Trump-endorsed Candidates Hold Exceptionally Strong Odds to Win Party Nominations

July 23, 2021

Kelly Tshibaka is the odds-on favorite to win the election for the U.S. Senate seat held by Lisa Murkowski, according to betting industry analysts at (See Disclaimer Below). Tshibaka has 4/21 odds to win the 2022 race (84% implied probability).

“Among Donald Trump’s recent string of endorsements for Republicans challenging seats of political power, Kelly Tshibakaseems to be the biggest beneficiary of the former president’s vocal support,” says US Sportsbonus gambling industry analyst Jay Sanin. “Her odds suggest she’s more than likely to win the election for the available senate seat in Alaska, which is likely due to the support she’s gained from other Trump-sided Republicans to unseat Lisa Murkowski.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the odds-on favorite to win the Republican primary for the 2022 Arkansas Gubernatorial Election.She currently holds 100/809 odds to be the Republican nominee (89% implied probability), suggesting she’s incredibly likely to be on the ballot for the GOP.

Other Trump endorsements included Mo Brooks in Alabama and Ted Budd in North Carolina. Brooks is the 20/67 favorite to win the Republican nomination for the Alabama senate seat (77%), and Budd is 100/317 to win the Republican nomination for the North Carolina senate seat (76%).

“Though he hasn’t officially declared, Herschel Walker’s odds to win the Republican nomination for the Georgia senate seat indicate that it’s more likely than not that he represents the GOP on the 2022 ballot,”  says US Sportsbonus gambling industry analyst Jay Sanin. “The 1982 Heisman Trophy winner is 18/25 to be the Republican nominee, indicating a 58.1% chance.”

Odds for Politicians Endorsed by Donald Trump:
Mo Brooks to Win Republican nomination for Alabama Senate Seat:  20/67 (-335)

Ted Budd to Win Republican Nomination For North Carolina Senate Seat: 100/317 (-317)

Kelly Tshibaka to Win Alaska Senate Election: 4/21 (-525)

Herschel Walker to Win Republican Nomination for Georgia Senate Seat: 18/25 (-139)

Sara Huckabee Sanders to Win Republican Primary for Arkansas Governor: 100/809 (-809)

Greg Abbott to Republican Primary for Texas Governor: 8/25 (-614)

Ron Johnson to Win Republican Nomination in Wisconsin Senate Race: 89/100 (-113)

Republicans to Win Wisconsin Senate Race: 37/50 (-135)

Republicans to Win Florida Senate Election: 2/7 (-350) No specific candidates listed for general election or Republican nomination

Disclaimer: Wagering on the outcomes presented in this article is not currently legalized in the U.S. Odds listed are for illustrative purposes only, and are gathered from overseas operators, where betting on such props is legal and regulated.

Martin Evergreen
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