08 October 2019

Sugarhouse MLB promotion

Game on for all MLB lovers – EVERY GAME can give you BIG MONEY at SugarHouse!

For every cumulative $50 in real money wagered on a single playoff baseball game, you will earn a raffle entry towards a live draw based on big moments happening LIVE in-game during every MLB-playoff game. The more you bet the more tickets you collect i.e wager $300 and you will get 6 raffle entries.

Raffle Menu

  • Strikeout = $25
  • Stolen Base = $100
  • Home Run = $150
  • Triple = $500
  • Player Records Multi-Homer Game = $1,000
  • Walk-Off Hit = $1,000
  • Grand Slam = $2,500
  • No Hitter = $10,000


  • If there are 12 Strikeouts, 5 Home Runs AND a Walk-Off Double in the 9th inning.
  • Everyone earning raffle entries with $50+ in cumulative pregame/live bets on the game will be eligible for 12 raffles for $25 in Bonus (Ks), 5 raffles for $150 in Bonus (HR) and 1 raffle for $1,000 in Bonus (Walk-Off)!

Raffle winners are announced the following day after a game at 3:oo PM .

Every game’s raffle is unique and independent from previous and future game’s raffles. Bet on each game to increase your chances of winning.

SugarHouse Sportsbook

100% UP TO $250

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