Green Bay Packers
Football 01-07-2021

Worth Betting On Someone Other Than Aaron Rodgers To Win MVP?

There have been a lot of names in the MVP conversation this year. Patrick Mahomes was at the top of the list or near the top for most of the season. Russell Wilson looked like a sure thing for a few weeks. There has even been talk about guys like Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and […]

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patrick mahomes
Football 12-19-2020

Patrick Mahomes No Longer A Lock For NFL MVP?

For much of the NFL’s 2020 regular season, it looked like Russell Wilson was finally going to win MVP. He was throwing touchdown passes at an incredible rate and had the Seattle Seahawks looking like a legitimate contender. But then he hit a rough patch, lost a few games, and his odds dropped. As a […]

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Football 11-10-2020

Russell Wilson No Longer A Lock to Win NFL MVP

There has been a lot of talk about Russell Wilson having yet to receive a single vote for NFL MVP. His name is always in the conversation, but for some reason, when the votes come due, no one has written his name down. That is going to change this season. But Russell Wilson is expected […]

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tom brady
Football 10-29-2020

Tom Brady Starting To Look Like An MVP – Again

Ratings for the NFL in Week One were not too good except for one game, America’s Game of the Week on Fox between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints. That game drew 16.8 million viewers and a rating of 16.2. But fans probably didn’t tune in to see Tom Brady and Drew Brees […]

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