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PointsBet Iowa

PointsBet sportsbook is quickly becoming one of the top options for sports betting in Iowa. With the Iowa PointsBet product up and running since late 2020. The result for sports bettors in the state has been a diverse array of betting options to choose from. In this review of PointsBet Iowa, find out everything you need to know about this sportsbook and app, including how you can take advantage of multiple risk-free bets on the site.

  • PointsBet Iowa launched in 2020
  • PointsBet has been operating in the United States since 2019
  • Multiple types of wagers to place, including unique Pointsbetting

PointsBet Iowa – Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting PointsBet Iowa gives bettors a robust array of betting options to choose from. Bettors can wager on fixed odds selections, with fixed odds meaning standard pre-game markets like spreads and totals.

Bettors can also place a Pointsbetting wager, where bettors stand to win more if the bet they place wins by more points. This is a betting format that is unique to the PointsBet brand and is exclusive to PointsBet Iowa in this state.

In terms of the types of sports that can be wagered on at PointsBet Iowa, the limit is seemingly the imagination of the bettor. There are mainstream sports available for wagering such as football and basketball.

Alternatively, bettors can wager on obscure sports such as rugby and Australian Football. Here is a list of the core sports that are up for grabs with PointsBet Iowa:

Selection of sports to bet on  
🏈 Football⚾ Baseball🏀 Basketball
🏒 Hockey⚽ Soccer🎾 Tennis
🏏 Cricket⛳ Golf🎯 Darts
👊 MMA🏎️ Motor Racing🏉 Rugby
🚴 Cycling🎓 College Sportsand more…

PointsBet Promo Code Iowa

$2000 Risk-Free Bet

PointsBet it Pays to be fast 2 Risk Free Bets Up to $2000

When a bettor begins their sports betting journey at PointsBet Iowa, they can take advantage of a promotion that allows them to earn two risk-free bets up to $2000 when applying the promo code USSB2000.

The promo code is required to take advantage of those risk-free bets, which can yield thousands of dollars in value to a new bettor on the site. And with the promo code USSB2000 required to utilize this PointsBet offer, bettors can automatically have their free bet credits into their accounts.

Promo Code: USSB2000
Risk-Free Bet Bonus:$2000 ($500 Back in Free Bets for 1st Fixed Odds. $1,500 Back for PointsBetting)
Bonus Match:100%
Min Deposit:$10
Time to Clear Bonus7 days

Bonus Terms:
– Your first two bets on any sports market will be ensured all up to $500 as they will refund your stake if it lets you down.
– The same works for your first bets for PointsBetting wager up to $1500
Refunds are processed within 24 hours of the settlement of your qualifying bets.

PointsBet Iowa Free Bet Offer

There are two risk-free bets available for new players at PointsBet Iowa, with the promo code required to redeem them. To earn them, new players at the site need to fund their accounts and place their first bets in the fixed odds category and their first pointsbetting wager. The fixed odds wager is refundable up to $500.

If those bets win, bettors keep the profits from them. If those bets lose, bettors are entitled to their free bets in the form of reimbursement for those lost wagers.

There are a few essential items to remember about the risk-free bets promo by PointsBet Iowa. First, bettors should keep in mind that they need to place a fixed-odds bet and a pointsbetting wager to reap this promotion's benefits in full. The points betting wager is refundable up to $1500 in this sportsbook bonus.

All in all, this PointsBet offers reimburse bettors for up to $2000. So bettors should be sure to place initial wagers in the fixed odds and pointsbetting markets that are big enough to maximize their value while still betting within their budgets.

PointsBet Sign Up Bonus

There is no PointsBet promo code that rewards players just for signing up for the site. Instead, the Iowa PointsBet site allows players to promote risk-free bets, which requires a promo code to use.

While some sites offer a no deposit bonus just for signing up for the site, PointsBet does not fall into that category. In the long run, though, the risk-free bets offered at this site that require a promo code are worth more than a no deposit would be.

First Deposit Bonus PointsBet Iowa

There is no promo code or promotional offer tied to a player’s first deposit at PointsBet in Iowa. Some sites offer players the ability to earn a bonus worth a percentage of their first deposit.

Instead, PointsBet has opted to allow bettors to earn risk-free bets, both on fixed odds and their initial pointsbetting wager. They do need a promo code to do this, but bettors can be reimbursed for up to $2000 in their first wagers in each of those bet types.

PointsBet Sportsbook Partners in Iowa

In Iowa, setting up an online sportsbook requires being licensed through a land-based casino. For PointsBet, this meant partnering with the Catfish Bend Casino. In addition to implementing the PointsBet app in Iowa, this opened up the opportunity to launch the PointsBet Sportsbook at Catfish Bend. That retail sportsbook location allows bettors to get the same PointsBet experience online and on their phones at a land-based establishment.

The sportsbook at Catfish Bend is a very sleek-looking sports gambling facility. The sportsbook is adorned with the black and red colors that PointsBet uses to brand itself. Many televisions of varying sizes, so big games and smaller events can all be viewed properly. There are also seating areas with chairs and booths that can be occupied for prime viewing of sporting events that bettors have wagered on.

This retail sportsbook offers two ways to place wagers from a sports gambling perspective. First, bettors can go to the counter and place their bets with a natural person assisting them.

Alternatively, bettors can step up to the betting kiosks, where PointsBet bettors can make their selections on a touch screen and have their tickets printed on the spot. This area creates an undeniably positive retail sportsbook experience.

Catfish Bend Casino

The Catfish Bend Casino is located in Burlington, Iowa, more than the PointsBet sportsbook section. Bettors can take part in traditional casino games such as blackjack tables and slot machines, along with a poker lounge that hosts ring games and tournament play at different times in its schedule. The pairing of this comprehensive gaming facility with a sportsbook like PointsBet should thrill bettors looking for variety when they go to the casino.

PointsBet Casino Iowa

As of now, the gambling laws in Iowa do not allow for legal online casino gaming. This means that bettors who use the PointsBet website or PointsBet app cannot participate in online casino gaming through this operator. Instead, sports betting is the only form of gambling that can be done through PointsBet Iowa at this time.

It is worth noting that the gambling laws in each state are subject to change. It is possible that online casino gaming will be made legal in Iowa in the future. If that should be the case, we will update this portion of our PointsBet Iowa review to reflect any changes so that bettors know when they can play online casino games through this operator.

PointsBet Live Streaming – Iowa

Live streaming sporting events through an online sportsbook is a common practice worldwide. Using a mobile app on iOS and Android devices to place sports wagers and watch sports simultaneously makes some sportsbooks very popular overseas. But that is not possible with the PointsBet app or website, as live streaming through sportsbooks cannot be done in the United States.

Live streaming of sporting events is tied directly to deals made between sports leagues and broadcasters in America. Because those deals were struck mainly in the age before sportsbooks were legal in America, there aren’t many current opportunities for sportsbooks to get into the game at this time. In the future, though, sportsbooks may be able to enter the live streaming market.

Live streaming platforms from Hulu or YouTube TV are an acceptable substitute for bettors. It is unnecessary to have a complete television package to watch the sporting events that bettors have wagered on.

How to Register a PointsBet Account in Iowa

New players at PointsBet Iowa can get their new account started without too much effort involved. There are a few steps to follow to get there, but all of these steps are quick and easy. Here is the list of actions to follow to set up a new PointsBet account in this state properly.

  1. Click on the link below to sign up
    1. Go to the PointsBet website or app. Select the Sign Up option.
  2. Pick the state and use promo code
    1. Enter your state in the dropdown menu—type in the PointsBet promo code.
  3. Register your data
    1. Enter your personal information. Complete the necessary confirmation.
  4. Make a deposit and get started
    1. Fund your account, claim the bonus offer, and get started.

How to Place a Bet at PointsBet sportsbook in Iowa

Placing a bet at PointsBet Iowa is incredibly easy. Their sports betting platform has made it simple to navigate the chances that they want to remember and lock them in quickly. This is important in the world of sports gambling, as bettors are often looking to lock in their bets before the betting odds change and the value in those bets are gone. Here is a list of steps to place a bet at PointsBet Iowa.

  • Login to your PointsBet Iowa account
  • Select the sport you want to wager on from the list of options provided
  • Select the league and game you wish to bet on
  • Tap or click the betting market that you want to wager on
  • Enter the amount you wish to risk
  • Click the Place Bet button to finalize the selection

About PointsBet Iowa

PointsBet Iowa is a sports betting platform launched in the state in November of 2020. It is licensed through the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Bettors must be aged 21 or older to participate in sports wagering with this sportsbook. To bet online here, bettors have to be physically located within state lines. Their location can be verified through the software on their computer or location services being turned on on a mobile device.

PointsBet Holding Limited

PointsBet Holding Limited is the parent company of PointsBet in Iowa. They are a publicly-traded company that is based out of Australia originally. PointsBet Holding has expanded into the United States market, starting in New Jersey. They have also entered Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana with their unique sports wagering.

PointsBet Iowa Customer Support

Customer service is integral to any sports betting site, and PointsBet is no exception. They offer customer support seven days a week, with a live chat option that gives bettors the ability to get instant answers to their questions. Players can also get in touch by email at service@pointsbet.com.



Yes, it is legal to bet on sports at PointsBet in this state. Bettors can use their computer or the PointsBet app to place bets from anywhere within the state of Iowa. Alternatively, they can go to the Catfish Bend Casino and use the physical sportsbook location there.


To download the mobile app, bettors can go to their mobile device's app store. From there, they can download the iOS and Android app, depending on which device type they have. The app does not cost anything to download.


Yes, there is a promo code required to get the bonus offer that is available at PointsBet. From there, bettors simply need to place their first bets in the traditional and pointsbetting markets. If those bets lose, they receive up to $2000 in free bets.


Making a deposit at PointsBet Iowa is easy. They can use credit cards, popular payment apps like PayPal, or can do so in person at the land-based casino with which PointsBet is affiliated.


No, online casino gaming is not legal in this state. Therefore, bettors can only participate in sports betting action until laws are updated in the future.

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