Tennessee Titans

Indianapolis Colts
Football 12-29-2020

Indianapolis Colts Still Looking Good to Make the Playoffs?

The Indianapolis Colts have looked like a playoff-bound team for most of the season. There have even been times where the Colts were favored to win the AFC South. But when they had a chance to take the lead in the division with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, they blew it. Everything looked […]

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TJ Calkins NFL Picks and Predictions
NFL Picks 12-11-2020

Week 14 NFL Picks – Picks and Predictions by TJ Calkins

Thanks for stopping back for the NFL Picks of Week 14. We now have clear site of playoff races in both conferences and can somewhat comfortably separate contenders from pretenders. I also have to offer apologies for the review piece from NFL Week 13 not coming out. When games are scheduled past Monday, it tightens […]

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Houston Texans
Football 11-24-2020

Texans And Jaguars Could Decide Who Wins AFC South

When the 2020 NFL season got underway, there was one thing fans felt sure about regarding the AFC South. It was going to be won by either the Indianapolis Colts or Tennessee Titans. The Jacksonville Jaguars did not have a prayer. Thanks to Bill O’Brien, neither did the Houston Texans. Fast forward to Week 12, […]

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baltimore ravens
Football 11-12-2020

Time to Fade the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens looked like a great bet to win the AFC and possibly even the Super Bowl last season. With how they bulldozed their way through the competition after two early-season losses certainly made them look like a good bet. They did not do it to everyone, of course, but when a team beats […]

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