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US Sportsbonus takes immense pride in providing bettors with all the relevant information when it comes to betting on the likes of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Here at US Sportsbonus, we don’t just focus on the four major sports in America. We cover the most physical and exciting sports as well.

UFC or MMA is one of the most popular fighting disciplines in the world. At US Sportsbonus, we provide bettors with all the relevant and up-to-date UFC fight night predictions on all events. This allows you to make educated predictions on every fight taking place in the Octagon and Bellator.

Visitors to this website will receive expert UFC and Bellator predictions from all the big fights, whether that means highlighting the fights of Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes or even Cris Cyborg.

As the sports betting in America becomes more popular, it’s important to find a site you can trust and one that offers free advice on all your MMA picks. Get involved today and set off on your own MMA journey.

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Looking for UFC Predictions tonight?

MMA is not like American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey or Basketball. There are not a bunch of matches every other day for you to bet on.

Don’t get us wrong. There are still enough events each month for you to get your MMA fix. The UFC has an intense schedule and with close to weekly cards on the weekend there are plenty of major fights for you to sink your teeth into.

Whether it’s UFC 250, 251, 252, UFC Fight Night or Bellator 240 we will strive to provide extensive coverage on this site. All the main card action from all the top events around the world will be covered here. We will provide up-to-date UFC predictions on each fighter and give you our reasons why we think that fighter will be successful in the Octagon that evening.

Head back to this site for all the build-up to the major UFC events and make your UFC picks accordingly. We have you covered from all angles.

UFC Predictions Money Line?

With MMA being an individual sport rather than a team one, there is no betting against the spread.

The main type of bet you can place in UFC or Bellator is the Moneyline. Moneyline betting is seen as the most straight-forward of bets in MMA. Basically, you are betting on which fighter you believe will win the bout.

Let’s take the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. The Moneyline betting for this encounter sees Khabib at -230 and Ferguson at +180. This means that Khabib is seen as the favorite and if you decide to wager $100 on Khabib winning the fight, then you will receive winning funds of $144. If you opt to bet on Ferguson with the same amount, then you will walk away with $280 in your pocket or account.

Our advice is to check our extensive reviews on each major fight before making your decision. Just because someone is seen as the favorite to win a bout, it doesn’t mean they will do so. There might be some issues in training and problems they have picked up that will be included in the review and make you see the contest in a different light.

The odds chosen to determine who is the favorite and the underdog is done on the status of the fighters. One might be the champion and undefeated against a fighter who has won just one of his last four fights. Look deeper into the match-up. Champions lose their belts all the time. Just because they hold the championship belt, it doesn’t mean they will keep hold of it.

It might seem easier just to back the overwhelming favorite or the champion, but this is the fight game. This is not pre-determined. Anything can happen inside the cage. Just ask Jose Aldo, no-one expected Conor McGregor to knock him out in 13 seconds. Keep an eye out for our UFC predictions to boost your changes in placing winning moneyline bets.

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UFC Picks on Futures

If you like researching your fights ahead of time and getting early odds, then the futures market will suit you.

This market provides bettors with early odds for upcoming fights. It is like a Money Line, where you are backing on a winner. It’s just that the fight could be someway in the future.

There could be an upcoming bout in April or May which will be headlined by two massive fighters. Sportsbooks will quickly get their odds out there to generate interest in the fight. More in-depth betting markets will open up closer to the contest.

UFC Predictions on Prop Bets

Proposition bets – or prop bets as they are better known in the business –allow you to bet on markets other than the actual winner of the fight. They allow you to go deeper into the action and get more involved.

Betting on MMA is a lot different from team sports. You are basically betting on who will win the fight, by which method and possibly what round. There are no touchdowns or baskets to bet on. Just plain old fighting.

Most of the fights will have a number of markets open and you will be able to bet on what round you think the winner will emerge from. Or whether the winner will get the victory via knockout, technical knockout or on points.

One popular market can see you bet on a number of different outcomes. Let’s use Conor McGregor versus Khabib as an example. You never know, these two could be sharing an Octagon again very soon. You will be able to bet on whether or not McGregor wins the bout by decision. You can back the Irishman to win the contest by KO, TKO or disqualification. Another option is for McGregor to win the bout by submission.

These markets will also be open in favor of Khabib. With the odds being slightly different for each outcome. You can also take a massive gamble and back this fight to end up in a tie.

If you think betting on individual rounds is too difficult and too much of a risk, then you can use the market Alternative Winning Group of Rounds. This means you can back your fighter to win between rounds 1-2, 3-4 or even 5 and decision.

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UFC Fight Night Predictions

All our articles on MMA events will be in-depth and full of enough betting knowledge that allows you to feel confident about your picks.

We will not just be providing information on fights that are happening in a matter of days. We will go ahead into the future and get information to you as soon as the big fights are announced.

The next time Brock Lesnar decides to step back into the Octagon, we’ll be on hand with the latest information and odds from the minute the announcement has been made, right up until fight time.

Our MMA experts will get to work as soon as the big fights are revealed and provide you with professional and precise UFC fight night predictions. They will cover everything you need to know about each fighter and their past history.

These experts spend hours analyzing every aspect of the fight game and they will give you their honest verdict on who you should be picking. Follow all our MMA guides to ensure you enjoy your betting experience.

Much more than MMA

We take a lot of pride in providing you with the best MMA information around. Sometimes it’s better to go against the grain in terms of what you bet on. Betting on MMA is very exciting. You tend to feel every punch or kick yourself as you are looking for that impressive payout.

Just because we like to focus on sports like MMA, that doesn’t mean we are neglecting the favorite ones.

Here at US Sportsbonus, we work with experts from all over the betting world. Aside from the MMA, we will cover all the matches from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

We show the same level of commitment in all our articles. We want you to have an enjoyable betting experience. Follow us on Twitter for daily betting picks.

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