Four Of The Strangest Hair Cuts In The History Of Sport

November 1, 2020

Sports stars from around the world are typically in the line of fire when it comes to condemnation of hair cuts, but that doesn’t stop some of the biggest stars from sports such as football, basketball and athletics ensuring that fans have something more to talk about than just their performance on the pitch. Fans are often talking about the LeBron James hairline during Los Angeles Lakers games, with ‘LeBron James Hair’ constantly trending.

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There have even been recurring jokes for one of the greatest NBA players in history, such as the LeBron James hairline roast and LeBron James hairline Wu-Tang. However, talk about the LeBron James receding hairline has done nothing to stop James from reaching the pinnacle of the sport on numerous occasions, and even last season when there was talk about the LeBron James new hairline, he was still able to lead the Lakers to a first NBA Championship in ten years.

After all, legends of the sports such as the Lakers star don’t let talk about the LeBron James hairline damage their performance, and these are some of the other stars that have had to contend with talk about their hair while they have been trying to get positive results on the court or the pitch.

Dennis Rodman

Talk about the Lebon James hairline in 2016 is nothing new for the world of basketball, as Dennis Rodman was constantly one of the stars that was hitting the headlines because of his hair. In fact, when you Google his name, the first things that come up are about his hair and not about what he managed to achieve on the court.

Rodman was one of the most extravagant sports stars in history and rarely turned up to the same game with the same colour hair. It could have been a masterstroke, as his changing style often took the pressure off the team, as the media would instead be fascinated by the colour of Rodman’s hair. The personal favourite Rodman haircut was his leopard coloured do in 1998, which also paid a special tribute to former teammate Scottie Pippen.

David Beckham

If there was one sports star that could rival the media attention that Rodman would get from a new haircut, then it would be David Beckham. Throughout the late 90s and 00s, Beckham’s every move was monitored by the world’s media. He was the most instantly recognisable star in the world of professional sport, and he also wasn’t shy to change his hairstyle throughout his career.

Goldenballs tried everything with his hair, he had a skinhead for a while, which unintentionally saw him get on the wrong end of the hairdryer treatment from legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. During the 2002 World Cup, Beckham opted for a Mohican, while during a visit to meet Nelson Mandela in 2003 Beckham would be pictured with cornrows. The former England captain revealed that this was the biggest regret that he ever had in life.


Nowadays, when somebody says the name Ronaldo, soccer fans immediately think to the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. However, before the Portuguese superstar burst onto the scene, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was widely considered to be one of the greatest footballers in the world.

Ronaldo would retire from football after winning the Ballon d’Or on two occasions. He won the World Cup on two occasions, but it was the 2002 World Cup when his hair would get all the attention. Ronaldo had the whole of his head shaved except for a small section of hair at the front of his head. The hairstyle would bamboozle opposing defences as much as his skills on the floor, as Ronaldo would be the star of the South Korea/Japan World Cup, as he won the Golden Boot on his way to picking up the World Cup after scoring twice in the final against Germany.

Peter Wright

It isn’t just football, and basketball stars that show freedom with their hairstyles, as one of the most instantly recognisable darts players is Peter Wright. He is so instantly recognisable because of the bright Mohican hairstyle that he dons for every competition. Not just that, but the colour of the Mohican changes with every competition.

It’s not like it will cost him a lot of money to have the hairstyle, as his wife is a trained hairdresser. He has been able to follow up his outlandish style with success at some of the biggest competitions, as he has won the UK Open, Masters and the World Championship during his career.


How Did LeBron James Get His Hairline Back?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to LeBron James hair is how he managed to get it back, and it is widely believed that he had a hair transplant.

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