NFL Week 17 Review

30 December 2019

Last updated: 23 March 2020 at 3:19 am

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The Good

The Bears +1 had a comfortable 12 point lead in the middle of the third quarter that they allowed to turn into a sweat. They ultimately killed the clock in the red zone in the final two minutes before kicking the game winning field goal with 12 seconds remaining.

The Falcons (pickem) were unable to truly take advantage of the turnover happy nature of Jameis Winston in regulation and even surrendered a touchdown to the Bucs defense themselves and this was an overtime game. It was the very first play of overtime that Winston threw the pick six, that resulted in the walk off 28-22 win for the Falcons.

The Saints -13 rolled on the Panthers 42-10. They lead 35-0 at the end of the first half and never looked back in an unfair matchup.

The Chiefs -8.5 made it a little bit dicey as our play of the week, but through a little sweat, they pulled off the 31-21 cover. The Chiefs surrendered a touchdown in the middle of the fourth quarter that cut their lead to just three points. Damien Williams answered properly on the ensuing possession, scoring late and securing the cover.

The Titans -3.5 made easy work of the Texans backups in a 35-14 win. This was a sweat free play.

The Eagles -4.5 had a touchdown lead at halftime that they gave back in the third quarter, but ultimately owned the fourth quarter in a 34-17 win. They punched their ticket to the postseason in this win or go home spot.

The Cardinals +7.5 got the cover in a 31-24 loss to the Rams. They got the ball back with just over a minute left and a chance to force overtime but couldn’t pull of the needed heroics. No matter, the wide line was favorable enough for the win.

The 49ers -3 survived a furious rally from Russell Wilson and company in the second half, but held on for the 26-21 win, and secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs with the win.

The Bad

The Packers -12.5 were a let down, and never lead in this game until the final play and game winning field goal for a 23-20 win. They end the season 2-0 against the Lions while leading for exactly zero seconds in those games. The Packers get a first round bye with the win, but they are fraudulent and will be a one and done playoff team.

The Patriots -15.5 were a disaster, losing outright to the Dolphins and blowing a first round playoff bye in the process. They are in true danger of a first round elimination at the hands of the Titans next week.

The Unfortunate

No bad beats this week! Always a plus.

8-2 on the highly profitable week. Will carry that momentum into the playoffs. Check back later in the week for the playoff picks!


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