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News 01-20-2021

Top 10 Best Free Bet Offers 2021

Promotions play a big role in the online gambling industry. Sports betting operators use them as one of the main tools to attract new customers. Now, a free bet is the most common sort of these promotions.  If you are new to betting, there is a great chance you’ve heard of free bet websites. These […]

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what does pk mean in betting
News 12-21-2020

What does PK Mean in Betting?

While browsing various sports betting sites, you will eventually run into a pk betting term. Do not be afraid of not knowing what does pk mean in betting, though. It is by no means the most frequent of terms you will see out there. Even if you are an experienced punter, you may not be […]

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pointsbet name a bet promo
Indiana 10-28-2020

Get the Markets of Your Wish – New PointsBet Feature

Request a Market and PointsBet Will Price It The sports coverage from PointsBet Sportsbook is so good that bettors are unlikely to be left wanting more under any circumstance. Even in the rare case where a particular market is unavailable, PointsBet does offer a campaign known as ‘Name a Bet’ where it is possible to […]

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biggest odds upsets ever
Sport 10-27-2020

The Biggest Odds Upsets of All Time

It is hard to explain the level of entertainment spectators and fans experience while watching their favorite athletes compete with each other in physical activity to someone who is not into sports. People who do not have sports as their cup of tea will not be amused by anything the activity might bring, even if […]

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