Top 10 Best Free Bet Offers 2021

20 January 2021

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Promotions play a big role in the online gambling industry. Sports betting operators use them as one of the main tools to attract new customers. Now, a free bet is the most common sort of these promotions.  If you are new to betting, there is a great chance you’ve heard of free bet websites. These websites allow you to get a free bet when you join them. 

Since a free bet represents somewhat of unexplored territory for bountiful newcomers, we have decided to talk more about it and help you understand every single aspect of it. After reading the article, you will know much more about the following: 

  • What a free bet is?
  • How to get a free bet when you join a sports betting operator? 
  • Top free bet offers in the industry for 2021

What is a Free Bet? 

Before we move on to the list, we want to cover the basics. It is important to know what a free bet is and how can you use it? The answer to the former question lies in the word itself. A free bet is a bet you can place free of charge. The stake depends on the sportsbook promoting the offer. Most importantly, you should know that you are not risking your money. 

Different free bet types

Now, not all free bet offers are the same. Depending on the main target group of players, sportsbooks promote the following: 

  • No deposit free bet – You get a free bet when you sign up no deposit is required 
  • When the betting amount is matched – You don’t get a free bet upon registering to a website. You get it only after you place your first bet 
  • When a fixed amount of money is added to your deposit/first bet – You are required to deposit before opting-in for a free bet offer 
  • Free bet offers meant to be used on other gambling activities – You want to sign up at a sports betting website but see a promotion saying you are due to receive a $10 free bet blackjack offer for example

We have listed the most popular variants, but the operators are usually quite innovative and always come up with new ideas. This means there are more online betting free bet no deposit promos out there, not necessarily bound to sports wagering. 

How to get and use a Free Bet

Each free bet offer comes in with distinct terms and conditions. Most of them, nonetheless, have one particular requirement in common. To be eligible to claim a free bet, you normally need to register a new account at a certain sportsbook. We have created a short “How To” tutorial to show you how simple it is to grab a free bet. Just make sure to follow these steps: 

  1. Pick a Sportsbook from our list

    If you don’t know what offer to use, just check our list of free bet websites and select the best option there 

  2. Or pick multiple Sportsbooks

    You can, of course, claim free bet offers at multiple sites, as long as you have not previously registered an account with them (i.e. William Hill free bet offer, Bet at Home free bet, 888 free bet, Bet365 200 free bet, etc).

  3. Read the terms

    Before claiming any sort of promotion, make sure to carefully read all terms & conditions associated with the offer.

  4. Register an account

    Once you have read and understood the terms, just register a new account with the chosen sportsbook. In most cases, you will not be required to deposit.

  5. Use promo code if needed

    Some sportsbooks will ask you to type in a special promo code during the registration process (i.e. Betfair free bet code).

  6. Go to promotions section

    Just head over to the operator’s promotional section, find the specific free bet offer and click the button to claim it. You will soon see the free bet amount on your account.

  7. Place the Free Bet

    You can then place a free bet on any sporting event and odds (in some cases the sportsbooks can request specific minimum odds – this is why you should read terms and conditions). Potential winnings are then yours to keep but have in mind that they do not include the free bet stake.

How to find top Free Bet offers

We spoke about the terms and conditions bound to free bet offers in the former paragraph. They will give you the answers to everything you need to know about the specific promotion. If you get the following information, you will be able to find the best free bet offers on your own. This is the info you want to be looking for: 

  • Do you need to deposit? 
  • Will you get the free bet right away or only after you place a qualifying bet?
  • Are there any minimum odds required? 
  • Can you take advantage of the promo only on sports? 
  • Do you have to place a bet only on specific markets?
  • Does the promotion have an expiry date? 
  • Can you collect potential winnings right away or you still need to wager them more? 

Top Free Bet sites in 2021

Best Sportsbooks

Each of the listed sports betting companies obtains the safest gambling license and follows the strictest regulation and security guidelines, meaning your personal and financial data will be 100% secure with them. 


How to use a free bet on William Hill?

To use a free bet on William Hill Sportsbook, you need to register a new account by using the “WHRF” promo code.

How to claim a free bet? 

To claim a free bet, you need to check the terms and conditions associated with it. Then simply follow the steps you’ve found there and you will be good to go. 

What is a free bet?

A free bet is a bet you can place without risking your money. 

Do I have to deposit to get a free bet?

In many cases, you are not required to deposit to opt-in for a free bet promo, but some sportsbooks might ask you to do it. 

Is free bet stake included in potential returns?

No, if you win from a free bet, you only get to collect the eventual winnings, not the stake. 

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