Lakers vs Hornets Predictions

March 17, 2021

Lakers vs Hornets Pick: Hornets +8

The Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets are two teams that are always worth watching during the NBA season. Matchups between these two squads are somewhat rare, so they are an event that most basketball fans do not want to miss. In this round of NBA picks, we look at the battle between the Hornets and Lakers and give you a best bet for this game between teams from the East and West.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards Betting Pick

The Pick: Hornets +8

This game will be played at 10:30 PM ET at Staples Center

Why bet the Hornets?

✅ The Los Angeles Lakers come into this Lakers vs Hornets matchup having destroyed the Warriors and Timberwolves in their last two games. Because of those results, this line seems a little higher than it should be.

✅ Before the Hornets and Lakers play, the Charlotte Hornets had to play the night before in Denver. They were demolished, which is a sign that they may have been looking ahead to this game at Staples Center. Expect a more focused Hornets squad in this contest.

✅ These teams have virtually identical offensive ratings, despite the Lakers being a better defensive team. Because of that, this contest might be closer than people think.

General Info about Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets

Can the Hornets and Lakers play in the playoffs?

Technically the Lakers and the Hornets can get together in the postseason. But for that series to come to fruition, both teams would have to make it to the NBA Finals in the same year. Given how competitive the league is, it would be difficult to have confidence in that happening.

Is Lakers vs Hornets a rivalry?

To this point there aren’t many high profile instances of animosity between the Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Lakers. The teams play each other most, if not every, NBA season. But they are not in the same conference and don’t have regular playoff matchups to where a rivalry could really form.

Is this the best jersey matchup in the NBA?

It is entirely possible that games between these two sides are a meeting of two of the best uniforms in the NBA. The teal of Charlotte combined with the purple and gold of the Lakers makes for an aesthetically pleasing combination when these games take place. The basketball is enjoyable too.

Hornets vs Lakers Predictions

Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets games are the ideal place for fans to test their prediction skills. With games between these sides being rather sparse, bettors have to tap into their knowledge of the sport to predict how they will match up with one another. Here, we will break down the marquee betting markets that are up for grabs both in this game and all season long in the Association.

Lakers vs Hornets Against the Spread Predictions

One way to get involved with Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets games is to bet on them against the spread. In spread betting, a handicap is applied to the score of one team, which is done in an attempt to make the scores as even as possible at the end of the game. The team with the higher score when the spread is applied is the winner for the purposes of this bet.

For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are eight-point favorites against the Charlotte Hornets, the Lakers would have eight points taken off of their score. They would need to win the game by nine points or more in order to cover the spread. If Charlotte won the game or lost by seven or fewer, they would cover the spread.

Charlotte Hornets vs Lakers Over/Under Betting

The over/under is a market where the goal is to predict how much scoring will happen in basketball games. For Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets games, the goal is to pick whether the combined score of the Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets will be more or less than the number set by oddsmakers.

To make such a prediction, bettors need to have an understanding of both recent stats and stats from the entire regular season. With teams going through ups and downs throughout the season, scoring can increase or decrease at times throughout the year.

LA Lakers vs Hornets Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline betting on contests between the Lakers and Hornets requires bettors to predict which team will win this game. No team is perfect, so there is no guarantee as to which side will come out on top. But bettors who can evaluate the Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets on a variety of levels can do very well picking winners in this league.

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Hornets vs Lakers Odds

Odds for events between the Lakers and Hornets are flexible, in that they can be changed from the time they are released all the way to the start of the game. If a valuable player for the Los Angeles Lakers or Charlotte Hornets is ruled out due to injury or rest, for example, that could prompt a shift in the betting odds. This makes sense, as a backup center would theoretically be less effective than a starting center, and odds would need to be adjusted to reflect that change.

Live Streaming Lakers vs Hornets

Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets games are able to be live streamed throughout the season. Live streaming platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV regularly carry the streaming rights to NBA games. Fans should check the schedule of events on their preferred streaming platform to verify that this game will be available for them to stream before tip.

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