NFL Conference Championship Week Betting Review

20 January 2020

Last updated: 23 March 2020 at 3:09 am

NFL week 13 Betting TJ Calkins

The Good

The Chiefs/Titans over dipped from 53 all the way down to 51 on Sunday morning because of cold temperature. This temperature was not accompanied by wind and it made no sense at all for the drop, as temperatures in the teens are not a historical measure to decrease scoring pace. The 35-24 final reflected that and the line change made it comfortably hit by more than a touchdown.

The 49ers -7.5 decimated and dominated the fraudulent Packers, as expected. The 37-20 final makes the game seem closer than what it was as Green Bay was never remotely competitive as they had no answer for the 49ers run game. In fact the run game was so dominant the 49ers had absolute zero need to throw, attempting just eight passes for the entirety of the game.

The Bad

The Titans +7 controlled the majority of the first half but let their 10 point lead disappear as Patrick Mahomes lead two scoring drives in the last four minutes of the half. That trend continued into the early portion of the second half as two more Chiefs scores and 28 unanswered saw the score move from 17-7 Titans to 35-17 Chiefs. The Titans did muster a bit of a rally late but didn’t get the needed last score and fell 35-24.

2-1 for a profitable championship week

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