Sports betting in the US is in a rapid growth phase with new states opening up for mobile wagering through sports betting apps. Sports betting apps are the predominant way to bet on sports in the US. Mobile betting is likely to continue to grow compared to betting on desktop devices or in-person. With mobile device technology continuing to evolve, there will be few limitations on what sportsbooks can offer in their mobile sports betting app experience.

In this article we will guide you through the different online sports betting apps available in the states where mobile sports gambling is legal and what to look for when evaluating a sports betting app. 

Top 5 Sports Betting Apps in the US

When it comes to the best sports gambling apps in the United States, there are five main brands that deserve that distinction. DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, Caesars and BetMGM are those five apps, though the order in which they reside depends on the preferences of each individual bettor. Wynn’s app is also in this discussion.

SportsbookiPhone AppAndroid AppBonus Offer
CaesarsYesYes$5000 risk-free bet
BetMGMYesYes$1000 risk-free bet
DraftKingsYesYes$1000 deposit bonus
FanDuelYesYes$1000 risk-free bet
PointsBetYesYes$2000 risk-free bet
Sports Betting Apps

The DraftKings app and FanDuel app are typically seen as the top two sports gambling apps on the market at this time. Their massive footprint combined with their promotional budgets make them the most visible apps in the United States. And with plenty of quality to back up that visibility, bettors have flocked to these two brands in large numbers.

The BetMGM app and Caesars Sportsbook app are two sports gambling apps that have received similar praise to DraftKings and FanDuel. They are both available in many states, and are incredibly easy to use without sacrificing any functionality or betting market availability. And the PointsBet app is a less established sportsbook brand worldwide, but has quickly earned credibility by combining a ton of features with their innovative new points betting option.

What Defines a Good Sports Betting App?

There are a few things the best sports betting apps have in common. In this guide we focus on the factors that we rate as most important for a sports betting app. We compare and rank the top 5 sports betting apps in every US state where mobile betting is legal.

The comparison points we focus on for the sports betting apps are ease of use, look and feel, app features and odds selection vs desktop, stability, accessibility and speed. Keep reading to find out what is the best sports betting app in each state where mobile sports betting is legal.

How We Select the Best Sports Betting App

In order to rate the online sports betting apps in each state and get a full overview of the pros and cons for each sports gambling app we used, we divided the test into three main categories and eight sub-categories. All categories were weighted equally in terms of importance and the ranking results are wholly based on the total points scored in all the eight sub-categories.


Ease of Use

This is typically the most important thing for a sports betting app to generate returning customers. If the user journey is too complex the players will lose interest and go elsewhere. Bettors have to be able to navigate around a sportsbook app efficiently so they can get their bets in as quickly as possible.

Look and Feel

This opinion is obviously subjective. But the way a sports betting app looks is an underrated detail. Everything from color choices to button placements can impact how enjoyable these apps are. Our test focuses on the small details that makes a sports betting app stand out from the rest. 


App Features vs Desktop

Some online sports betting apps lack a bit of the functionality that is offered on the desktop version of a sportsbook. In this part of the test we look at the features offered in the app versus the desktop experience and determine if the app offers a comparable or more favorable experience.

Odds Selection vs Desktop

In some cases the odds selection and number of betting markets are a bit more limited in the sportsbooks’ app versions. In this portion of our evaluation, we compare the availability of betting markets and their corresponding odds.

Banking Options

How easily can you make a deposit and withdraw money in each sports gambling app? Here, we evaluate the available deposit and withdrawal options and how convenient they are to use when managing money in each sportsbook app.



Some apps tend to stall, shut down or demand updates too often. The less this happens the better, and we factor all of those disruptive forces into our stability ratings.


Is the sports betting app available for Android in Google Play, iOS in App Store or any other device via its app marketplace? What software requirements are needed to install the sports betting app? The easier it is to find and download an app, the better it does in our accessibility rating.


How fast is the app? What is the loading time needed to place a bet? The faster an app performs the better, as betting on sports is all about getting the best lines possible and delays caused by each app could prevent that from happening.


What is the best sports betting app?

Ultimately, which sports betting app is best is up to the opinion of each individual bettor. But in our test based on several criteria we have concluded that the best sports app is the DraftKings App.

What is the best sports app for Iphone?

Apple and Android users tend to have different tastes in user experience and design. The mobile sports betting app most suited for iPhone would have to be DraftKings thanks to the fact that it is so easy to use and appeals to the sensibilities of iOS device users.

What is the best sports app for Android?

Android users cannot download sports gambling apps directly from Google Play in most states, but the APK is easy to download directly from the sportsbook websites. The best Android app in the world of sports gambling may be BetMGM thanks to its availability in a large number of states combined with its quality on Android devices.

How do sports betting apps work?

Sports betting apps are easy to use. First, you need to download your preferred app to your Android or iOS device. Once you have the app on your mobile device you can login or create an account, make a deposit and start placing bets.

How do sports betting apps make money?

Sports betting operators make money by offering betting odds on sporting events and adding a margin (aka the Juice or Vig) to make sure that they will typically take a cut on the total wagering done on an event.

Sportsbook App in the US

Best Sports Betting App in New Jersey

NJ sports betting is the current leader in online sports gambling with the widest range of online sports betting apps to choose from. There are currently a total of over 15 apps available in the Garden State. We have selected what we consider to be the top 5 sports betting apps in NJ and compared them based on Design, Functionality and Technology. Keep reading to see the test results.

Bet365 – The Cream of the Crop

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sports gambling industry around the world, and have become one of the best brands in New Jersey as well. Bet365 is the biggest sportsbook in the world and considering how good their sports betting app is, we would be surprised if they do not become one of the key players in New Jersey and other states they move into. 

The Bet365 app is very user-friendly with a clean design. It’s full of great features and, best of all, it's super fast. PointsBet came very close in the race for the top spot in the Garden State and considering how young this sportsbook is, they have done a great job in delivering a fantastic sports betting app.

Bet365 Sportsbook 4.8

$500 bonus on your first deposit

All the online sports betting apps reviewed in this test had an outstanding design with a great user experience. PointsBet is our favorite app in the Design category. The functionality score is where we identified the biggest gaps between the 5 apps. Some do not offer sufficient banking options and lack features that are offered on the desktop version. Again, the PointsBet app came out on top for best functionality. 

Technology-wise we found the apps to be pretty identical between the Android and iOS versions. All of the apps exhibited little to no down-time and few to no bugs at all. The speed of each app was great across the board, but Bet365 was superior in this category which ultimately led to them taking home the prize as the best sports betting app in New Jersey. Our test scores can be found below.

State of New JersyCaesarsDraftKingsBetMGMPointsBetBet365
Ease of use999910
Look & Feel9108109
DESIGN SCORE1819171919
Features vs Desktop898109
Odds Selection vs Desktop8991010
Banking Options78889
TOTAL SCORE7074707677

Best Sports Betting App in Pennsylvania

Much like New Jersey, the Pennsylvania sports gambling market has an impressive array of sports betting apps. The market has been open since May 2019 and has attracted some of the top operators in the country, even with a high taxation rate and cost to obtain a sports gambling license. We have selected what we consider to be the top 5 sportsbooks in the Keystone State and compared their apps based on Design, Functionality and Technology. Keep reading to see the test results.

Unibet – Rock Solid Betting Experience

The best sports betting app in PA award goes to Unibet. The Unibet app is great in every single aspect and just like Bet365 (our pick for the best NJ sports betting app), Unibet has a long tradition of offering mobile sports betting globally. Unibet really set itself apart in this comparison when comparing its features and betting odds to its desktop site.

FanDuel came out on top for best Technology where the speed factor was the decisive aspect. And FoxBet deserves credit for its wide range of banking options that set it apart from the competition in that regard. For the full list of test results, check out the chart below.

Unibet Sportsbook 4.7

$500 bonus risk free bet
State of PennsylvaniaBetRiversDraftKingsSugarhouseUnibetFox Bet
Ease of use99999
Look & Feel9108109
DESIGN SCORE1819171918
Features vs Desktop898109
Odds Selection vs Desktop899109
Banking Options78889
TOTAL SCORE7074707673

Best Sports App in Indiana

Indiana online sports betting went live in October 2019 with a limited amount of sports betting apps available. But the list of sports gambling apps in this state has grown exponentially since then. With new entrants joining the Indiana market since legalization was achieved, the competition for the best sports betting app is getting fierce.

PointsBet – The Kings of Indiana

PointsBet made their entry to Indiana in March 2020. The PointsBet app in Indiana is identical to their sports betting apps in New Jersey and Iowa and that is a great thing for Indiana sports bettors. The app has a great look and feel and has a set of features and betting markets that stack up perfectly with their desktop offering. On top of that, the stability and accessibility of the app cannot be beat. Check out the full results from Indiana below.

PointsBet Sportsbook 4.8

$2000 bonus risk free bet
State of IndianaPointsBetBetMGMBetRiversDraftKingsFanDuel
Ease of use99999
Look & Feel1089108
DESIGN SCORE1917181917
Features vs Desktop108898
Odds Selection vs Desktop109899
Banking Options88788
TOTAL SCORE7670707470

Best Sports App in Colorado

BetMGM – The Land-based casino giants conquer the online space

Colorado sports gambling offers a range of sports betting apps. The first four mobile apps to accept mobile sports wagering were DraftKings, BetRivers, BetMGM, and FanDuel. Since then several additional sportsbook operators have entered the market, including Caesars and with both iPhone and Android apps available for download in App Store and Google Play.

In this state, though, BetMGM takes the crown as the best sportsbook app. The app is incredibly easy to use and offers a great selection of markets to wager on. This includes specials like cross-sport parlays that are regularly offered to spice up the sports gambling experience on a consistent basis.

BetMGM Sportsbook 5.0

$1000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App in Illinois

PointsBet – The Aussies take charge in Illinois

Illinois Sports Betting is likely to become on the hottest state for mobile sports betting. The land of Lincoln is one of the most populated states in the US with a massive interest for sports. US based brands such as BetRivers, DraftKings and FanDuel were first movers but our favorite sports betting app in Illinois is from a company with roots from down under.

PointsBet is at or near the top of our lists of the best sportsbook apps in most states. But it takes the top spot in Illinois as it combines its world-class sports gambling offerings with some interesting tie-ins with sports stars that played in the state. Devin Hester, one of the all-time great kick returners for the Chicago Bears, is one of the app’s ambassadors, which will certainly appeal to bettors in Illinois.

PointsBet Sportsbook 4.8

$2000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App in Tennessee

BetMGM Takes Tennessee

The best sports gambling app in Tennessee is BetMGM, though this state has a competitive landscape despite being new to legal sports gambling. Tennessee is a state where online sports gambling is the only sports wagering option, and the big three of DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM are all available.

What has set BetMGM apart in this state is the fact that the app is so easy to use. And the fact that BetMGM is commonly available in several parts of the country makes this app appealing for bettors who like to place wagers in Tennessee and elsewhere.

BetMGM Sportsbook 5.0

$1000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App in Michigan

PointsBet Leads Crowded Field in Michigan

There are well over a dozen legal sportsbook apps in Michigan already, and there are some strong contenders for the best app in the state. PointsBet takes the honor of being the best in Michigan, as bettors can take advantage of a huge selection of betting markets on the mobile app.

One such form of betting is the innovative pointsbetting market, which is exclusive to PointsBet. This market allows bettors to wager on spreads and totals and get paid more for each point their bet wins by. For bettors who fancy themselves as sharper bettors, this is a great way to win big when a bet wins convincingly.

PointsBet Sportsbook 4.8

$2000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App In Nevada

BetMGM is Number One in Nevada

Nevada is the first state that comes to mind when thinking about legal sports gambling in America. But just because it has the most experience with the industry doesn’t mean that bettors can’t enjoy modern sports gambling apps. And the presence of BetMGM in this state is a huge reason for bettors in Nevada to rejoice.

Amid a large number of Vegas-based sportsbook operators with their own apps, BetMGM stands out thanks to the fact that they are so well-respected around the country. Bettors on the East coast and out West enjoy what BetMGM has to offer, including incredible simplicity and a ton of markets to choose from.

BetMGM Sportsbook 5.0

$1000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App In West Virginia

DraftKings Tops the Mountaineer State

West Virginia has a surprisingly strong selection of online sports gambling apps for a state of its size. But the best of the bunch would have to be DraftKings Sportsbook. DraftKings has created an app that is very easy to use, but is still complex enough with its betting offerings to make bettors excited to see what is up on the app each day.

The look and feel of the DraftKings app is another huge source of its appeal. The black, green and orange color scheme is striking and looks better than the other contenders in the West Virginia sports gambling scene.

DraftKings Sportsbook 4.8

$1000 bonus on your first deposit

Best Sports Betting App In Rhode Island

Caesars Wins By Default

Right now, Rhode Island’s mobile sports gambling options are limited to just one operator. Fortunately for Rhode Islanders, the one operator that they do have access to is one of the biggest names in the sports gambling industry. Caesars is the lone app operator in America’s smallest state, and that means bettors have access to an easy to use app loaded with betting markets to choose from.

Caesars Sportsbook 4.9

$5000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App In Iowa

PointsBet Rules the Hawkeye State

Iowa is a huge market for college sports, as there are multiple marquee collegiate programs that reside there. And while bettors cannot wager on the Iowa Hawkeyes or Iowa State Cyclones, they can bet on teams from their respective conferences. With PointsBet, they are able to do just that with what we have deemed to be the best app in the state.

PointsBet is easy to use, and features a visually stunning black and red color scheme that makes it enjoyable to use regularly. On top of that, bettors can get creative with their bets, with the Name a Bet section allowing them to propose their own wagers and then bet on them if they are approved.

PointsBet Sportsbook 4.8

$2000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App In New Hampshire

DraftKings Runs Unopposed in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state where there is only one sports gambling app on the market. But bettors will be happy to see that app is DraftKings Sportsbook. Bettors make up for what they lack in choices with one of the best online sports gambling apps in the United States. The selection of betting markets alone puts DraftKings at or near the top of the list in any states in which it operates, as bettors are only limited by their imaginations when figuring out what to wager on.

DraftKings Sportsbook 4.8

$1000 bonus on your first deposit

Best Sports Betting App In Virginia

BetMGM Claims Virginia

Virginia has been a competitive market in the early stages of its legal sports gambling. But BetMGM takes the number one spot among sportsbook apps in this state and doesn’t appear to be relinquishing that title anytime soon. BetMGM’s easy to use interface makes it the best option in several states, with Virginia being one of them.

BetMGM Sportsbook 5.0

$1000 bonus risk free bet

Best Sports Betting App In Arizona

Caesars Reigns in Arizona

There was a decent selection of sportsbooks available in Arizona from the moment sports gambling launched in the state. But the massive welcome bonus from Caesars Sportsbook helped set it apart in a major way. They rank at the top of the list of Arizona sportsbooks at this point in time.

Caesars Sportsbook

Rated 4.9 stars out of 5
  • Wide range of banking options
  • Great reward program
  • Well know brand

Get $5000 bonus

Promo Сode:

Best Sports Betting App In Wyoming

BetMGM Stands Tall in Wyoming

With a limited set of options compared to what is available in other states, there were fewer opponents for BetMGM to beat out in Wyoming. The superior welcome bonus at BetMGM is what won them the honor of being the best sportsbook in this state, a status that should not change for the foreseeable future.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Easy registration process
  • Great promotions
  • Best Multi interface platform

Get $1000 bonus

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DraftKings App vs FanDuel App

DraftKings – Best of the Giants

Great functionality and technology takes home the win for DraftKings over FanDuel when comparing the apps of the two biggest American sportsbook brands. The list of betting markets feels endless and the in-play betting offering is very extensive. We really enjoyed the notifications function. All in all DraftKings app is one of the best out there and is highly recommended in every single state where DraftKings offers its sportsbook app.

DraftKings Sportsbook 4.8

$1000 bonus on your first deposit