NHL Saturday Night Parlay August 1st

29 July 2020

Last updated: 03 August 2020 at 9:05 am

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The NHL action is finally back and the circumstances surely make these upcoming summer games special. We are looking at a parlay pick from two of the number 5-12 seeds who are playing a best-of-five series. The winners of these play-in series will advance to the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Saturday Review

As predicted Florida Panthers versus New York Islanders became a tight, low-scoring game as the latter ones won by 2-1. Semyon Varlamov made 27 saves for a defensively well-organized Islanders as they made it 1-0 in this best-of-five series.

The under 6.5 goals betting pick of the first game in this parlay was surely safe – and thanks to a very modest effort by the Winnipeg Jets in the second game – a successful bet was completed.

Calgary Flames dominated the game as they defeated the Jets 4-1, while only letting their opponent shoot 18 shots on goal. Winnipeg Jets was a big disappointment to me in this game but their lack of edge was very useful for my under 7.5 goals betting pick.

This win makes it a good start of the belonged return of the NHL and 5-2 in total this very special season.

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Game 1: Florida Panthers – New York Islanders:
Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -245
Game 2: Winnipeg Jets – Calgary Flames:
Total Goals – Under 7.5 (60 Mins) @-375

Parlay Odds @ Unibet -127

Game 1: Florida Panthers – New York Islanders

4.00 PM ET, Saturday, August 1

New York Islanders ended the unfinished regular season on a seventh place in the Eastern Conference. They were on a seven-game long losing streak before the abrupt break of the season. In that sense, one may argue that the timing of this break came somewhat luckily for the Islanders.

Florida Panthers ended only two points behind the Islanders as they won their last two games of the regular season, which gave them a final tenth place in the Eastern Conference. However, they were defeated by their conference rival in all three games which, from that point of view, makes them the underdog in this play-in series.

Conclusions and betting play: The Islanders were struggling and lost 7 games in a row before the break. Although 4 of these games were lost during overtime or after penalties and they have been pretty solid when looking at the season in general.

What stands out with the New York team is their strong defensive play as well as a lack of offensive skills. Their total goal difference of 192-193 is one of the most modest in the entire league.

Very few goals were also scored in the 3 games when the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers have faced each other this season. The Islanders won all three: 3-1, 2-1 and 1-0.

This game, as well as all games in the Eastern Conference play-in series, will be played in the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. The current strength and form of the teams are obviously hard to predict but the importance of this game as well as the Islander’s style of play points in the direction of the following betting pick:

Betting Play: Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -245

Game 2: Winnipeg Jets – Calgary Flames

10.30 PM ET, Saturday, August 1

Calgary Flames passed the Winnipeg Jets in the end table of the regular season even though their result was 79 points in total while the Jets ended at 80 points. This rare occasion was due to that they had played one game less and the end table is based on winning percentage instead of the total points.

The Flames ended on an eighth place in the Western Conference which means they will take on the Jets in this best-of-five series that will take place at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

Winnipeg Jets were on a good run as the season was interrupted in mid-March. They had won four straight games while only conceding five goals in total during these wins.

The ninth place was somewhat a dissappointment for this highly skilled team and if they get their pieces together they should stand a good chance of reaching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Conclusions and betting play: The Jets won 2 of the 3 meetings this season and one could argue that they possess a slightly higher level than the Flames. Even though they ended behind in the end table the Jets had a goal difference of +13 while the Flames’ goal difference was -5.

Few goals were scored as the three clashes between these two sides ended 2-1, 2-0  and 4-1. However, these games were all played in autumn 2019 which is almost a year ago now. 

Still, I consider that it most likely will be less than 7.5 goals scored in this game. The Flames were defeated 4-1 in an exhibition game this week and did not look that sharp. In this special situation, one ought to be careful about making any definitive conclusions based on the pastnor the more current exhibition games but I believe there is a strong betting value in this parlay pick.

Betting Play: Total Goals – Under 7.5 (60 Mins) @-375

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Game 1 Betting Play: Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -245
Game 2 Betting Play: Total Goals – Under 7.5 (60 Mins) @-375

Odds in total: -127

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