Jamall Emmers vs Chaz Skelly Prediction

18 February 2021

UFC Vegas 19

Jamall Emmers -235 vs Chaz Skelly

Fight is at 145 lbs and is +125 to end inside the distance.

Betting Pick: Emmers -235

This fight should be viewed as something of a striker vs grappler matchup. It is not solely that, but the underdog Chaz Skelly will need to get this fight to the mat to have any sort of advantage.

That raises big red flags for Skelly as Jamall Emmers has a wrestling background and is the better wrestler in this matchup, if not the better grappler. If Skelly does earn a takedown early in the fight, he will be live for a submission, but I would deem that unlikely.

More likely is that Emmers is able to keep this fight standing and keep it a striking fight, where he has a wide advantage. He is technically better, has more pop and is longer than Skelly.

He will additionally have the cardio edge in this matchup and we will see the gap between these two fighters widen in the striking as the fight progresses.

The long and short of this fight is that Skelly will have the wrestling obstacle in his way to dictating where he wants this fight to take place, and that is an obstacle he will not be able to overcome.

Emmers will have a comfortable path to victory in the striking and he will be the play on the flat line. A KO is not impossible but taking the safe route to include a decision win is the best avenue of attack.

Betting Play: Emmers -235

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