World Series Odds – MLB 2022

January 24, 2021

Dedicated baseball aficionados can’t wait for April 1st, 2022. The April Fools’ Day is not a reason, though. The start to the new (2022) MLB (Major League Baseball) season is. It is thus just the right time for anyone who finds the strongest baseball league on the planet their cup of tea to think about the World Series odds.

The previous campaign has ended with a Los Angeles Dodgers’ victory over Tampa Bay Rays in six 2020 World Series games. Can they repeat the feat and clinch back-to-back titles this time around? American sportsbooks have already announced MLB World Series odds for this year. Anyone with a registered sports betting account can thus place a wager right now. 

We thus figured it is a great time to take somewhat of a deeper look into MLB betting and the odds for the World Series. Since the online gambling industry has blossomed across America in the last couple of years, there are a lot of betting debutants. If you are new to the sports wagering world, have no worries. We will provide you with everything you need to know about the World Series odds 2022, including the following: 

  • Odds to win World Series 2022
  • Betting Odds to win National/American league 2022
  • Odds to win MLB divisions 2022

World Series Odds: What is MLB Futures Betting? 

You will frequently see a “World Series odds” phrase, but do you know what does it refer to? The phrase describes baseball’s futures bets. A future bet is a type of wager that allows you to predict a team you believe will win the trophy at the end of the season. There are bountiful types of futures bets, but they all refer to an event taking place at a later time than the current day. 

How can you benefit from early World Series betting odds? 

Odds on World Series are available throughout the entire year. As soon as the last game of one season finishes, most sportsbooks come up with the World Series odds for the next campaign. Betting odds World Series are updated on a daily/weekly basis (depending on sports betting operators). 

The bettors thus have a wide array of opportunities to benefit from. Of course, it is much more difficult to predict the winner of the next trophy months before the season even begins. However, this is where the opportunity comes into play. 

You can grab much better World Series betting odds before the kick-off to the season. Have in mind that the World Series odds remain unchanged in your bet slip (after you have placed a futures bet). Bookmakers will change them regularly, but nobody can change the odds on a bet that has already been placed. 

Of course, this is where the negative catch is. If you make an early wager on World Series and the best player of the team you have picked gets injured before the start of the season, the updated odds may go against you. Again, the odds on your bet slip will remain the same. 

The most popular 2022 World Series odds

The most common 2022 MLB futures pick is a wager on the World Series odds. It is, at the same time, the most difficult type of a futures bet to land with 30 teams battling it up for a single title. The popularity, however, lies in the attractiveness of the World Series betting odds. The harder a bet is to predict, the higher the payout will be. 

You can narrow the choice, though, by backing either the American or the National League winner. The teams are divided into these two leagues equally (15 in each). You can further increase your chances of winning by going for the division winners futures. There are three divisions in each of the mentioned leagues (Central, East, West). 

Dodgers are the favorites to defend the crown

As per the current odds on World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the main favorites to win it all at the end of the campaign. At the moment, you can back them at +450. They are followed by the New York Yankees at +550, while the likes of the San Diego Padres and the Chicago White Sox sit at +800 and +950 odds respectively. 

The MLB season is the longest of all four professional leagues in the United States. It thus also offers the most turnarounds. This is you can find the World Series betting odds for the most MLB teams between 20/1 and 100/1. You can thus bet Pittsburgh Pirates to win the championship at the odds of +10000 right now. 

If you are looking for the safer options than the World Series betting odds, you can go with the New York Yankees to win the American League at +260 or the Dodgers to win the National League at +220. Those who are hesitant over both odds can try their luck with the Atlanta Braves to win the National League East or the Oakland Athletics to win the American League West at +125 odds apiece. 

The range of World Series betting odds is massive. The best thing is that you can take them and place bets throughout the whole year (in the offseason, during the season, and the playoffs). 


Where can I bet on the World Series odds?

You may place wagers at any legal sportsbook in the United States. 

Can I place MLB futures bets on anything else but the World Series? 

Yes, you can place futures picks on the AL and NL Pennants, as well as the division winners. 

Who are the favorites according to the current odds?

Los Angeles Dodgers are the main favorites by all sportsbooks. You can back them at the odds of +450.

Are World Series betting odds always available?

Yes, you may find the these odds at any time of the year. 

Can I win more than a hundred times my stake if I bet on the World Series? 

Yes, you could potentially increase your bankroll by more than a hundred times if you back the biggest underdogs according to the current odds. 

Martin Efvergren
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