on both sides of a game, they will adjust the money line odds for both teams to account for the money being attributed to each team within a game.

    Best Sportsbooks

    2-Way and 3-way Money Line Bets

    The 2-way moneyline bet is probably the most common wagering option where you place a bet on either team/player A or team/player B to win.

    In a 3-way moneyline bet you also have the option to bet on a draw.

    Best Sportsbook for Moneyline Bets

    Betting on an outright winner is the most traditional form of betting, regardless what country you’re in. When wagering on the moneyline the only thing you should look at are the odds. The better the odds the more favorable for you as a sports bettor. The sportsbook with the best odds right now is William Hill Sportsbook.

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