Nuggets vs Suns Game 4 Prediction: NBA Playoff Picks

June 13, 2021

When the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns get together, the results are usually electric. Whether it be a regular season matchup or a postseason game, the Nuggets and Suns are two teams that are typically among the most exciting in the Western Conference and the NBA as a whole. This second round matchup is not likely to be a sweep, but is also one the Suns should win. In this round of NBA picks, we give you our best bet for this game in the series.

Suns vs Nuggets Betting Pick

The Pick: Suns -3.5

DraftKings Sportsbook 4.8

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This game is going to be played at 8:00 PM ET at Ball Arena

Why bet the Suns:

✅ The Nuggets just cannot matchup with the Suns right now without Jamal Murray to help them at guard. The combination of Austin Rivers and Facu Campazzo are trying to make up for the losses to the backcourt of the Nuggets, but they just aren't good enough to match up with Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

✅ Michael Porter Jr. hasn't been right this series for the Nuggets either. Battling injury, Porter shot just 5/13 from the field in the Nuggets' Game 3 loss to the Suns. Without him to serve as a reliable second scorer for the Nuggets, Denver is going to go down in a sweep here.

✅ The balance of the Phoenix Suns has been just unreal in this series so far. No player has had a 30-point game yet in this series for Phoenix, but they haven't needed any huge performances to lay waste to the Denver Nuggets. Instead, several players are contributing equally, making it difficult for the depleted Nuggets to defend them.

General Info About Nuggets vs Suns

Where do the Denver Nuggets play their home games?

The Denver Nuggets play their home games at Ball Arena in Denver, CO.

Where do the Phoenix Suns play their home games?

The Suns play their home contests at Phoenix Suns Arena in Phoenix, AZ.

Can I bet on this game?

Bettors who live in a state where sports gambling is legal can wager on this game, though different states have different rules on what sportsbooks can be used.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions

Making Nuggets vs Suns predictions depends on a number of factors. With the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns being teams with a history of putting up high point totals, NBA bettors can approach their games in a number of different ways.

The first step is to decide which type of bet you want to make when making Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns predictions. Given how popular the game of basketball is, there are a wide variety of bet types that can be made on each team and individual players for every game.

Which of those bets is the right type to make for this game between the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns depends on how the teams are playing this season. While historical trends can be interesting, they do not often aid in making accurate predictions as they do not factor in the current team members and coaches that are involved. Here is a rundown of the different types of bets that can be made for this contest.

Nuggets vs Suns Against the Spread Predictions

The goal when it comes to Nuggets vs Suns against the spread predictions is figuring out which team will best the other in the game with a point spread applied. For example, if the Phoenix Suns are a 1.5 point favorite against the Denver Nuggets, the Phoenix Suns would need to beat the Denver Nuggets by at least two points to cover the spread.

When betting on NBA games against the spread, there are a number of things to think about. Considering the stats heading into these matchups can help bettors find advantages where they exist. And acknowledging the difference that home court advantage makes is also key.

Bettors should also think about the weight that injuries and rest carry when betting this Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns contest. If one squad is missing key athletes, that puts the other at a decided advantage. These are things that should be researched ahead of time to maximize the chances of winning.

Denver Nuggets vs Suns Over / Under Betting

Nuggets vs Suns over/under betting asks bettors to predict how many points these squads will score. For example, if the total between the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets is 220, bettors would be wagering on if the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns would combine for over or under that amount.

To have the best chance at winning in this market for Nuggets vs Suns games, bettors should get to know the stats of these squads. And with Denver home games being played at high elevation, bettors should remember that stamina may vary in their contests more than NBA games featuring different opponents.

Suns vs Nuggets Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline betting on Nuggets vs Suns requires bettors to predict whether the Phoenix Suns or Denver Nuggets will win their games against each other. Instead of navigating a point spread or total, Nuggets vs Suns moneyline betting is based in a much more simple premise.

To pick the winner of this Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns contest, home court is a significant place to start. This is because home teams collect the bulk of the wins in most NBA seasons, with the Nuggets vs Suns series being no exception. Not having to travel has been shown to have a positive impact on the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and the rest of the league from a stats perspective.

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Odds

The odds for Nuggets vs Suns games can fluctuate constantly before a game starts. Injury news and substitutions for the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets before the game are often a reason for those shifts. For example, if a key Phoenix Suns contributor was out for a Nuggets vs Suns game, the line would likely move away from the Phoenix Suns.

The key to making solid NBA bets is to get the best odds possible for each game. This requires constant monitoring of the betting markets before the start of Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns.

Live Streaming Nuggets vs Suns

Live streaming Nuggets vs Suns is possible through a number of outlets. While NBA basketball games are not currently streamed through sportsbooks, the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets have their own television partners that could offer streaming of regular season games. This is the result of the current NBA television agreements in the United States, which restrict broadcasts only to regional and national television partners.

The game may also be available through streaming platforms of national television networks. Platforms like Hulu or FuboTV may be the destination to watch this Nuggets vs Suns clash.

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