76ers vs Heat Prediction

May 13, 2021

The Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat are no strangers to earning attention as two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. And their teams will be put to the test when they face one another in this contest. In this round of NBA picks, we look at the 76ers vs Heat matchup and determine who will come out on top in this important game.

76ers vs Heat Betting Pick

The Pick: Miami Heat PK

This game will be played at 7:30 PM ET at AmericanAirlines Arena

Why bet the Heat:

✅ The Philadelphia 76ers more or less have the top seed in the regular season locked up. But the Miami Heat still have a lot to play for in the final games of their regular season. Miami needs to keep winning games in order to preserve their shot at a top-four seed in the East so they can avoid going on the road for their first round series. Expect that motivational edge to play a big role here.

✅ There are some injury concerns for the Philadelphia 76ers coming into this game. Most notably, Joel Embiid is on the injury report and questionable due to illness. If Embiid or any of the other key players listed are unable to go in this contest, the Miami Heat will have a big advantage in this Heat vs 76ers showdown.

✅ Heading into Thursday's action, the Miami Heat are tied for the longest win streak in the Eastern Conference with three straight victories. There are teams out West with longer win streaks at the moment. But the Heat are playing some of the best basketball in the Eastern Conference heading toward the end of the regular season.

General Info About Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat

Where do the Philadelphia 76ers play their home games?

The Philadelphia 76ers play their home games at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia sports fans are known for having some of the most vocal support of any in American sports. That support has helped the 76ers earn some of the best home records in the NBA over recent seasons as the city gets more excited about their team.

Where do the Miami Heat play their home games?

The Miami Heat play their home games at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, FL. Miami, FL is not quite the same as Philadelphia in terms of the consistent fan support provided. But this venue has been the home for some of the biggest moments in NBA history as the Heat have put together several championship teams over the course of their history.

What is the key to 76ers vs Heat?

The biggest key to games between the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers is the ability to stay in the moment. Each game between these sides is so difficult, as both teams have some of the best players in the sport on their roster. Whichever team can forget about the plays and calls that have gone against them to produce at the end of the game will come out on top in Heat vs 76ers clashes.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Predictions

Making predictions on 76ers vs Heat games requires bettors to know everything about the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat. Understanding their stats is important, but knowing the way they play the game and how they are going to match up with one another is often even more valuable. In our NBA predictions, we look at every conceivable angle to make profitable picks when these teams play.

Miami Heat vs 76ers Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on the NBA against the spread requires bettors to pick the side that is going to win a game after the point spread is applied. The spread takes points away from the total of the team that is favored in each game, which means that the favorite has to win by more than that number to cover the spread. Underdogs, meanwhile, can just keep a game close enough to cover and win for bettors who back them. Because the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat are such tough competitors, 76ers vs Heat games often feature tight point spreads.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Heat Over/Under Betting

The over/under is a betting market where it does not matter if the Philadelphia 76ers or Miami Heat win. Instead, the goal of this market is to predict whether the combined score of 76ers vs Heat contests will be over or under the number set by sportsbooks prior to tip-off. This type of bet requires bettors to understand how each team plays basketball, including how fast they play and what type of shots they take.

Heat vs 76ers Moneyline Betting

In moneyline betting, wins are the only things that matter. When betting on the moneyline in 76ers vs Heat showdowns, bettors are tasked with predicting whether the Philadelphia 76ers or Miami Heat will be victorious when they visit one another on the basketball court. Which side is at their home arena can often be an important factor in this market, as the support from fans can be impactful in many cases.

76ers vs Heat Odds

The odds are constantly shifting before game time when the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers square off. This is typically due to the availability of star players prior to each 76ers vs Heat matchup. With the outcome of each season often depending on how well star players perform, just one key figure missing on either side can be the difference between the Miami Heat being favored and the Philadelphia 76ers being favored.

Live Streaming 76ers vs Heat

Each season, fans of both the Heat and 76ers can watch those teams play their games through a number of live streaming services. NBA League Pass offers streaming of full games throughout the regular season from across the league. And services like Hulu, YouTube TV and FuboTV carry combinations of regional and national programming throughout the season that can fill in the gapsfor those who want to watch live basketball.

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