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22 August 2020

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The first game of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoff is coming up and we are looking at two teams that have been producing a lot of goals lately. Dallas Stars takes on Colorado Avalanche and the latter ones are and should be, considered as favorites. The Avalanche have scored 14 goals in total in their previous two games and my betting pick is that they will score at least 3 tonight.

Dallas Stars – Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche – Over 2.5 goals (60 Mins)
@ -157

Dallas Stars – Colorado Avalanche

08.00 PM ET, Saturday, August 22

Colorado Avalanche have a positive momentum that is undoubtable when entering the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They have scored 14 goals in total in their two previous games when knocking out the Arizona Coyotes in the first round.

The Avalanche won the series 4-1 and they been performing on a high level throughout the entire season, including the postseason. They have only lost two out of their eight games after the break. Defensively they have been very solid and now it seems that their offensive play has also started to pay off.

Dallas Stars secured a 4-2 series victory against the Calgary Flames in the first round when winning 7-3 on Thursday. After three games they were down 2-1 in the series but managed turn it all around as they are entering the second round with three straight wins.

The Stars relied very much upon a strong defense during the regular season but during the postseason their defensive performances have been a bit more varied. But at the same time they have stepped up in their offensive play and in the past three games they have scored 14 goals in total.

Conclusion and betting play: The Avalanche have scored 14 goals in total in their past 2 games and the Stars have scored 14 goals in total in their past 3 games. Based on those numbers one could expect a game with lots of goals coming up.

These teams also faced each other in the round-robin stage of the postseason and Colorado won that encounter 4-0. The Avalanche are also the favorites in this series. Their two straight 7-1 wins against the Coyotes were nothing but a demonstration telling all other teams to watch up. Colorado Avalanche possess all the necessary qualities to go all the way this season.

The Avalanche have scored 3 goals or more in 6 out of their 8 postseason games and I find good reasons to believe that they will continue on that path.

Betting Pick: Colorado Avalanche – Over 2.5 goals (60 Mins)
@ -157

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