NFL Single Game Parlay at PointsBet

16 October 2020

PointsBet NFL Single Game Parlay

Parlay Multiple Bets on One Single NFL Game

PointsBet Sportsbook is introducing single game parlay bets on all NFL games. If you want to bet the spread, the over/under, the moneyline and props on the same game you can combine these however you like.

This feature is available for PointsBet customers in New Jersey and Indiana.

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This is a very straight forward feature which allows all customers at PointsBet in NJ and IN over 21 years of age to place parlay bets on the same NFL game. Normal trading limits apply and the structure of your bet is like any other parlay bet apart from that you are now parlaying the same game.

Feature:Single Game Parlay
Applicable League:NFL Games Only
Eligible States:New Jersey & Indiana
Customer Type:New and Existing Customers
Betting Limits:Standard trading limits

How to place an NFL Single Game Parlay Bet at PointsBet

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Step by step guide on how to place the single bet parlay

  1. Click the Go To PointsBet button below

  2. Register your new account using promo code “USSB” and make a deposit of at least $10

  3. Find a NFL game you want to bet on

  4. Start to select the bets you want to place on a single game NFL and the more selections you make the higher the odds will go as the number of bets increase.

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Register with Promo Code: USSB

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