Suns vs Hawks Predictions

30 March 2021

Rockets vs Hawks

Suns vs Hawks Pick: Hawks +6

One of the more fun inter-conference matchups in the NBA is Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks. Both of these teams have a long history of putting together entertaining teams with identities that make their style of play intriguing to say the least. In one of today’s NBA picks, we look at the Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks and give you our best bet for this clash between teams that are no strangers to playing unique brands of basketball.

Atlanta Hawks vs Phoenix Suns Betting Pick

This game will be played at 10:00 PM ET at Talking Stick Resort Arena

Why bet the Hawks:

✅ This Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks game will look a little different on the Hawks side of things. Lou Williams is set to make his debut for the Hawks after being trade to the team from the Clippers. That should give Atlanta a nice scoring punch going forward from one of the best reserves in the league.

✅ The Suns have an average margin of just over six points per game. Despite the fact that Phoenix has been playing great basketball this season, they have not been blowing teams out by any stretch of the imagination.

✅ Phoenix is a streaky team, thanks to their three-point shooting during this regular season. There is an opportunity here for the Hawks to catch the Suns on a bad day, while the perimeter defense of the Suns isn’t exactly the league’s best either. Atlanta should be able to stay in this contest.

The Pick: Hawks +6

General Info about Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks

Who are the best players to play in this series?

For the Suns, all-time greats like Charles Barkley and Steve Nash have suited up in games against the Hawks. For the Hawks, players like Dikembe Mutombo and Mookie Blaylock have made memorable appearances for their team against the Suns.

How often do the Suns and Hawks play?

The Suns and Hawks typically only meet in the regular season, thanks to their membership in different conferences. But the Hawks and Suns only play once or twice per season in most cases. When and how often they play varies by year depending on the schedule that the league makes for that year.

Are either of these teams capable of winning the title?

If either the Hawks or Suns get hot at the right time, it is certainly possible that the end up winning the Finals. There is no such thing as an easy path to the Finals, so the odds would be against them to win it all. But a few good months of basketball at the end of the season is enough for any team to lift the trophy.

Hawks vs Suns Predictions

Our predictions for Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks games are based on more than just the scores of previous games. We use stats for the Suns and Hawks to formulate the best possible predictions for these contests across several betting markets that bettors care about. Among those betting markets are the spread, total and moneyline, which are the most popular markets for games between these two teams and the rest of the league.

Suns vs Hawks Against the Spread Predictions

Betting against the spread requires bettors to pick the margin of victory in addition to just who comes out on top. For example, if the Suns are a three-point favorite against the Hawks, the Suns would need to win by more than three points to cover the spread. A three-point win for the Suns would result in a push. And a two-point win or less for the Suns, or a Suns loss, would result in the Hawks covering the spread.

Atlanta Hawks vs Suns Over/Under Betting

In the over/under, bettors are tasked with picking whether the combined scores for each team will be over or under the number set by bookmakers. For example, if the total for this matchup is 250.5, bettors would be picking whether the combined scores for these teams would be 250 or less or 251 or more. Winning in this market requires bettors to factor in things like pace and the ability to score on offense and get stops on defense.

Phoenix Suns vs Hawks Moneyline Predictions

Betting on Hawks vs Suns games on the moneyline means simply picking which team will win when the Suns and Hawks play. Deciding which team will win depends on a lot of factors. Home court advantage is one such factor, as the home team in NBA games is typically at a decided advantage over their opponent making a visit to another team’s arena.

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Hawks vs Suns Odds

The odds for Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks games are determined based on things like recent form and player availability. They say that the best ability in basketball is availability, and that is usually reflected in the betting odds for the NBA. Squads that are fully healthy are typically in a better position to win than those that are missing key pieces to their roster. Because of that, it is extremely important to watch out for news related to injuries and other absences.

Live Streaming Suns vs Hawks

Those who wish to watch Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks live have a number of options with which to do so. Live streaming of this contest is available through a number of streaming services. Platforms like YouTube TV, FuboTV and Hulu all offer live streaming of basketball games. On top of that, the League Pass service carries the bulk of the contests that are played in this league throughout the year.

As of now, live streaming of pro basketball is not typically available at American sportsbooks. That is subject to change in the future, of course, but the live streaming market in this country is not open to bookmakers in most cases just yet.

To confirm that live streaming is available for this game on the platform you prefer to use, visit the streaming schedule for each streaming platform you use.

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