Pelicans vs Knicks Pick and Prediction 1/20/2022

January 20, 2022

12:30 AM ET Jan 21
Pelicans vs Knicks
Knicks -2.5

The New York Knicks and New Orleans Pelicans do not have much of a history against one another. But that just means that when they do play that those contests will be writing their history. In this round of NBA picks, we look at Knicks vs Pelicans and provide our best bet for this regular season matchup.

New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans Betting Pick

The Pick: Knicks -2.5

This game will be played at 7:30 PM ET at Madisocn Square Garden

Why bet the Knicks:

✅ The Knicks finally had some success on offense in the second half against the Minnesota Timberwolves by being aggressive and physical with possession in the paint. They should be able to find some more offensive positives against the Pelicans, who are bottom-10 in both defensive rating and scoring defense.

✅ The Pelicans haven't won a road game since December 23, when they beat the Orlando Magic. Outside of the lowly Magic and Thunder, the Pelicans haven't won a road game since December 3, 2021.

✅ Only four teams have a more dismal average point differential than the Pelicans this season. The Knicks should be able to cover the number against a Pelicans team that tends to lose big when they lose.

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General Info about New Orleans Pelicans vs New York Knicks

How often do these teams play?

During the regular season, New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans is a matchup that happens once or twice in a season. With these teams being in opposite conferences, they see fewer scheduled games each season than conference foes.

Which team has been better in these games?

It is still too early to tell which team has been superior in contests between the New York Knicks and New Orleans Pelicans. They have only played in a small sample size thus far. Until that changes, there is no reason to make any blanket statements about which side is better than the other.

What is the key to Pelicans vs Knicks?

The biggest key to this game will be handling the unfamiliarity of a relatively unknown opponent. Adjusting on the fly and taking advantage of weaknesses that are found on the court in the moment will be vital to the success of both sides in this matchup. The team that is best able to adapt from moment to moment should win here.

Knicks vs Pelicans Predictions

Throughout the season, we make predictions on NBA games around the league. Included in those predictions are picks for games between the Knicks and Pelicans. To make those predictions, we monitor stats and watch close to every game to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each side. This helps us make predictions in the main NBA betting markets, including the spread, total and moneyline.

Pelicans vs Knicks Against the Spread Predictions

When picking a basketball game against the spread, a bettor should first ask themselves if the favorite is going to win by enough points to cover the number. If the answer to that question is no, then the underdog would be their selection.

One of the main things bettors need to look at when making that determination is how each side plays with a lead. Closing out games in the NBA can be a real challenge. But if a team has proven it can stay ahead of the spread as a favorite with the lead, they may be worth backing again to reach that position.

New York Knicks vs Pelicans Over/Under Betting

In the over/under market, the key for bettors is to determine whether the combined score of the teams competing will be over or under the number set by oddsmakers prior to tip-off. The over/under is a market full of ups and downs, as the likelihood of the total going one way or the other can change with each possession.

When betting this market, bettors should keep an eye on things like the tempo each side plays with. They should also look for total-related trends to see if a team has a streak toward the over or under.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Knicks Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline market asks bettors to just decide who they think is going to win a game. It doesn’t matter how much the Knicks or Pelicans win by or how many points are scored. All that matters here is who wins when the final buzzer sounds. While winning streak or losing streak trends are interesting to look at in this market, they are not as important as evaluating a team’s upcoming matchup.

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Knicks vs Pelicans Odds

The odds for games between the Knicks and Pelicans are interesting in that they are not based off of a large sample size of matchups against one another. Instead, stats are used to determine who should be the favorite and who should be the underdog. But those odds are capable of changing leading up to the start of a contest.

Some of the reasons that odds change before the start of a pro basketball game are injuries and the reactions to the odds by the betting public. Injuries are often the biggest impetus for changes to betting odds, as key players missing games can decide who wins and loses in a league that is as star-driven as this one.

Live Streaming Pelicans vs Knicks

Watching the Knicks and Pelicans do battle is easier than ever thanks to the plethora of live streaming options available to fans and bettors alike. It is possible to watch this matchup through streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube TV and FuboTV. Fans should check the schedules of each of those streaming platforms to confirm the availability of live streaming.

Jay Sanin
Jay Sanin is a sports writer and broadcaster from Albany, NY. He has covered sports betting and the gambling industry since 2013.