Cavaliers vs Magic Prediction

April 28, 2021

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic have combined for some memorable games in Eastern Conference play in the past, including some postseason matchups. Here, they each look to pick up a victory as they face one another and renew their rivalry. In this round of NBA picks, we look at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic game and provide our best bet for the festivities.

Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Pick

The Pick: Under 211

This game will be played at 7:00 PM ET at Rocket Mortgage Arena

Why bet the Under:

✅ Both sides in this Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic matchup are missing key players. The Cavaliers are dealing with life without Collin Sexton, Taurean Prince and several other players. And the Magic are without Terrence Ross and several other key pieces to their team. The lack of roster continuity on both sides is going to make it difficult for both teams to score.

✅ This season, the Cavs have been involved in a lot of games where points are hard to come by. Heading into this Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic game, the Cavs have seen the under hit in 55.9% of their games this season. Expect that trend to continue against an Orlando Magic team that is anything but gifted at scoring the basketball.

✅ The Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic game features two teams that play some of the slower paced basketball in the NBA. The Magic and Cavs both rank in the bottom half of the NBA in pace on the season. That offensive philosophy combined with their health issues should make this a game with a low point total.

General Info about Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic

When was Cavaliers vs Magic a rivalry?

The Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic rivalry was at its best in the 2000s, when LeBron James led the Cavs into battle against Dwight Howard and the Magic. Back then, the Magic would often get the better of LeBron James and the Cavaliers. But the series was very competitive, as both teams would often win against the other to set up drama in the regular season and playoffs.

What is the key to Cavaliers vs Magic?

The biggest key to the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic game is finding a way to score. The issue for both of these teams is finding consistent offense, and that is not about to change heading into this game. If one side can consistently score the ball in this contest, they are going to be in prime position to pick up a win.

Can I bet on this game?

Whether or not a bettor can wager on the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic depends on the laws in their state. Different states allow different types of sports gambling, while some do not allow sports betting at all. Bettors need to make sure they understand what they are allowed to do before attempting to bet on the NBA or other sports.

Magic vs Cavaliers Predictions

There is a lot to consider when making predictions on the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic. From stats to performances in past games, bettors shouldn't leave any stone unturned before placing their wagers. At US Sportsbonus, we analyze every angle before the Cavs and Magic take the floor. That way, our NBA picks are as actionable as possible for basketball bettors.

Cavaliers vs Magic Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on Cavaliers vs Magic against the spread requires bettors to understand how the point spread impacts the outcome of wagers. The point spread takes points away from the total of the favorite after each game. On the flip side, it can also be used to add points to the score of the underdog when a game is in the books. The key for bettors here is to predict how many points the winning team will win these games by.

Orlando Magic vs Cavaliers Over/Under Betting

As it pertains to the over/under market, bettors have to predict how many points will be scored during Cavaliers vs Magic games. This market asks bettors to pick whether the combined score will be over or under the number of points that were set by the sportsbook before the game. Bettors should understand how the Magic and Cavaliers play basketball to make the best possible picks in this market.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Magic Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline market is the most basic betting market to understand in the NBA. The entire goal of this market is to predict who will win Cavaliers vs Magic games. It does not matter what the margin of victory is for these games. It also does not matter how many points are scored in these games. All that matters is whether the final score sees a bettor pick the correct winner when play has concluded.

Magic vs Cavaliers Odds

NBA odds are fascinating to track leading up to games between the Magic and Cavaliers. The odds for basketball games can change on a regular basis, depending on a number of factors. The most important factor is injuries, as a key player sitting out can have a massive impact on which team has the best chance to win.

Also interesting as it pertains to odds for the Magic and Cavaliers is how the betting market can impact the closing odds. One-sided action one way or another can prompt sportsbooks to adjust their odds to reduce their liability on a given market. Bettors must not only notice changes in odds but understand why they are happening to succeed throughout the season.

Live Streaming Cavaliers vs Magic

There are a number of ways to watch the action when the Cavaliers play the Magic. NBA League Pass carries games throughout the season, including contests between the Magic and Cavaliers. Play between the Magic and Cavaliers can also be viewed on live streaming platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV. Fans can check the schedules on each of these platforms to verify the availability of streaming for this contest.

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