Don’t Overreact To Week One Of The NFL Season

September 14, 2020

Fans were never quite sure if it was going to happen—but it did. The first Sunday of the 2020 NFL season is done and over with. The results are in, and fans now have something to talk about after finally seeing their favorite teams play.

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Reactions are going to be what they should be, of course. Fans of teams that lost will immediately start talking about next week. But the winners are going to enjoy the moment, as they should. What they want to be careful of, though, is letting their exuberance get the better of them.

You are making it because your team won or lost.

If your team won, you should be happy. But remember this—do not ever bet with emotions. When you bet with your heart, you are no longer making a rational decision based on the facts. 

You are making it because your team won or lost.

Remember– it was only one game. Making betting decisions while happy after a big win (or sad following a loss) could lead to future regret.

Does anyone really think the Washington Football Team will win the NFC East because they beat the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys lost?

Maybe Tom Brady really is done. With how he and the Buccaneers offense looked against the New Orleans Saints, they will not win the division, let alone the Super Bowl. Drew Brees didn’t exactly inspire confidence in the Saints offense either.

Jacksonville may not be as bad as expected, either. Gardner Minshew played well, and the defense certainly made some big plays. Heck—maybe the Colts are not near as good as they were expected to be. Maybe Philip Rivers and Tom Brady should have retired after last season.

With three touchdowns in the fourth quarter against Detroit, maybe there is hope for Mitchell Trubisky after all. Perhaps an NFC North crown isn’t a crazy idea after all!

Could Kyler Murray be this year’s Lamar Jackson? His passing numbers were good against the 49ers (26-40 for 230 yards with one touchdown and an interception). But it was his contribution in the run game (13 carries for 91 yards and a touchdown) went a long way to securing the Cardinals first win of the season Sunday.

Is it time to jump on his MVP odds?

Russell Wilson certainly looked like an MVP candidate after going 31-35 with 322 yards and four touchdowns. He even led the team in rushing with 29 yards on three carries. But as for his Seahawks, a Super Bowl contender can’t give up 500+yards of offense.

Perhaps Joe Burrow was a product of his environment at LSU. He didn’t look like the same guy when he completed just 23 of 36 passes against the Chargers for 193 yards and an interception. The 46 yards and touchdown on the ground make his stat line look better.

But he is not going to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year with games like that.

Matt Rhule not giving the ball to Christian McCaffrey on a critical fourth down with 1:22 left in the game, brings his decision-making into question.    

The downside to being cautious and not making snap decisions after Week One is if a team continues to play well, their odds will get shorter. That means you’ll win less money if you wait to place a bet.  

While that is not ideal, remember what really matters—you’ll still win money.

Travis Pulver
Travis a native-Texan which is where his love of football originated. But after moving around a lot when he was younger, he was able to develop an appreciation for the game and not just his favorite teams. He now lives in Indiana with his wife, Nicole, and two kids, Jackson and Addison. You can find him on Twitter at @FatManWriting.