Lakers vs Pacers Prediction

March 10, 2021

Lakers vs Pacers Pick: Pacers +4.5

NBA Friday Preview: Lakers vs Pacers Prediction

The Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers have a history against one another, even though they play in different conferences. Lakers vs Pacers is a matchup that has played out in the NBA Finals in the past, with both teams being fixtures in the playoffs before and after that season. In this edition of NBA picks, we look at this matchup, as these inter-conference rivals take the floor against each other once again.

Indiana Pacers vs Los Angeles Lakers Betting Pick

The Pick: Pacers +4.5

Game will be played at 10:30 PM ET at Staples Center

Why bet the Pacers:

✅ The Pacers are one of the few teams that can make the Los Angeles Lakers pay for the absence of Anthony Davis due to injury. Domantas Sabonis is a great post player, and the Lakers will struggle to guard him.

✅ Indiana has already had success in West Coast road games during this regular season. They beat the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena earlier in the campaign.

✅ The Los Angeles Lakers are going to focus on preparing for the playoffs during the second half of this season. That could result in them taking it easy in a game like this one, against a non-conference opponent.

General Info about Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers

When did these teams play in the Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers was the NBA Finals matchup in 2000. The Los Angeles Lakers destroyed the Pacers in those matchups, earning a stress-free championship to close out that season at the top of the league.

What are the keys to this game?

In games between the Lakers and Pacers, rebounding is usually the most important factor. Both squads in these matchups have historically been full of players who can grab rebounds on a regular basis. Controlling the glass gives teams a huge edge in any basketball game, but especially in these games.

Is Lakers vs Pacers a rivalry?

There are some elements to a rivalry in the contests between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers. The playoff history is a huge piece of the rivalry puzzle. But there isn’t bad blood between these sides, making it an interesting debate.

Pacers vs Lakers Predictions

There are a lot of different ways to make a prediction on a Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers game. Bettors can wager on one team or the other in a number of ways, or they can wager on the amount of scoring that takes place during these encounters. For the most part, betting on these games will focus on the spread, total and moneyline betting markets, which are the most common in NBA betting.

Lakers vs Pacers Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers games against the spread requires basketball bettors to determine more than just which team will win. Instead, they have to determine who will win the game after the spread is applied to one side or the other. This can make things a little more complex than simply picking a team to come out on top.

For example, if the Lakers are a 4.5-point favorite against the Pacers, bettors have to choose whether to back the Lakers with 4.5 points being taken from their score or the Pacers with 4.5 points added to their score. Fans need to think about not just who will win the game, but how big they expect the margin of victory to be.

Indiana Pacers vs Lakers Over/Under Betting

Betting the over/under in games between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers is also common. In this market, the goal is to predict the combined number of points for a full game or a half or even just one quarter. Betting this market requires bettors to understand each team’s style of play and what each team is capable of on offense and defense during the NBA season.

If the total in a Pacers vs Lakers game is 223.5, the goal is to pick whether there will be over or under that amount of scoring for the game. If 224 or more points are scored, the over would be the winning bet. If 223 or fewer points were scored, the under would be the correct side.

LA Lakers vs Pacers Moneyline Predictions

 The moneyline is the easiest type of bet to comprehend. There is only one task at hand in moneyline bets, and that is to pick who will win the games between the Lakers and Pacers. There is much more to moneyline betting than that, but having such a clearly defined goal makes this an ideal place for new bettors to get started.

As is the case with spreads and totals, betting on the moneyline can be done for a full game, a half or a quarter. And for moneyline wagers that cover the entirety of a contest, it should be noted that overtime does count for the grading of that wager.

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Pacers vs Lakers Odds

Odds for Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers matchups are likely to change from when they are first released to tip-off. Injuries or load management throughout the season can be announced at any time before game time, giving an advantage to either the Lakers or Pacers, prompting a change in odds. Because of that, bettors should keep their eyes out for injuries and other news before the start of each game.

Live Streaming Lakers vs Pacers

Live streaming for matchups between the Pacers and Lakers is widely available for fans around the country. Both the Pacers and Lakers have their own local broadcast options that can be streamed in their media markets. On top of that, streaming services like YouTube TV, FuboTV and Hulu offer streaming of NBA events throughout the course of each season.

To find out when and where fans can stream this matchup between Los Angeles and Indiana, fans should look at the live streaming schedules for their preferred streaming platforms before tip.

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