Chiefs vs Bills Prediction

January 21, 2021

Chiefs vs Bills is an AFC matchup between two non-divisional foes. With dozens of games played in the historical series, the Chiefs carry a slight advantage in the historical splits, with the most recent years being split quite evenly.

Chiefs vs Bills Against The Spread Pick

Sunday Night at 6:40PM Arrowhead Stadium


NFL Championship Sunday Preview: Buccaneers vs. Packers and Bills vs. Chiefs

The Pick: Chiefs -3

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Why bet the Chiefs?

Elite trio: The Chiefs passing game is all about their trio of offensive skill position players. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have become the inarguable top players at quarterback and tight end in the league. Tyreek Hill is in the conversation for the top wide receiver in the league, but that was is a bit more arguable. In any event, attempting to stop the precision and ability to make any throw from Mahomes while these players are consistently open and chewing up yards is essentially an unfair task for any defensive unit.

Bills road questions: While the Bills were a respectable 6-2 on the road this season, those two losses came at the hand of the lone playoff team they played on the road in the Titans, and a team that played themselves right out of the playoffs in the final week of the season, in the Cardinals. The Titans game was more telling as it was not close, a 42-16 loss.

Bills mirage: The Bills were scoring points at an insane rate to close out the regular season, but that has come to a stop in their two playoff wins. They were sound enough against the Colts, winning 28-24, but never putting that Rivers lead team away. They were not at all sound against the Ravens, winning 17-3, but needing a defensive score and the Ravens offense to be wholly anemic to get the job done in that one.

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Rated 5 stars out of 5
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General Information About Chiefs vs Bills

Where do the Chiefs play their home games?

The Chiefs play their home games at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri

Where do the Bills play their home games?

The Bills play their home games at Bills stadium in Buffalo, New York

Where can you watch Chiefs vs Bills?

You can tune into this game on CBS networks and FuboTV..

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Chiefs vs Bills predictions and how to bet on the game

Chiefs vs Bills is a non-divisional matchup, but there is quite a track record between the two teams. The Chiefs have won just a tick more of the Bills vs Chiefs games played, and that split tracks for just recent games as well as the historical matchup in totality.

Chiefs vs Bills against the spread predictions

Chiefs vs Bills against the spread predictions refer to whether the Chiefs or Bills win or lose by the necessary points to cover the spread. For a hypothetical line, we will use Chiefs -3.

This means a wager on the Chiefs would require them to win by more than three points to be considered a winner. A wager on the Bills, at +3, would require them to either win the game outright or to lose by fewer than three points to be considered a winner.

Chiefs vs Bills Over/Under betting

Chiefs vs Bills Over or Under betting is a way of wagering on the contest without being required to pick the winner of the game. Instead, these wagers are against a set total of combined points in the game.

For a hypothetical example, we will use a total set at 54 points. Over/Under wagers on this Chiefs vs Bills contest would be betting over or under 54 combined points for the two teams.

There are multiple factors that go into Over/Under wagering, including pace (expected possessions per game), offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. Knowing which teams play faster and slower, and which teams play with a higher and lower level of efficiency on each side of the ball. See above if there is a best Over/Under play for Chiefs vs Bills.

Chiefs vs Bills Money Line predictions

Money Line wagering on NFL is a fun way to bet on one team or the other, while taking the point spread out of play. Instead of laying or taking the points on the spread, you can lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the underdog to simply win the game outright.

If you are looking to wager on a game, but want to avoid the point spread, a Money Line wager is worth considering. For an example of how a Money Line wager differs from an against the spread wager, we will use our Chiefs -3 hypothetical example from above.

Instead of the standard -110 odds on an against the spread play, the Chiefs can be bet on to simply win outright while laying odds. The Bills can be bet on to win the game outright while getting odds. In our hypothetical, we would expect to have to lay about -170 on the Chiefs and expect to get about +150 on the Bills.  

The historical splits of Bills vs Chiefs paint a vivid picture of the Chiefs being the team to back in this matchup. However, history is just one piece of the puzzle when making projections for NFL games. There are hours of research required for successful NFL predictions, and we are here to provide that for you, with a conclusion summed up and bottom lined. Check above for a synopsis and who to play in this Chiefs vs Bills matchup.  

Chiefs vs Bills Odds

The NFL has often has significant line movement when a piece of news breaks, for instance a significant player being ruled out. NFL odds generally only shift a huge amount in a short period of time in reaction to the news cycle.

Unlike NBA, fluctuation and movement due to heavy bets on one side do not generally shift a betting line in a brief period. Chiefs vs Bills, like most NFL matchups, will draw a significant betting market, but the bets would have to be extremely one sided to see significant line movement.

Live Streaming Chiefs vs Bills

There are currently no sports books in the United States that offer streaming of NFL games. This will almost certainly change in the future, but for now we have the usual suspects of paid streaming services that might have the game you are looking. Those include but are not limited to YouTubeTV, FuboTV and Hulu.

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