Louisiana Sports Betting

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Louisiana State Guide

Louisiana is located on the southern side of the US. For a long time, betting on sports was considered illegal in the state. However, in November 2020, there was a move to make sports betting legal.

Voters have decided to approve sports betting in 56 out of the 64 parishes in the state. On January 28th, 2022 FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars and BetRivers launched the mobile betting apps as the first online sportsbooks in Louisiana. Check out their LA Sports Betting Promo offers.

This means that Louisiana players will be able to enjoy betting on their favorite sports events under the law without any issue.

This detailed guide will walk you through the current legal framework and conditions revolving around sports betting in Louisiana. We will also give you some pointers for choosing the best sites. Keep reading!
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  • Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?

  • Which parishes did not legalize sports betting?

  • Is there a legal sports betting site in Louisiana presently?

  • When will Louisiana launch sports betting?

  • Which banking options will be available for online sports betting in Louisiana?

Sports Betting in Louisiana

As we pointed out in the introductory paragraph, legally betting on sports in Louisiana is allowed based on the votes of the parishes. However, legislators are still working on launching it. Two bills must be passed to regulate and tax sports betting, and these are the SB 247 and HB 697 bills. Once these bills are passed, players will be able to place different kinds of bets on sports. These include the regular betting markets such as match-winning bets as well as special prop bets like player of the tournament bets. Aside from that, the bill establishes 20 licenses for 20 betting infrastructures in the state. This will allow players to play different kinds of games at a casino in New Orleans.

Three legislators are currently overseeing sports gambling regulations in the state - Senate President Patrick Page Cortez, Representative John Stefanski, and Senator Rick Ward. Once they reach a positive decision, players will be able to start wagering on their favorite sporting teams, such as the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans.

Popular Betting Sites to Enter Louisiana

Once sports betting is launched in the Bayou State, we expect several sites to start offering gambling services. For now, Louisiana players can only play at offshore online sportsbooks. This is not exactly considered legal based on the gambling laws. However, there has been no case of a player arrested for gambling at these sites. If you want to gamble fully legally in New Orleans, though, you will have to wait until sports betting is launched. 

Among the popular sports sites we expect to enter the state are DraftKings, Caesars, Boyd Gaming, Penn National, and Bally's Corp.

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Louisiana Sports Betting Apps

One of the benefits of mobile betting apps is that they offer players convenience, allowing them to bet on the go. According to Senator Henry, the legality of virtual sports betting will be decided by state lawmakers. Depending on their decision, players may be allowed to bet on their mobile devices right from their comfort zone. But if they prefer to be like other states such as Washington, they may only allow mobile sports betting within the premises of the gambling establishment. 

That said, there are offshore sports apps that some players use. These apps are licensed under the laws of their respective jurisdictions and are not legal in Louisiana.

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Is Sports Betting Legal in Louisiana?

Sports betting is legal in Louisiana but yet to be launched. There are 64 parishes in the state, and 56 of them voted to approve sports betting. However, a couple of bills need to be passed and signed by the governor before sports betting can be launched. Stefanski's bill is concerned with the tax and fee structure and establishes a Louisiana Lottery license. Based on the current legislation, each license will have two skins. However, the lottery license will act as a mobile license, and players will be able to gamble on sports at licensed kiosks or online.

One thing to note is that when sports betting is launched, it will be legal only at parishes that voted to approve it. For now, players who want to bet legally may need to travel to neighboring states such as Mississippi or Arkansas.

Understanding Louisiana Sports Betting Bill

As we mentioned earlier, two bills need to be passed before sports betting can be launched in Louisiana. But what exactly are these bills about? The first bill, SB 247, is concerned with the legalization of sports betting and gives the Gaming Control Board the power to license and investigate operators. The second bill, HB 697, specifies the kind of betting activities that will be allowed. In addition, it covers tax and fee-related issues to ensure that sports betting infrastructures, when legalized, will remain accountable and transparent. The bill replaces the HB628 bill and has been sent to the governor for approval. As a result, we can expect gambling on sporting events to be legalized soon.

How to identify legal Online Sports Betting sites in Louisiana

Apart from horse racing, no legal betting is available in Louisiana. However, there are several offshore sports betting sites that players can use. But as we pointed out earlier, these betting sites are not licensed under the laws of Louisiana, so they may be considered illegal. This also means that you have no protection when you play at such sites. That said, some of them do provide a great gaming experience to players. If you want to choose the best offshore sports betting sites, you need to consider factors like:

  • Licensing
  • Available sports, competitions, and events
  • Markets and options
  • Available bonuses and promotional offers
  • Odds
  • Payment methods
  • Customer support
  • Security

While there are no legalized sports betting sites in the state, there are several land-based casino infrastructures where players can enjoy playing games. Even when sports betting is rolled out in the state, chances are that there will be kiosks at many of these casinos where you will be able to bet on games. This means you can wager in-person and catch all the action of your favorite games, such as the Super Bowl or March Madness. If you are a player used to gambling online, you may want to try out in-person wagering so you can enjoy the southern riverboat casino experience. Some of the land-based casino infrastructures in Louisiana include Belle of Baton Rouge, Cypress Bayou Casino, and Boomtown Casino New Orleans.

UsSportsBonus Only Recommends Legal Betting Sites

Several benefits come with playing at a legal betting site. First, you are protected by the law and can expect the gambling establishment to provide the best services. You also know that you can easily report an establishment if it fails to provide promised services. This is why at UsSportsBonus, we only recommend legal betting sites. We have a team of experts that carefully vet the betting sites we suggest, and they know what makes the best ones.

Who can Bet on sports in Louisiana Online

No one can bet on sports legally in the state at the moment, as it is yet to be launched. However, with several offshore betting sites targeting the Louisiana market, some players wager on different sporting events. That said, you must be at least 21 years old to be legal to gamble in Louisiana. Once sports betting is rolled out, you will be able to play licensed infrastructures and kiosks. In addition to gambling on sports, daily fantasy sports (DFS) is also legal in the state. 47 parishes voted to legalize DF in 2018, but there haven't been any major sites that offer it yet.

Sports Betting in Louisiana as a resident

Residents in Louisiana cannot bet legally on sports events at the moment. Out of the 64 parishes, 56 voted to approve sports betting. Once it is rolled out, you will be able to bet on major and minor sporting events in American Football, NFL, soccer, hockey, and so on. However, it has not been decided whether players will need to be physically present at betting infrastructures before they can be allowed to place their wagers. If online sports betting is allowed, the state legislators will make it known.

Sports Betting in Louisiana as a non-resident

As with most states, non-residents will not be able to bet on sports in Louisiana. This is because the gambling law requires that players be within the walls of Louisiana before they can gamble. However, non-residents can gamble at offshore sportsbooks that are licensed by their respective regulatory authorities. But they should check if it is allowed and legal.

How to bet in Louisiana

Currently, there are over 20 licensed casinos in Louisiana open to players. These casinos feature different kinds of games, ranging from video poker and slots to roulette. You can bet legally at these infrastructures as long as you are 21 years old or above.

Wagering money on sports in Louisiana is quite straightforward. You will be able to select your predictions, fill your betting slip, and place your wager. Nothing is said in gambling law about the maximum amount that players can bet, so you may be able to bet as much as you want, depending on the betting site. There are different kinds of betting markets and options that will be made available to players once sports betting is launched. These include:

  • Parlays
  • Futures
  • Totals Under/Over
  • Match-winning bets
  • Proposition bets

Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Louisiana

There are two major sports teams in Louisiana: the New Orleans Pelicans and New Orleans Saints. These are basketball teams, and it shows that many people in the state love basketball games. So it makes sense for it to be one of the most popular sports that you will be able to bet on in Louisiana. Apart from basketball, many players also like to wager on the National Football League (NFL), soccer, tennis, golf, and so on. When choosing a team to bet on, be sure to always check statistics and consider the odds. The odds of your bet will determine your potential returns.

In-Play Betting in Louisiana

In-play betting involves wagering money on sporting events that are currently being played, and several players prefer this option. However, since sports betting is yet to be rolled out in the state, there is no telling whether in-play betting will be allowed or not. That said, there is a possibility that Lousiana may follow the steps of states like Nevada, Michigan, and so on. If so, then in-play betting will be allowed, giving players the chance to wager money on their favorite teams as they play live.

Louisiana Sports Betting Legalization Update

So far, we have discussed Louisiana's current legal situation concerning sports betting. While we can say that sports betting is considered legal based on the decision of Louisiana voters, there is still a lot that has to be done before it is rolled out. The SB 247 and HB 697 bills are yet to be signed by the governor and are open to changes. At UsSportsBonus, you can count on us to provide updates concerning sports betting in the state as they unfold. For now, you can enjoy playing casino games legally at licensed casinos. But if you want to bet on sports, the only option available is to use offshore sports betting sites.