Hornets vs Cavaliers Predictions

April 22, 2021

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets are both Eastern Conference teams looking to improve over the course of the season. And they have the opportunity to show what kind of progress they've made in this game against one another. In this edition of NBA picks, we look at the Cavs and Hornets and provide our best bet for this matchup in the East.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Hornets Betting Pick

Cavaliers +1

This game will be played at 8:00 PM ET at Spectrum Center

Why bet the Cavaliers:

βœ… The Charlotte Hornets are struggling mightily on the offensive end of the floor thanks to injuries. The Hornets have been without Gordon Hayward, LaMelo Ball and Malik Monk for an extended period of time. And they have failed to break 100 in four of their recent games without those offensive forces. Look for another anemic performance on the second leg of a back to back.

βœ… Even though they haven't won many games this year, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a legitimate guard duo in Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. Collin Sexton has looked particularly promising for Cleveland, as he is the more explosive of the two players. While the Cavs' season looks to be destined to end without the playoffs, their guards should perform here.

βœ… With the Charlotte Hornets on the second night of a back to back, it is possible that more players sit out. Terry Rozier and PJ Washington have been handled with care throughout this season and could be rested to avoid the risk of injury in this game. That would also help the Cavs.

General Info about Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers

How often do the Hornets and Cavaliers play?

The Hornets and Cavaliers tend to play three to four games per year during the regular season, by virtue of both teams being in the East. There is also the possibility that they meet in the playoffs, as the seeding possibilities in the East would give them plenty of chances to meet before the NBA Finals. But that depends on how well team team performs throughout the season.

What is the key to Cavaliers vs Hornets?

The key to this game is the three point shot, as it is in a large number of NBA games throughout the year. The Golden State Warriors have helped revolutionize the game of basketball through the use of the three-point shot. And while these teams haven't reached the heights of the Warriors dynasty, they will both be looking to get an edge via the three-point line.

Am I allowed to bet on this game?

In the United States, different states have different laws regarding sports gambling. Some states allow sports gambling at in-person sportsbooks as well as online. Some states only allow in-person or online sports betting. And some states don't allow legal sports gambling at all. So there is no one answer to this question, as bettors in different states have different rules to play by.

Cavaliers vs Hornets Predictions

Making predictions for games between the Hornets and Cavaliers requires bettors to have a deep understanding of each team heading into each game. When we make our NBA predictions, we do so using an array of analytical approaches, from stats to an evaluation of the matchups set to take place on the floor. This allows us to provide bettors with the best possible insights to help them win their bets.

Hornets vs Cavaliers Against the Spread Predictions

The point spread is the most popular form of NBA betting during each game. The goal of the point spread is to even out the playing field between two teams, with bigger spreads indicating a bigger implied difference in talent. In this market, the favorite has points deducted from their score or the underdog has points added on.

For example, if the Hornets are a two-point favorite against the Cavaliers, the Hornets would have two points taken from their score at the end of the game. The team with the higher score after the point spread is applied would win for the purposes of this wager.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Hornets Over/Under Betting

The over/under market is concerned entirely with the point total that the teams will combine to score in this game. Both Charlotte and Cleveland have had explosive offenses during their franchise history, but have had to rely on their defense at times as well. Figuring out whether the offense or defense will win the day is the goal in this market.

For example, if the total is set at 225.5, bettors have to predict whether there will be more or fewer points than that. If 226 or more points are scored, the over would win in this example. If 225 or fewer points were scored, the under would be victorious.

Charlotte Hornets vs Cavaliers Moneyline Predictions

Moneyline betting during NBA season is only concerned with who wins a particular game. The team that scores more points when the final buzzer sounds is the winner here, without any concern about the point spread or the number of points scored. Each night is so different in this league, with even the best teams going through complete no-shows on some nights.

The difference between this market and the point spread is the fact that bettors have to navigate the added vig on the moneyline. Bettors have to risk more to win their desired profit amount with the favorites, while underdogs can be more profitable.

Cavaliers vs Hornets Odds

The odds for matchups between the Hornets and Cavaliers can change drastically from game to game. Things like injuries and missing players can determine which side is the favorite and underdog, even if the team missing players is considered better than their opponent on a normal night. Bettors should always keep an eye out for the injury report to make sure they understand the odds they are betting on.

Live Streaming Hornets vs Cavaliers

Live streaming is often available for matchups between the Charlotte Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers. Platforms like NBA League Pass, Hulu and YouTube TV often show games between these two sides throughout each season. Fans who want to watch the action can check the schedules at each of these platforms to verify that this matchup is available to them.

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