Unibet Sportsbook Risk-Free Bet Promo

February 9, 2022

Unibet Sportsbook is offering a risk-free bet of up to $500.00 for new customers that sign up and make their first deposit on Unibet. Risk-Free Bets are one of the best sign-up bonuses you can get, allowing new customers the chance to win big with no risk to their own money. 

Your free bet can be used on any event listed on Unibet Sportsbook. This gives you the freedom to try and win it big on a +1000 parlay or play it safe to try and lock in some easy bonus dollars betting on a favorite to win. No matter the type of gambler you are, with this offer your first bet is 100% risk-free up to $500.00. 

Unibet - $500 Risk-Free Bet

Unibet $500 risk-free bet bonus

Your first bet at Unibet is risk-free up to $500 ($250 in some states)

Promo Offer:$500 Risk-free bet ($250 in most states)
Promo Code: No Code Needed! Redeem upon Sign Up & First Deposit 
Available in: $500 Risk-Free Bet: PA 
$250 Risk Free Bet: NJ, IN, IA, AZ, VA

Why is a Risk-Free Bet so Popular?

The truth is that most sportsbooks have Risk-Free Bet promotions, but that does not make them any less lucrative. Having a Risk-Free bet, allows the customer to place a bet they may not normally feel comfortable with. 

Whether you are someone who likes to hit the longshot parlay, or bet favorites to win or cover, with this offer bettors have the freedom to choose exactly what they want to bet on and are still able to stay within their own personal risk tolerance if so desired.  

How does the $500 Risk-Free Bet Promo Work?

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At Unibet Sportsbook the $500 Risk-Free Bet Promo is a Sign-up bonus for new customers only. This offer can only be accessed, after signing up at Unibet Sportsbook and making your first deposit. 

Once you sign up with Unibet Sportsbook and make your deposit, the next step is to place your first bet. The first bet you place will act as your risk-free bet. This risk-free bet can be any amount over $10.00 up to a maximum of $500.00 

Unibet’s Terms and Conditions outline that any bet over $10.00 is eligible for a customer’s first-time risk-free bet. That means that you do not have to deposit $500 to be eligible for this free bet. Your first bet can be any amount over $10.00 up to $500 and you will be eligible for the refund if your first bet loses. 

If your first bet on Unibet wins, your winnings will be paid in cash to your account like every other bet you have won. If your bet loses, you will be refunded your full bet amount up to $500 within 72 hours of the event finishing.

Unibet $500 Risk-Free Bet Example

Let’s look at an example…  
Matchup:Superbowl LVI - Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams
Promo Terms:Risk-Free $500 Bet

In the example above you are going to sign up for Unibet, and then make your first deposit. 

Once that is complete you can place your risk-free bet. This bet can be between $10-$500.

Just for the example, let’s say your deposit was $1000, to maximize your free bets potential, you are going to place a $500 bet on the Cincinnati Bengals Money line at (+160), that bet will win 400$ if the Bengals win the Superbowl, and your account balance would read $1,400 after your winnings are paid out. If the unfortunate outcome happens and the Rams win, there is no harm, your $500 will be refunded within 72 hours of the game finishing and your account balance will once again read $1000, the same amount as your initial deposit.

  • This offer is for New Customers ONLY. You are unable to opt-in to this offer, if you have a pre-existing account with Unibet you are not eligible for this promo.
  • This promotion is available in all US States where Unibet Sportsbooks operate. Unibet Sportsbooks operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa and Arizona.
  • You must be 21+ Years of Age to take part in this promotion.
  • You must have completed your first deposit.

How to claim the Risk-free bet

Claim Your $500 Risk-Free Bet - 3 Simple Steps

This is a quick tutorial on how to claim your risk-free bet at Unibet sportsbook. 

1 Sign up with Unibet Sportsbook

Register for your account by completing the registration form.

2 Make your first Deposit

Any bet over $10 is eligible for the risk free bet up to $500.

3 Place Your First Bet

You only get one free bet, if your bet is less than $500, then your refund will be the same amount as you bet.  Example: If you bet 50$ and your bet loses, your refund will be 50$.


What sports is the Risk-Free $500 Bet offered for?

You can use your Risk-Free $500 Bet on any event posted on Unibet Sportsbook.

What type of Bets can you make with the Risk Free $500 Bet?

There are no limitations to the bet that you can make. Side, Total, or Player Prop it does not matter. If it is your first bet with Unibet, and the bet is above $10 and a maximum of $500, you are eligible for the risk-free bet.

Is the Risk-Free Bet Exclusive to Unibet?

No, in fact, most Sportsbooks will have promotions involving risk-free bets. However, that does not make them any less lucrative. Having a risk-free bet allows the customer the freedom to place a bet they may not normally feel comfortable making.

Is this offer for all types of customers?

No, this promotion is for new users only. 

What States is the Promo Available in?

The Risk-Free $500 ($250 in some states) Free Bet is currently available in all US States where Unibet operates. Those states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa, and Arizona. 

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