Hornets vs Suns Predictions

28 March 2021

Hawks vs Raptors

Hornets vs Suns Pick: Hornets +6.5

The Charlotte Hornets and Phoenix Suns will face off in an interconference battle we don’t get to see very often. Both the Suns and Hornets are anchored into their respective playoff pictures and this is sure to be a competitive game from start to finish. The Suns have a reputation as a better team, but the Hornets unique set of guards could certainly give them issue.

We are here to bring you Hornets vs Suns predictions for not only the spread, but over/under and moneyline as well. Let’s dive into how this game will go down and who will end up covering the spread. You will not want to miss out.

Charlotte Hornets vs Phoenix Suns Betting Pick

This game will take place at 1:00 PM ET in the Spectrum Center

Why bet the Phoenix Suns:

✅ This isn’t an easy game to predict as the Suns and Hornets don’t play very often. With that being said, the Hornets are fighting extremely hard right now and look determined to hold their seed in the tough Eastern Conference. The Suns won’t be an easy team to keep it close with, but 6.5 points are simply too many. The Hornets have the weapons to keep it close with ease.

✅ I expect Devonte Graham and Terry Rozier to give the Suns problems as two very versatile guards. The Suns have plenty of talent on their side, but so do the Hornets and they’re playing with a much bigger chip on their shoulder of late. Devin Booker and Chris Paul will have fine games here, but look for Rozier and Graham to be the ones to step up.

✅ The Hornets are surprisingly efficient, ranking in the top-10 in FG%, FT%, and 3PT%. They also turn teams over a ton and don’t turn it over very much themselves. I don’t think the Hornets end up winning this game, but I do think there is a very good shot it ends up a close game when all is said and done.

✅ Hornets are 6-1 ATS in their last 7 Sunday games.

✅ Hornets are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games as a home underdog.

The Pick: Hornets +6.5

General Info about Phoenix Suns vs Charlotte Hornets

Where do the Phoenix Suns play their home games?

The Clippers play their home games in the PHX Arena.

Where do the Charlotte Hornets play their home games?

The Hornets play their home games in the Spectrum Center.

Where can you watch Hornets vs Suns?

You can watch this game nationally on NBA League Pass.

Where can you bet on Suns vs Hornets?

USsportsbonus recommends BetMGM Sportsbook to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Suns vs Hornets Predictions

With the Phoenix Suns and Charlotte Hornets in two different conferences, they’ve played each other just 60 times historically. The Suns have won over 60% of these matchups, to no surprise. The Hornets have been a lower end franchise for must of their existence and don’t hold an advantage over many teams.

With all of that being said, history is thrown out the window when these teams take the floor in this contest. This is a game that either team can win and we will be the ones to put in the neccesary hours of research so you don’t have to.

Make sure to check out the Hornets vs Suns predictions above and below as we will let you know which side of the spread, over/under, and moneyline to be on.

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Charlotte Hornets vs Phoenix Suns Against the Spread Predictions

Making a Suns vs Hornets against the spread predictions comes down to picking which one of these teams will win the game and by how many points. While this might seem like a tough bet at first, that’s why you are here in the first place. We are willing to put in the time and work necessary to ensure you profit.

For example, let’s say the Suns are favored by 5.5 points over the Hornetss here. In that case, a wager on the Phoenix Suns would call for a win by six or more points while a bet on the Hornets would call for either a victory by any margin or a loss by five or fewer points.

Make sure to check out the Charlotte Hornets vs Phoenix Suns against the spread predictions above as we will be sure to let you know which side you should be on. This is sure to be a competitive game throughout and one that has tons of profit opportunity.

Phoenix Suns vs Charlotte Hornets Over/Under Betting

If the spread doesn’t interest you, betting the Suns vs Hornets over/under comes down to choosing how many points you believe will be scored. This is the second-most popular way to wager on NBA games and another way to get even money on both sides of the bet. If you can’t decide on which team to root for, this is a great wager to make as you can root for solely offense or defense.

Let’s say the Phoenix Suns vs Charlotte Hornets over/under is set to 216.5 points. A wager on the under would call for 216 or fewer points while a bet on the over would require 217 or more total points scored. When placing a wager on the total, you are either rooting for offense or defense, instead of a team.

The biggest factor to consider when betting the over/under is the PACE, which will determine just how fast each team plays. This will give you a strong indication of how fast the game will be played. Make sure to check out the Phoenix Suns vs Charlotte Hornets over/under betting predictions above to know which side of the total you should be on.

Hornets vs Phoenix Suns Moneyline Predictions

When betting the moneyline, you must pick the outright winner of the game. This is the way a lot of casuals like to wager as it let’s you remove any questions or concerns about the spread and total. However, you must ensure there is proper value on the moneyline as it can be a sure fire way to kiss your bankroll goodbye. 

If we’re expecting the Phoenix Suns to be favored here, they will have a (-) next to their name. That – will indicate how much money you must lay to make $100. If you’re betting the underdog, there will be a (+) next to their name. That number will indicate how much you will return on a $100 wager.

These are two very solid teams and either team can win this game. Make sure to check out the Suns vs Hornets moneyline predictions above as we will dive into which team will win this game and why. You will not want to miss out.

Suns vs Hornets Odds

Odds in the NBA tend to jump around more than any other sport and it mostly has to do with the amount of late news that comes out the day of the game. While some information is known beforehand, the majority of info leaks out just a few hours before the game. This is an often slept on aspect of sports betting that is extremely important.

This can and will cause both sportsbooks and bettors to adjust their opinions and the line will naturally move. Do not be surprised to see both a spread and total move when news is released. Make sure to check out our Suns vs Hornets odds and picks above so you aren’t left behind. 

Live Streaming Hornets vs Suns

The United States doesn’t offer any live streaming options when it comes to the NBA and sportsbooks. However, it’s only a matter of time until things change as the legal landscape of sports betting in the states is under constant progress. We will make sure to let you know as soon as things change, so don’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

For now, you have a couple of different options when it comes to live streaming Hornets vs Suns. The easiest of which is the NBA League Pass, which will give you access to every NBA game across the league. You can also sign up for a paid streaming site, which will let you watch more than just basketball games. The best of which include YoutubeTV, Hulu, and FuboTV.

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