Bulls vs Suns Predictions

31 March 2021

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Bulls vs Suns Betting Pick: Bulls +7.5

Bulls vs Suns is an inter-Conference tilt between two teams that should be part of the postseason tournament, but one has more realistic hopes than the other. We have a high end Phoenix Suns team that is playing at a higher level than they have since the days of Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson taking on a Chicago Bulls team that is on the fringe of the playoff mix in the Eastern Conference.

Bulls vs Suns has been played over 100 times, with the split being essentially dead even. Recent seasons however, paint a completely similar picture to that of the long term history, as the Suns and Bulls have played each other quite evenly in recent years.

You will find the best NBA picks for Suns vs Bulls below.

Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls Betting Pick

This game will take place at 10:00 PM ET in PHX Arena

Why bet the Chicago Bulls +7.5?

✅ If you were assuming the Chicago Bulls would be far better right out of the gate with the addition of Nikola Vucevic, that’s a tough assumption to make. It’s going to take a few games and they will look more fluent each time out. Against the Suns, they will have their hands full. With that being said, this Bulls offense is going to be extremely difficult to stop when they connect the dots.

✅ You can’t take much away from Zach LaVine. He’s truly one of the best scorers in the NBA and he can drop 40 points on any given night. He’s not a bad passer or rebounder, either, and this game lies in his hands. Lauri Markannen is dangerous coming off the bench and a guy worth keeping an eye on. The Bulls have the pieces to keep this game extremely close. The Suns have plenty of weapons themselves, but the Bulls can keep up if they figure it out.

✅ If you’re looking for a lean on the total, I am a big fan of the over in this game. I like this to turn into a game of catch-up as both offenses are tough to stop. The Suns are solid defensively, but guys like Zach LaVine can overcome solid team defenses. Nobody can shut him down on Phoenix and having a reliable outlet in Vucevic will help a lot. Give me the Bulls to keep it close in a high-scoring game.

The Chicago Bulls are 12-4 ATS in their last 16 games as a road underdog.

✅ The Phoenix Suns are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 Wednesday games.

Betting Pick: Bulls +7.5

General Info about Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns

Where do the Chicago Bulls play their home games?

The Chicago Bulls play their home games at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Where do the Phoenix Suns play their home games?

The Phoenix Suns play their home games at Phoenix Suns Arena in Phoenix, Arizona

Where can you tune into Suns vs Bulls?

You can tune into this game on NBA League Pass.

Where can you bet on Bulls vs Suns?

Check out the Best Betting Sites for 2021 to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Suns vs Bulls Predictions

Bulls vs Suns has been played over one hundred times, with no edge to be had on the historical split. The more recent years paint the same picture, and one of competitiveness as these teams have played each other completely even. Current performance carries much more value than that of historical splits in this matchup.

 Check the Bulls vs Suns predictions above for this game’s best betting pick.

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Bulls vs Suns Against the Spread Predictions

Bulls vs Suns against the spread predictions refer to whether the Bulls or Suns win or lose by the necessary points to cover the spread. For a hypothetical line, we will use the Suns -6. This means a wager on the Suns would require them to win by more than six points to be considered a winner. A wager on the Bulls, at +6, would require them to either win the game outright or to lose by fewer than six points to have a wager be considered a winner.

Check above for the best Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns against the spread predictions.

Phoenix Suns vs Bulls Over/Under Betting

Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls Over/Under betting is a way of wagering on the contest without needing to pick the team that wins the game to win a wager. Instead, these bets are against a set total of combined points in the game. For a hypothetical example, we will use a total set at 225.5 points. Over/Under wagers on this Suns vs Bulls contest would be betting over or under 225.5 combined points for the two teams.

There are many factors to be considered when diving into Over/Under wagering. These factors include pace (expected possessions per game), offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency.

Knowing which teams play faster and slower, and which teams play with a higher and lower level of efficiency at each end of the floor is a large edge when over/under wagering.

See above if there is a best Over/Under play for Suns vs Bulls.

Chicago Bulls vs Suns Moneyline Predictions

 Money Line wagering on NBA is a fun way to bet on one team or the other, while taking the point spread out of play.

Instead of laying or taking the points on the spread, you can lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the underdog to simply win the game outright. If you are looking to wager on a game, for instance the Bulls vs Suns Money Line, but want to avoid the point spread, a Money Line wager is worth considering. brings the best Money Line predictions.

For an example of how a Money Line wager differs from an against the spread wager, we will use our Suns -6 hypothetical example from above. Instead of the standard -110 odds on an against the spread play, the Suns can be bet on to simply win outright while laying odds. The Bulls can be bet on to win the game outright while getting odds.

In our hypothetical, we would expect to have to lay about -215 on the Suns and expect to get about +175 on the Bulls.

With the all time series the history and the recent history being an even split, history cannot be a determining factor on a money line wager for Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns. However, history is just one piece of the puzzle and all other factors need to be considered. The more recent matchups have been split, and we need to look at other factors to determine the best play in Bulls vs Suns matchups.

There are hours of research required for successful NBA predictions, and we are here to provide that for you, with a conclusion summed up and bottom lined.

Check above for a synopsis and who to play in this Suns vs Bulls matchup.

Suns vs Bulls Odds

NBA odds the most fluid odds of all the major sports in the United States. We often see a slow release of odds and against the spread, over/under and money line odds all fluctuate, often rapidly in reaction to the news cycle throughout a given day leading up to tipoff. The Bulls vs Suns regular season matchup won’t draw a massive betting market from the general public, so just a small number of large wagers could move the lines significantly in one direction or the other.

Live Streaming Bulls vs Suns

We are currently without sports books in the United States that offer streaming of NBA games. This will defintiely change in the future, but for now we are still required to turn to paid streaming services that might have the game you are looking. For live streaming Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns you are limited to YouTubeTV, FuboTV, Hulu and obviously NBA League Pass.

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