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We help you become a sports betting expert with our betting guides.

With sports gambling becoming legal in more and more states, new bettors in those states will have an opportunity to bet on sports. But before they can take to their preferred betting site and start placing wagers, they will want to learn how to bet on sports to maximize their chances of making money. 

In our US online betting guide section you can find out everything there is to know about betting online. This article will go through all the big sports and most common ways how to bet online, sports betting explained. 

Sports Betting Guides

NFL Betting

NFL Betting

NFL betting is the most popular form of online sports betting in America, as the NFL is the most popular sports league in the country. Because of the small number of games each week in the NFL, online sports betting operators are able to really zero in on the betting lines for each week. This makes betting on the NFL one of the toughest things to do in all of sports gambling.

Fortunately, our NFL betting guide is here to help bettors make sense of the different online sports betting options that exist throughout the NFL season. With our guide to NFL betting, bettors can get valuable insights on everything from strategies to picks for each week of the NFL season. Here is a look at the different areas that our online sports betting guide for the NFL covers:

  • The most popular NFL betting markets
  • NFL betting strategies
  • NFL betting picks from our experts
  • NFL sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best NFL betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • NFL History
  • …and more

NFL betting is all about picking the right spots to bet on, even more so than when wagering on other sports. With the sport being fit into convenient television windows like Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, it can be tempting to bet on whichever game happens to be on television each night. But our NFL gambling guide can help bettors pick their spots and turn a profit in this sport.

NBA Betting

NBA Betting

The National Basketball Association is one of the world’s most popular sports leagues, with the NBA being enjoyed by Americans and people around the globe. As a result, NBA betting is also extremely popular, as bettors can back their favorite teams and players to perform well on the court throughout the season. Sports betting sites offer plenty of markets for the NBA because of that popularity, making wagering on the NBA extremely interesting.

Our betting guide for the NBA helps bettors understand all of the betting markets that are available in pro basketball. From simple betting markets like the point spread and moneyline to more complex options like prop bets, our NBA betting guide offers insights on all of them as well as other valuable tips for success when betting on NBA basketball. Here is a look at everything our guide to NBA betting has to offer.

  • The most popular NBA betting markets
  • NBA betting strategies
  • NBA betting picks from our experts
  • NBA sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best NBA betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • NBA History
  • and more

The NBA season features more games than most professional sports leagues, which means that there are more opportunities to find value in the betting markets. With our guide to NBA betting, bettors can develop an understanding of what those opportunities look like and when to attack them.

MMA Betting


MMA betting is extremely popular on online sports betting sites, as fights are decided in a short period of time with a lot of fights taking place on each card. In UFC betting, the style of each fighter is so important, with small nuances for each fighter often making the difference between who is more likely to come out of a fight with a victory.

In our MMA betting guide, find out everything there is to know about wagering on mixed martial arts, including UFC. Our experts break down their strategies for betting on the fight game, and make picks using their observations from watching film on fighters ahead of each fight night. Here is a look at what fight fans can look forward to seeing in our guide to wagering on UFC.

  • The most popular MMA betting markets
  • MMA and UFC betting strategy
  • MMA picks from our experts
  • MMA sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best MMA betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • MMA History
  • and more

In MMA and UFC, a fight can end at any moment due to the explosive nature of knockouts and submissions that are so common in this sport. Because of that, bettors should be careful not to get too heavily involved on big favorites. Our guide to mixed martial arts wagering will help detail when those bets are warranted and what picks you should make.

NHL Betting

College Hockey Betting

The NHL is a league where anything can happen on any given night. With every team being relatively close in terms of skill level, and the random nature of deflections and close quarters scoring, even the biggest underdogs can come out on top throughout the NHL season. That makes wagering on pro hockey something that bettors want to bet on more than other sports in many cases, thanks to the attractive underdog prices.

In our NHL betting guide, find out everything there is to know about wagering on one of the best hockey competitions in the world. Our guide will help you to make the best bets possible on the ice, from puckline bets to the exciting futures market. Here is a look at everything that our guide to wagering on the NHL covers.

  • The most popular NHL betting markets
  • NHL betting strategy
  • NHL picks from our experts
  • NHL sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best NHL betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • NHL History
  • and more

Hockey wagering is similar to baseball, in that teams rotate their goaltenders on a regular basis. Those rotations can create advantages for bettors in certain circumstances, which should be looked for at all times. Our guide shares more on that strategy and many others to make sure that bettors maximize their chances of coming away with each hockey wager with profits.

MLB Betting


Major League Baseball features a large number of games just about every day of the week during MLB season. Because of that, MLB betting is a huge market, as bettors look to get the better of one of the biggest markets in all of sports gambling. And with a knowledgeable sports betting community following this sport, including our MLB betting experts, bettors can certainly find value in the baseball betting market on a regular basis.

In our betting guide to Major League Baseball, bettors can get the information they need to beat their preferred betting site in MLB. This section in our site includes information that all bettors need to know before starting their experiences in online betting on the top baseball league on the planet. Here is a look at what our guide to MLB betting covers:

  • The most popular MLB betting markets
  • MLB betting strategy
  • MLB picks from our experts
  • MLB sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best MLB betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • MLB History
  • and more

Baseball is a sport where pitching rotations can create more US sports betting opportunities than in any other sport. Those who bet on sports online and can determine which pitchers have advantages against which lineups and vice versa stand to perform well throughout the season. And with advice from our MLB experts, Major League Baseball has the potential to be more profitable for bettors than other US sports and leagues.

Soccer Betting


Soccer is a sport that can be wagered on from the early morning through the end of the night in America, thanks to the sports hundreds of leagues across the world. For that reason, betting on soccer can be incredibly appealing, as bettors can wager on the action whenever they please. And with all of those leagues, there are chances for bettors to find value in the soccer betting market no matter where they focus their attention.

In our soccer betting guide, find out everything there is to know about wagering on the beautiful game. From strategy tips to picks for upcoming soccer matches, our guide to this sport is one you will not want to miss out on. Below, find out what topics are covered in our guide to placing wagers on soccer matches.

  • The most popular soccer betting markets
  • Soccer betting strategy
  • Soccer picks from our experts
  • Soccer sportsbook promotions
  • Bonus offers from the best soccer betting sites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Soccer History
  • and more

There are several schools of thought surrounding wagering on soccer. Some bettors choose to focus only on specific leagues, while others are willing to branch out to find value around the world. There is no right or wrong way to approach this, as long as bettors use the best strategies they can while wagering on soccer, they have a chance to make money on the world’s favorite sport.

XFL Betting 🏈

The XFL was resurrected in 2020 and is set to return again in 2022. This league provides another three months of football to bet on, with some interesting rule chances to enjoy. Our guide to XFL betting will help bettors prepare for what they can expect in the XFL.

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NCAAF Betting 🏈

College football features a ton of games each week, as bettors can wager on big or small conferences each week. And with games on most days of the week, the action seemingly never ends. Our college football betting guide covers the sport in-depth so bettors know what to look forward to in college football.

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March Madness 🏀

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events in the world, as 68 teams all look to win a single-elimination tournament. The intensity of each moment is unmatched, as one mistake could send a team home. Our guide to March Madness wagering can get you ready for the upcoming edition of the tourney.

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Tennis Betting 🎾

Tennis season runs from January to November each year, making it a great sport for high-volume bettors. Our guide to tennis betting can prepare bettors for the year in tennis betting, from the Grand Slam tournaments to the small competitions that take place on the courts each year.

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Sports Betting 101

Mastering the art of sports betting can sometimes be complex and difficult. There is a lot of terminology, different types of bonuses and events to keep track on. Below you will find articles for sports betting explained in the best way possible to help you understand and become a better sports gambler.

Sports Betting Bonuses 💰

Read our comprehensive Sports Betting Bonuses Guide. Great for everyone who wants to get the best possible start of your betting experience.

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Sports Betting Terms 🌐

Make sure you understand all the sports betting terminology before starting your betting career. Our Betting Terms Guide gives you full control over all the important terms and what they mean.

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Bankroll Management 💵

Bankroll Management is key to become a successful sports betting player. Read our guide to understand the importance counting units, thinking strategically when you place bets and much more.

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