Lakers vs Trail Blazers Prediction

26 February 2021

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Lakers vs Trail Blazers is an all-time great NBA rivalry in the Western Conference. These teams have competed in games that have had a huge impact on the outcome of many a season out West, with some of the best players across multiple generations taking part in those games. Here, the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers renew their rivalry in another critical game between these two teams and we have NBA picks for the matchup.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers Betting Pick

The Pick: Lakers -5 (-101) over Trail Blazers

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Why bet the Lakers:

✅ Both teams are dealing with injuries heading into this Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers game. But Portland has really struggled without its full roster, as CJ McCollum has been sorely missed.

✅ Portland is one of the few squads who aren’t equipped to take advantage of the absence of Anthony Davis. The starting center for the Trail Blazers, Jusuf Nurkic, is also out due to injury and Portland has lacked a consistent interior presence.

✅ The defensive stats heading into this game favor the Lakers in a major way. Stats show the Lakers have the top team defensive rating in the league, while Portland ranks 29th in that category.

✅ These teams have played once already this season, with the Trail Blazers winning that game at home. The Lakers are 13-4 at home this season, and should be able to avenge their loss from earlier in the year.

General Info about Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers

Who are some of the best players in this rivalry?

Some of the best players to play in the Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers rivalry are some of the best to play the game of basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers have featured Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and other greats. Portland, meanwhile, has brought all-time greats from their team such as Clyde Drexler and Arvydas Sabonis.

Where do the Lakers play their home games?

The Lakers play their home games at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Staples Center has some of the best players in the history of the game hanging from the rafters at the top of the arena. This venue is also the home of another team, as the Los Angeles Clippers live at Staples Center when they are at home.

Where do the Portland Trail Blazers play home games?

Portland plays its home contests at Moda Center. Known as the Rose Garden previously, this venue has been the home for high-profile playoff games for this team throughout its history against some of the top teams in the NBA.

Trail Blazers vs Lakers Predictions

Lakers vs Trail Blazers predictions can come across a number of sports betting markets. There are three main betting markets for Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers games, as well as most NBA games. Those markets are the spread, total and moneyline markets.

Lakers vs Trail Blazers Against the Spread Predictions

Lakers vs Trail Blazers against the spread predictions require bettors to determine which squad is going to come out on top after the point spread is applied. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are a five-point favorite against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Lakers would need to beat the Portland Trail Blazers by more than five points to cover the spread.

Trail Blazers vs Lakers Over/Under Betting

Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers over/under betting calls on bettors to predict whether the total number of points scored in a game will go over or under the total set by the sportsbooks. For example, if the total is set at 215 points, the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers would need to combine for 216 or more for the game to go over the total. If there were 214 or fewer points in the game, the game would go under the total. Betting the over/under requires knowledge of each team’s offensive and defensive stats.

LA Lakers vs Trail Blazers Moneyline Predictions

Betting the moneyline in games between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers is very straightforward. All bettors have to do is predict which team is going to win the game in question. Determining which side is going to win requires knowledge of both squads, but this is a less intricate market than the spread and total markets.

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Trail Blazers Odds

Odds for contests between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers are updated constantly leading up to tip-off. With injuries and members of each team potentially sitting out to rest, there are roster changes before basketball games that contribute to changes in the odds on a regular basis. Bettors should keep an eye out for changes to each team regularly before tip to make sure that they are betting using the best information possible.

Live Streaming Lakers vs Trail Blazers

The ability to live stream Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers games is abundant. Streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV and similar products make it possible to watch games between these teams on a regular basis.

In the future, it may be possible for sportsbooks to offer live streaming of Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers matchups. For now, though, the media rights deals in the NBA do not include sports betting operators.

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