Ronnie Lawrence vs Vince Cachero Predictions

February 26, 2021

Ronnie Lawrence -165 vs Vince Cachero

Betting Play: Lawrence -165

There is not much UFC experience in this matchup as Cachero has just one loss in the promotion and Lawrence is debuting.

The one sided Cachero loss up a weight class shouldn’t be taken with too much weight, but that does not mean he has a future in the promotion. I am mostly unimpressed with the Cachero skill set, as his only real strength is moderately crisp boxing, but that does not come with any level of power.

He also can be handled in the clinch and on the floor, and that is where he will lose this matchup with Ronnie Lawrence.

Lawrence is more of a dynamic striker but he will be at something of a disadvantage in the standup portion of this fight. He is hittable so the boxing of Cachero will take the volume advantage in terms of strikes landed. Where Lawrence will counteract that is on the clinch and on the floor.

Cachero is not a fighter that avoids the clinch well and that is where Lawrence will land on him, wear on him and eventually take him to the floor where Lawrence has the largest advantage.

✅ The ITD line of +385 on Lawrence is tempting, but we could just as easily see a fairly dominant decision win. With that being the case, we will opt for the safe play on the flat line at +165.

Betting Play: Lawrence -165
TJ Calkins
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