NFL Week 10 Review

12 November 2019

Last updated: 03 February 2020 at 9:20 am

TJ Calkins NFL Weekly

Time to review the NFL picks Week 10. Too much of The Unfortunate this week but we keep moving on. Week 11 is going to be better.

The Good

This section is woefully short unfortunately, but we were lacking on quantity of total games and sound plays this week. The Chiefs over got there with ease as these teams combined for 67 points. One less touchdown would have been much nicer though, namely the last one. The Seahawks rolled to a cover against the 49ers on Monday night as Jimmy G committed the killer turnovers we’d been bracing for all season.

The Bad

Drew Brees was his normally efficient self for much of this game, but made mistakes holding the ball too long and taking multiple drive killing sacks and ultimately only leading the team to 9 points at home against the league’s worst defense in a losing effort. This is obviously uncharacteristic and a double whammy, my survivor season ended with the Saints loss. The Bears over was a sound play had Stafford played, and I hope the late news took anyone off that play as Jeff Driskel is far from a high end backup.

The Unfortunate

The Chiefs, laying 4 points had a five point lead and possession of the ball with a first down at the Tennessee 32 yard line with under two minutes left in this one. They then had a 3rd and 2 with under a minute and a half remaining at the Titans 24 yard line. Seems like an easy spot to run the ball and ice the game right? Nope, let’s drop back… and ultimately get sacked. Oh well, we still kick a field goal to go up 8 right? Not so fast, a botched FG snap later the Titans have the ball back with a 1:20 remaining, no timeouts and starting at their own 39. It took them just four plays to score and additionally get the two point conversion. They actually scored too quickly as the Chiefs got the ball back with 23 seconds left and Mahomes got them into position for a 52 yard game tying field goal that would give them the chance to take the cover back in overtime. Not to be, blocked FG by a blatantly offside defender that wasn’t called and an insanely brutal beat. The Chiefs were just getting us warmed up for the Panthers +5. After a competitive first half, the Panthers allowed a horrific early drive in the third quarter to go down 11. After a couple punts, the Packers lined up for a 51 yard field goal, wide right. Wait, there’s a flag. They actually called the Panthers for lining up over the center (they did not, but I suppose it’s arguable enough). The FG was good on the second try and the Panthers were down 14. They answered with a sound touchdown drive and went for two, ultimately getting the ball down 8 with two and a half minutes left on their own 11. After an eventful drive they ultimately had 1st and goal at the Packers 2 with 8 seconds left. A bad play call on first down had them down to one play for the game. They hand it to McCaffrey who (almost) certainly broke the plane and scored but he was ruled short on the field and Curtis Samuel was fully impeding the view needed to overturn on replay, ending the game.


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