Hawks vs Bucks Game 5 Prediction: Eastern Conference Final Picks

July 1, 2021

The Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks are two teams that have become synonymous with winning basketball in the Eastern Conference. In this matchup, they will get together with the aim being to pick up an important victory against a familiar opponent. In this edition of NBA picks, we look at Hawks vs Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals and make our best bet for this contest.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks Betting Pick

The Pick: Bucks -2.5

This game will be played at 8:30 PM ET at Fiserv Forum

Why bet the Bucks:

✅ Both of these teams are banged up, so it would be smart to wait for late injury news. But the Hawks are currently mangled with Trae Young, Clint Capela and Bogdan Bogdanovic all on the injury report.

✅ Even without Giannis Antetokounmpo on the floor, the Bucks still have their closer active in Khris Middleton. He should buoy them down the stretch here.

✅ Without Giannis, the Bucks should be able to focus more on their perimeter shooting, which will make them more explosive without their MVP on the court.

General Info about Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks

What is the key to Hawks vs Bucks?

The key to Hawks vs Bucks is getting stops against another team that is capable of putting up a lot of points. Both of these offenses are among the best in the NBA, which makes locking in defensively mandatory to getting a win in these games. The side that does the best job of that consistently across 48 minutes will have the edge.

Where do these teams play their home games?

The Atlanta Hawks host their contests at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA. The Milwaukee Bucks, meanwhile, play their home games at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI. Both of these venues are typically the home to some of the highest attendance figures in the league each season as the fans of these teams are very loyal.

Who are some of the best players to suit up in this series?

The Milwaukee Bucks have had some all-time greats take the floor for their side against this opponent. Those players include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Ray Allen. The Atlanta Hawks have also had some stars play for them against the Bucks. Included in that list are players like Dikembe Mutombo, Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb.

Bucks vs Hawks Predictions

When making Hawks vs Bucks predictions, the key is to consider every possible factor before making a wager. That is exactly what we do, evaluating the stats and looking beyond the numbers to make the most thorough predictions possible. Among the markets we evaluate are the spread, total and moneyline, as those are the markets bettors use the most.

Hawks vs Bucks Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on a game against the spread asks bettors to pick a winner, but with a twist. They also have to predict the amount that the winning side is going to win by. This is because the point spread takes points away from the total of the favored team or adds points to the score of the team that is the underdog. The team with the higher point total after the application of the spread after the game wins against the spread.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Hawks Over/Under Betting

The over/under for Hawks vs Bucks games is all about points, but not in the same way as the point spread. In this market, bettors have to predict whether the total amount of points scored by both teams will be over or under the total set by oddsmakers before this contest. Winning in this market requires knowledge of how the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks play basketball. Their tempo, defensive efficiency and ability to make shots are all contributing factors.

Atlanta Hawks vs Bucks Moneyline Predictions

When the Atlanta Hawks play the Milwaukee Bucks, the goal for both teams is to win each game they play one another. When betting on the moneyline, the goal of bettors is to predict who is going to win each game. With Hawks vs Bucks featuring two of the top teams in the East, both sides usually bring their best effort to these games. But it is up to bettors to know when one side is more motivated than the other, which could yield results for that side over the other.

Bucks vs Hawks Odds

Odds for games between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks are dependent on several factors that can vary from game to game. Hawks vs Bucks games throughout each season can look completely different from one another based on these factors.

The most important of those factors is the injury situation for each team. If a star player sits out on one side or the other, it can completely flip the chances of the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks getting a win. Before betting on NBA games, bettors should always be sure to check the injury report to see who is and is not available.

Live Streaming Hawks vs Bucks

Watching the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks square off is easier than ever, thanks to all of the live streaming options that are available to basketball fans. NBA League Pass carries games from throughout the National Basketball Association all season long. And streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu are also viable options for fans who want to catch pro basketball action. Fans can visit the schedules of each of these services to find out when the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks are going to be featured.

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