Ozark Betting Odds Suggest Wyatt Langmore Will Be First to Die

June 2, 2021

Wyatt Langmore is the current betting favorite to be the first character to die in Ozark’s fourth season, according to betting industry analysts at USsportsbonus.com (See Disclaimer Below). Wyatt has 7/2 odds to be the first to do (22.2%), the strongest of any cast member. He’s followed by Maya Miller and Omar Navarro, who are both 9/2 to be the first to die (18.2%). 

“The odds suggest that Omar is the most likely to die in the show’s final season, as his 1/6 odds are the strongest, while Jonah Byrde’s 9/2 odds to die make him the least likely,” says US Sportsbonus’ gambling industry analyst Jay Sanin. “Bookies also believe Ruth Langmore will be safe, as her 9/1 odds to die first make her the biggest longshot, while her 3/2 odds to die at all suggest it’s more likely than not that she survives.” 

Oddsmakers are split on Wendy Byrde’s outcome during Ozark’s final season. Her odds of living and dying are both 5/6 (54.5% implied probability). 

“With many expecting Frank Cosgrove Jr. returning during season four, bookies are confident this will be the case,” says US Sportsbonus’ gambling industry analyst Jay Sanin. “The current odds of this happening are 2/9, meaning there’s about a, 81.8% chance we see Frank’s return.”  

Who Will Die First in Season 4 of Ozark: 
Wyatt Langmore: 7/2 (+350)
Maya Miller: 9/2 (+450)
Omar Navarro: 9/2 (+450)
Darlene Snell: 5/1 (+500)
Three Langmore: 6/1 (+600)
Wendy Byrde: 6/1 (+600)
Jonah Byrde: 7/1 (+700)
Marty Byrde: 7/1 (+700)
Charlotte Byrde: 8/1 (+800)
Ruth Langmore: 9/1 (+900)

Odds Each Character Dies in Season 4 of Ozark:

Wyatt Langmore 
Yes: 2/5 (-250)
No: 17/10 (+170)
Omar Navarro 
Yes: 1/6 (-600)
No: 7/2 (+350)
Maya Miller 
Yes: 5/7 (-140)
No: 1/1 (+100)
Darlene Snell 
Yes: 1/3 (-300)
No: 2/1 (+200)
Three Langmore 
Yes: 15/4 (+375)
No: 3/20 (-650)
Wendy Byrde 
Yes: 5/6 (-120)
No: 5/6 (-120)
Jonah Byrde 
Yes: 9/2 (+450)
No: 2/17 (-850)
Marty Byrde 
Yes: 1/2 (-200)
No: 3/2 (+150)
Ruth Langmore 
Yes: 3/2 (+150)
No: 1/2 (-200)
Charlotte Byrde
Yes: 7/2 (+350)
No: 1/6 (-600)

Will Frank Cosgrove Jr. Return in Season 4 of Ozark:
Yes: 2/9 (-450)
No: 9/4 (+225)

Disclaimer: Wagering on the outcomes presented in this article is not currently legalized in the U.S. Odds listed are for illustrative purposes only, and are gathered from overseas operators, where betting on such props is legal and regulated. 

Martin Efvergren
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