BORGATA SPORTSBOOK: Cash Out Option Now Available

October 14, 2019

Borgata Sportsbook has now taken another step to established themselves as on of the favorite sportsbooks for picky sports bettors by introduction a Cash Out feature. This is great for sports betting fans who can now collect winnings before the event has finished.

How does the Borgata Sports NJ Cash Out function work?

For Straight and Parlay bets you now have the option to cash out before the outcome of your bet is determined. The amount of the cash out is based on the live result and will update as time passes or the result changes.


  1. Safeguard your winnings before the final result. This is extra useful for parlay bets when your bet is fully depending on the last game and cash out could safe you from a losing bet.
  2. Minimize losses
  3. Increase your bankroll without making another deposit


  1. Potential winnings are lowered


You place a $20 pre-game bet on the Giants -3.5 over the Buccaneers.

  1. Scenario 1: at the end of the first half, the Giants lead the Buccaneers 24-0. Since this increases the likeliness of your bet being won, a Cash Out of $12 is on the table. You have the option to either take a sure $12 or wait until the end of the game to collect your full amount, hoping Giants will still cover the -2.5 spread.
  1. Scenario 2: after three quarters, the Falcons take a massive 28-3 lead. Now it seems more likely that your bet will be lost, you can Cash Out of $4. Either you take $4 to make sure that your entire stake isn’t lost, or you wait until the end of the game and hopes the Giants will come back.

The Cash Out option can be found in the MY BETS section of the bet slip (live betting) or the CASH OUT section (pre-game).

Worth mentioning is that not all bets will always have the Cash Out feature available. Cash Out can also be rejected if the bet is already closed or if the bet is frozen.

Gus Anderson
Gus Anderson is a gambling wizard. As a kid he dreamt about becoming a Tennis, Hockey and Golf professional but ended up as a gambling professional with focus on both sports & casino.