Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Pick & Prediction 2/24/22

February 24, 2022

1:00 AM ET Feb 25
Grizzlies vs Timberwolves
Timberwolves +3

The Timberwolves vs Grizzlies is a western conference matchup between two teams that feature exciting prospects on both sides of the court in this one and it’s worth watching when these teams face off. We’re here to bring you top of the line Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves predictions and why we stand behind that pick. Let’s dive into how this game will go down and who will end up covering the spread. 

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Against the Spread Pick

The Pick: Timberwolves +3

This game will be played at 8:00 PM ET at Target Center

Why bet the Timberwolves:

✅ The Timberwolves have been excellent at home this season, using their pace and home crowd to their advantage. They crushed the Denver Nuggets at home just before the All-Star break, and should be able to pick up another home win here against a Grizzlies team that is missing Dillon Brooks.

✅ Patrick Beverley will be a key piece to this game for the Timberwolves. He is an irritant defensively, which will make things tough on All-Star point guard Ja Morant of the Grizzlies. Even if Beverley can just make Morant work a little harder than usual to score, the Timberwolves will have the advantage in this contest.

✅ Minnesota has a more versatile big man in Karl-Anthony Towns than the Grizzlies have in Steven Adams. Towns won the three-point shooting contest, and will be able to pull Adams further away from the paint than he is comfortable with. Expect that edge to result in good things for the Timberwolves here.

General Info about Timberwolves vs Grizzlies

Where do the Minnesota Timberwolves play their home games?

The Timberwolves play their home games in the Target Center.

Where do the Memphis Grizzlies play their home games?

The Grizzlies play their home games in the FedEx Forum.

Where can you watch Timberwolves vs Grizzlies?

You can tune in nationally to the NBA League Pass.

Where can you bet on Timberwolves vs Grizzlies?

USsportsbonus recommends BetMGM Sportsbook to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Predictions

The Timberwolves vs Grizzlies have faced off just over 90 times in the history of the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves barely holding an all-time advantage.

However, most of that damage was done in the 2000’s, when the Timberwolves went 26-12 against Memphis. Since, the Grizzlies have won over 75% of the matchups between these two teams.

While the past belongs to the Timberwolves, the Grizzlies have asserted their dominance for over 10 years at this point.

Make sure to check out our Timberwolves vs Grizzlies predictions above as we will detail our best bets for free. 

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Against the Spread Predictions

The Timberwolves vs Grizzlies is a matchup of two younger teams with plenty to prove. The spread will always be close between these two squads as there isn’t a ton of separation in both talent and production.

When betting against the spread, you need a team to win or lose by a certain amount of points.

For example, a -3.5 favorite must win by four or more points. The same +3.5 underdog can either lose by less than four points or win by any margin.

Betting the Timberwolves vs Grizzlies against the spread predictions isn’t easy and that’s what we are here for. Make sure to check out the predictions above for free. 

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Over/Under Betting

Betting the Timberwolves vs Grizzlies over/under refers to betting whether or not the two teams will combine for more or less than a certain amount of points.

It’s fair to expect a lot of points in this game with both of these teams ranking in the top-15 in PACE.

The Timberwolves rank the seventh-fastest team in the NBA and they’ll look to speed up this game.

Make sure to check out our Grizzlies vs Timberwolves over/under predictions above for free. 

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Moneyline Predictions

Betting the Timberwolves vs Grizzlies moneyline refers to betting which team will win the game outright – not which team will cover a spread or score a certain amount of points.

It takes the guessing games out of betting and allows you to just root for a winner, regardless of score.

With the Grizzlies holding a recent advantage, it might be a good idea to get some exposure to them on the moneyline. Especially if they come in as an underdog, where there is always more value on a moneyline bet.

That’s what we are here for. You can expect elite and well-researched Grizzlies vs Timberwolves moneyline predictions just above. 

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies Odds

Odds in the NBA will continue to move all the way up until tip-off for each and every game. As books look to get even action on both sides of the line, they will move it around to draw interest on both sides.

This means you might want to wait to lock in a better price, but it also means it might move the other way if you wait on it. It’s crucial to focus on where the public is laying their money.

If it’s heavily on one side, you can expect that line to move the other way. Don’t sleep on this aspect of betting the NBA.

The Timberwolves vs Grizzlies odds are worth watching all the way up until game time as it can make or break your wager. 

Live Streaming Timberwolves vs Grizzlies

The US currently doesn’t offer any sportsbooks that you can stream NBA games through. That could always change, so make sure to keep an eye out as we will be the ones to let you know.

Currently, there are a few other ways to stream online and they all have to do with a paid streaming service. Here are some of the top options for live streaming Timberwolves vs Grizzlies game: YouTube TV, FuboTV or Hulu.

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