Lakers vs Knicks Predictions

February 5, 2022

1:30 AM ET Feb 6
Knicks vs Lakers
Lakers -1.5

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are two of the proudest franchises in the history of the NBA. Both teams have played in big games across several decades, and have the chance to pick up a win over one another in this contest. In today’s NBA picks, we look at Lakers vs Knicks and offer up our best bet for this battle of iconic teams.

Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks Betting Pick

The Pick: Lakers -1.5

This game will be played at 8:30 PM ET at Staples Center

Why bet the Lakers:

✅ Lakers vs Knicks will be impacted greatly by the favorable matchups for the Lakers. The Knicks just struggled to stop Ja Morant from getting into the paint for the Grizzlies, and should have similar issues stopping Russell Westbrook. They will also struggle stopping Anthony Davis, as the Knicks' bigs really don't like to defend outside of the paint.

✅ The Knicks have a losing record both at home and on the road this season, while the Lakers have a winning record at home despite a losing record on the road. Expect the Lakers to take advantage of playing at home in this game, as they should move to 17-12 on their home floor after they beat the Knicks.

✅ The Knicks are simply lacking reliability from their top players, especially Julius Randle and RJ Barrett. Randle is a shell of the player he was last season, while Barrett has yet to make the leap to being a consistent star for the Knicks. Expect that lack of consistency to hurt the Knicks on a relatively big stage in primetime against the Lakers.

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General Info about New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers

Is Lakers vs Knicks a rivalry?

There isn’t a big rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. But there have been iconic moments and occasional instances of bad blood when these two sides have had games against one another in the past. Players like Shaq and Kobe taking on the gritty Knicks teams of the 1990s and 2000s certainly made this matchup memorable.

How often does Lakers vs Knicks happen each season?

Typically, the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers have one matchup or two matchups against each other each regular season. Of course, with these sides being in opposite conferences, they usually only play in the regular season. But it is possible that a Finals matchup could occur outside of the regular season to provide more instances of this matchup.

Can I bet on Lakers vs Knicks?

If a bettor is located in a state that offers legalized sports gambling, it is possible to bet on the Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks. Before attempting to place a bet on any sporting event, bettors should look up the sports betting laws in their state to make sure that they can get action on this contest and others in the National Basketball Association.

Knicks vs Lakers Predictions

When we make predictions on games between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, we do so using several different points of view. Statistical overviews of each team are merged with situational handicapping and projections of each matchup within the game. This allows us to provide bettors with the most accurate predictions we can for this game and games throughout the season on the basketball court.

Lakers vs Knicks Against the Spread Predictions

Betting against the spread is the most common way to bet on the National Basketball Association. Here, bettors are asked to predict which team will win a game after a point spread is applied to one side or the other. The favorite has points taken off of their score, or the underdog has points added to their score at the completion of the game.

New York Knicks vs Lakers Over/Under Betting

The mission for bettors in the over/under market is to decide how much scoring will take place in games between the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. Bookmakers will set a projected point total that represents the combined scoring for both teams. Bettors can then decide if they think the game will see a point total that is over or under that amount.

The key to betting games in the totals market is to understand how the Knicks and Lakers will match up with each other in each game. It is also important to understand how injuries will impact the ability of each team to score.

LA Lakers vs Knicks Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline betting tasks bettors with predicting which team is going to win each game between the Lakers and Knicks. Picking the winner of games across this league is challenging, as things like home court advantage and the motivation of each team can impact games throughout the season. But bettors who can predict the winner of Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks games stand to earn potentially handsome profits from this market.

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Knicks vs Lakers Odds

The odds for games between the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks are rarely ever identical. That is because each game is different than the next over the course of a basketball season. With different players suiting up for games and teams coming off of different scheduling quirks, bettors have to perform an in-depth analysis of each game on an individual basis.

Bettors should keep an eye on the odds for each game to see how they change over the course of the day before tip-off. This will help bettors understand how the markets are reacting to news leading up to tip, and help bettors find the best possible odds for each contest.

Live Streaming Lakers vs Knicks

Those who want to watch the Los Angeles Lakers face the New York Knicks can do so through a variety of streaming services. Platforms like YouTube TV, Hulu and FuboTV are all options that regularly carry pro basketball games. Fans should visit the platform of their choice and check their schedule to verify that games between the Knicks and Lakers are there to be streamed.

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