76ers vs Bucks Predictions

17 March 2021

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76ers vs Bucks Betting Pick: Sixers +6

The Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks are both Eastern Conference teams that have a rich history of putting together elite squads. With some of the top players in the history of the league suiting up for both the 76ers and Bucks, it stands to reason that their matchups have been interesting for many years. In this round of NBA picks, we look at what should be an entertaining game between two of the top franchises in the East.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers Betting Pick

This game will be played at 7:00 PM ET at Fiserv Forum

Why bet the 76ers:

✅ This 76ers vs Bucks game is the second leg of a back to back for the Sixers, who played the Knicks last night. Had they not played last night, this line would be much tighter. Expect the Philadelphia 76ers to come out with energy for this game regardless of their schedule, as Bucks vs 76ers is key for seeding in the Eastern Conference.

✅ It may sound crazy, but the Sixers are just fine without Joel Embiid. His absence allows the offense to flow through Tobias Harris more often, who is a gifted offensive player for the Philadelphia 76ers in his own right.

✅ The Philadelphia 76ers are 18-3 at home this season, second only to the Utah Jazz in that department. The Milwaukee Bucks, meanwhile, are just 10-9 away from home this year. Philly could very well win this game outright.

The Pick: 76ers +6

General Info about Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks

Who are the all-time greats to play in this series?

In the East, 76ers vs Bucks is a legendary matchup because of all the great players who have taken part in it. For the Philadelphia 76ers, the likes of Julius Erving and Moses Malone have starred in these games. The Bucks have seen players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson suit up in this contest in the past.

Is this game a significant one?

Yes, games between the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers are often very significant. That is because both of these teams are historically high in the Eastern Conference standings each season. These games can often mean differences in playoff seeding and can build all-important momentum heading into the rest of the basketball season.

What factors matter most in this game?

When the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks play, the most important factor is defense. Both teams have a lot of offensive firepower year after year. But putting in the work to get defensive stops against the stars from the other team is much more of a challenge. Whichever team does that in this contest will likely be the one that wins.

Bucks vs 76ers Predictions

There are several ways to make predictions on 76ers vs Bucks games. Bettors can wager on whether the Philadelphia 76ers or Milwaukee Bucks will win their game against one another. They can bet on the amount of points that will be scored. Or they can bet on individual stats for specific players on the Sixers and Bucks. Here, we will run down some of the most common betting markets for this game, including one we used when making our best bet.

76ers vs Bucks Against the Spread Predictions

One of the most common ways to bet on the NBA is to bet against the spread. That is something that can be done for 76ers vs Bucks games each season. The goal of this bet is to pick the winner of a basketball game after a point spread is applied to one side or the other.

The big key to this market is to think about now just who is going to win, but by how much. If two teams are evenly matched, bettors might not want to lay a lot of points in a game. The context surrounding a game is one of the most important factors to consider when making this type of wager between the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee Bucks vs 76ers Over/Under Betting

Another way to bet on Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks matchups is to bet on the over/under. In this market, bettors are wagering on whether a game will have a combined score that goes over or under the number set by oddsmakers. For example, if the total for a game is set at 250.5, bettors would bet on whether both teams would combine for more than or less than that amount.

The over/under is one of the most difficult betting markets to handle consistently. One team playing a slower pace than expected or a faster pace than expected can completely alter the course of this type of wager. That is why bettors need to have a keen understanding of the stats for each team when making this bet.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Bucks Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline in the NBA is a bet that focuses solely on which team will win a given basketball game. In Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks contests, the goal of the moneyline is just to successfully pick whether the Sixers or Bucks will come out on top.

In a league like the NBA, there is no such thing as easy games due to all of the talent on the floor. For that reason, betting moneyline favorites is not always the way to go. Instead, bettors should look for value where it exists, using stats where possible to find it.

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Bucks vs 76ers Odds

Odds for Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks games are largely dependent on how bettors wager on these contests. If bettors wager too heavily on one side or the other, it can cause bookmakers to shift their odds.

Also impacting the odds can be whether or not star athletes are able to play in these games. Injuries and rest can cause players to not play throughout the NBA season. Keeping on top of that information is crucial to getting the best of the odds.

Live Streaming 76ers vs Bucks

The ability to live stream NBA games is in high demand throughout the NBA season. Those looking to live stream regular season and postseason games between the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers are in luck, as there are normally several ways to do so.

Live streaming for most NBA games is available through the NBA League Pass platform. For those who want to use a more versatile streaming service, options like Hulu and FuboTV are possibilities to carry these contests.

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