Magic vs Grizzlies Prediction

May 1, 2021

The Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies both reside in the Southeast United States, but they play in opposite conferences. And while Memphis is not located in the Western half of America, this inter-conference matchup is still an interesting one. In this round of NBA picks, we take a closer look at this Magic vs Grizzlies matchup and provide our best bet for the event.

Orlando Magic vs Memphis Grizzlies Betting Pick

The Pick: Grizzlies -11

This game will be played at 8:00 PM ET at Amway Center

Why bet the Grizzlies:

✅ The Memphis Grizzlies destroyed the Orlando Magic despite a slow start on Friday. With several key members of the Magic missing the action on Friday, the Grizzlies took full advantage of the depleted Magic squad. Barring any surprise returns, the Grizzlies should be able to get the job done again.

✅ The Memphis Grizzlies are still looking to avoid a situation where they fall to the ninth or 10th spot in the Western Conference standings. Such a fall would require them to win two games in the play-in tournament rather than just one. Against the lowly Orlando Magic, Memphis knows it has to take advantage of its opportunities to pick up easy wins and they will do so for the second straight night.

✅ Both the Memphis Grizzlies and Orlando Magic had a terrible shooting night on Friday. Both teams shot under 35% from the field in that game. If you had to bank on one side to turn around that poor shooting, it would be the Grizzlies, who should be better against the Magic the second time around.

General Info about Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic

Where do the Memphis Grizzlies play their home games?

The Memphis Grizzlies play their home games at FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN. This venue has been the home to some of the best defensive basketball in recent NBA history, as the Grindhouse edition of the team led by Zach Randolph and Tony Allen was a tough opponent for even the best teams in the league at the time.

Where do the Orlando Magic play their home games?

The Orlando Magic play their home games at Amway Center in Orlando, FL. Amway Center was the home to the Magic during their run to the NBA Finals, when Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu led the Magic to the NBA Finals in the 2000s. It has since been the home to key regular season and postseason matchups.

What is the key to Magic vs Grizzlies?

The biggest key to this game each season is which side can focus on this matchup the best. Wins over opponents in opposite conferences are just as valuable as conference wins in the standings each season. And the team that can prioritize this regular season matchup the best will have the best chance to earn the results they want in this contest.

Grizzlies vs Magic Predictions

When making predictions on Magic vs Grizzlies, it is important to examine both teams in full. Everything from statistical output to the things taking place behind the scenes should be taken into account. Our NBA predictions each season do just that, as we work to bring you the best NBA picks for this event along with the other games on the schedule.

Magic vs Grizzlies Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on Magic vs Grizzlies against the spread requires bettors to make projections as to what the margin of victory will be in this contest. The favored side against the spread has to win by enough points to cover the number, while underdogs just need to keep the game close enough to cover the spread.

These teams don't square off all that often during each regular season. That means that bettors need to make several predictions before this event on how each player is going to perform against their specific assignment on both ends of the floor to determine what the final margin will be.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Magic Over/Under Betting

In the over/under betting market, the total scoring on each side is all that matters. The winner of each Magic vs Grizzlies game is not important to the outcome of the over/under. Instead, bettors simply need to predict whether the combined score of the Magic and Grizzlies will be over or under the number set by bookmakers prior to tip-off.

The pace of each side is important in this market. If a team likes to give their center plenty of paint touches in the halfcourt, they may be more susceptible to low-scoring games than teams that ignore their center for fast-paced perimeter action.

Orlando Magic vs Grizzlies Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline betting during Magic vs Grizzlies is a type of bet where fans are hoping to correctly predict which side is going to win each game. Bettors in this market do not need to worry about the margin of victory. Instead, they just need to worry about accurately picking the winner. To make the best moneyline predictions, bettors have to evaluate the schedule of each side to determine the best spots to take one side or the other.

Grizzlies vs Magic Odds

Odds for Magic vs Grizzlies are regularly determined by which players are able to go in a given game. They say that the best ability is availability, and that is incredibly true in the NBA where star players can determine the outcome of each matchup. Because of this, bettors should regularly visit the injury report for each team to see who is going to be active and inactive for each contest.

Live Streaming Magic vs Grizzlies

Fans who want to see the Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies go at it are able to do so through numerous live streaming providers. NBA League Pass is the gold standard for live streaming of basketball games. But other platforms like Hulu, FuboTV and YouTube TV are also frequent options for basketball fans. To find out if live streaming is an option for this particular game, it is recommended that bettors visit the schedule for each streaming platform.

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